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Thresh Build Guide by shmuuuke

Support souls of many flavours

Support souls of many flavours

Updated on January 24, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author shmuuuke Build Guide By shmuuuke 1,886 Views 0 Comments
1,886 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author shmuuuke Thresh Build Guide By shmuuuke Updated on January 24, 2013
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intro to movement sup

right as everyone whos looked at thresh knows that he doesnt heal and supports by moving his team mates and pulling his opponents.. as most people who play supp are mroe relaxed and are happy to sit back and heal well as thresh u dont have tht option he is a ranged tank/ sup and as such u can play very aggrresive with him. he removes the safety of standing under turrets and can make sure ur team mates get out of a gank if used correctly
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pros and cons of aggressive sup

as any class hybrid he has his up and downs such are


..the ability to pressure your opponets sup or adc to use there summoner spells
.. removes the likely hood of enemy escaping during ganks and also enables ganks that otherwise would not be possible
.. while defending your turret he is able to pull there playes into the turret causing kills tht wouldnt normally happen
.. if u manage to grab them ur adc at bot lane 90% of the time should end up coming out of the fight with a kill and with more hp then the remaining champion

.. you need to have your lane warded constantly or you will leave yourself open to ganks
.. since the abilitys he has he is more likely to cause the whole team to come down and gank you as the pressure u enable make its more easy for your adc to kill them causing flames on other team
.. no plus armor per level
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summoner spells

i always choose to take flash and exaust as they seem to help me enable more kills to happen in my lane and end game

FLASH- is a obvious choice as it enables me to escape from dieing when i stayed bk a bit to enable my adc to escape. also i have found with thresh i am using it to start fights aswell as it closes the gap for me to use my chain pull

EXHAUST- again i find this move great for escaping and while my ult slows and my chain pulls this spell seems to prolong my usefullness in teamfights as the extra slow gives me say a extra 2-3 secounds of slows applied to the champion i am facing down
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the runes i have selected are 9 armor,9 attack damage and 9 scaling m resist and 3 armor runes

i chose these runes as he is essentially a tank chanpion even though he doesnt recieve any armor per level if u stack his souls i have found i can come out of team fights alive while having the full team hitting me enableing my team to focus target the opp team down while i make my escape

more often then not i am finding myself being the main focus of there attacks and while im alive i find tht my team comes off on top of them at same time
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my masteries are a mix of some essential point placements for both tank and support toons, i.e armor,m resist and health from the defence tree and plus gold/ extra starting gold, a extra ward to start and increased range of wards. I find that with these in place i can have a better opening and help bully my lane so to speak.
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my item choice is mainly focusing around thresh's "tankyness" so to speak aswell as building up a aura or two to help my team a bit more end game, i always build up my ruby sightstone at start of game obviously to avoid any unwanted ganking after u have annoyed the opposing adc. i could go on about the many diffrent items u could use on thresh as there are many tht work and debuff the enemy but i tend to go with a runic bulwark and a locket of the iron solari, but a abysal scepter wont go amiss either.
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Team Work

he is a heavy based teamwork champion all of his moves can enable your fellow champions to get that kill they otherwise couldnt. opening with your death sentance on a enemy champion will stop them running away and also pulling them towards you as you already know and while this is happening your team has reached them so starting the fight his flay ability can be used to pull or push an enemy champion so u have that option which way u want them to go. this move has its ups and downs i love the move in general but sometimes u can miss that needed hit with how it controls but oh well sh** happens right you still have that ultimate aswell so say you hit flay ( and in the right direction) you pop out "the box" which slows enemy champions inside it and if a enemy breaks a side it hurts decreasing the slow in the process aswell unfortunatley. now his passive i love now as i have said previously he doesnt gain any armor per level so damnation allows u to collect souls of enemys that die near you now not every minion will drop a soul but all the big ones and enemy champions will now when u collect these DO NOT put you or your adc at risk they can be used as bait to gank so watch yourself, now when u collect these u will gain bonus armor and ability power so u want to collect as many as you can which will help u be very tanky late game and allow you to deal a good bit of damage aswell
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watch riots spotlight and go through all the guides i have seen many people using diffrent builds and failing so use these guides and then tweak them, make them your own and make them better upload it and keep it going lol. its a great game and thresh is a unique amazing champion GL and HF
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