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Master Yi General Guide by Jonster

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jonster

Specially yi build finally revealed.

Jonster Last updated on February 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone welcome to my

This is my first guide here on MOBAFire so, please, take the time to leave a feedback by commenting and voting. Also, if you have any doubt or suggestion, feel free to contact me so I can dissipate the doubt or take into account the suggestion and fix the guide accordingly, if needed.

Why Master Yi?
When I started playing League of Legends, my first champion was Teemo, he was free to play that week and I liked him. i kept on playing teemo. Until one day, he was no longer free to play and costed too much for me to buy, Then i saw my friend playing master yi and bot were using master yi too. I realize that he cannot be slow, so i liked him. Since then, for a whole year plus, till I reached level 30, I only used Master Yi in PvP games.
That's why I guess I can use him well enough to make a guide about him. And since I am unable to find a proper yi guide so i decided to upload here.

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= Live to live, is in my opinion one of the strongest AD carries in the game, nearly invincible in duel against most champions, a great pusher and backdoorer, even viable as a mid or top champion, as well as a jungler.

Still, he is usually considered a weak pick in most situations and people tend to prefer ranged AD carries. What I think is ranged carries are overrated and my purpose is to show Master Yi is still viable, if played properly. Lastly, Green highlighted on the text is those which are important for you guys to read, and red, are the most detailed ones

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Pros / Cons

Overall, Master Yi is easy to learn but still pretty hard to master.
His main skills, Wuju Style and Highlander, are self buffs, thus being really easy to use.
Anyway, a wrong timing or positioning may still result in an unnecessary death.
At the same time, he has no CC or game breaking skill and the enemy team will likely focus him, if he's fed.
Also, Master Yi is a hit or miss (I would say fed or feed) champion, that means either you're adequately leveled and fed or you will just end up feeding the enemy endlessly.

Brute Force
•Great duelist
•Great pusher
•Great farmer
•Insane damage
•Awesome chase/escape
•Can tank for a little bit
[*]•Cannot be slowed
•Cannot be kited
•All cooldowns refresh on kills

•Afraid of stun and airboned
•Vulnerable to disables
•No CC

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
Greater Glyph of Armor
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration gives more penetration.
Greater Glyph of Armor, Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Quintessence of Armor, makes you even tanky from harass

I picked those runes above. please do not underestimated it.
•Firstly, it can tank tower, and give you a give when you get red.
•Secondly, Armor is important. Example, if you fight if any adc, he is having Ie, but you only have Zeal and Bf sword.
•Lastly you get to win him, because you have exhaust and that amount amount of armor i stated works perfectly.
As you can be tanky on top lane while you have a great deal of damage

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How to get started. Harass and prevent from being harassed.

Firstly, you got to know that, you can't tank minion.
•Always keep a distance behind enemy champion and slowly find out how they use skill on you to dodge.
•Never farm minion while the enemy champions is harassing you, back off and don let them harass you.
]•Saving your double strike and prepare E then Q onto enemy champion whenever you can, for a kill, or back off you you think you are not killing it.

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As for masteries, while laning, I choose a 21/9/0 offensive build.
Master Yi is not a tank nor a support. Also, he has long cooldowns that refresh on kills. Lastly, as said, this is not an AP build.
Masteries choice is pretty simple then: I take all the physical damage bonuses from the offense tree and spend the remaining points in the defense tree to help countering Master Yi's natural squishiness.

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Exhaust Ignite, you will find out how to penta kill easily or even an quadra or thriple kill.

•remember this, always hit those who are paper first, 2nd kill, aim their ap and get a double kill, before you wanna get a second kill, exhaust the 3rd kill, which is the ad dealer. the rest of it, depend on you. but noted.

Remember to take red buff before you wanna have a penta kill

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i have many penta kills picture as prove but i can't upload it here, add me on my facebook account,, for any information or picture of penta.

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Master yi, passive is Double Strike Double Strike. It's like Caitlyn's passive, Headshot, you deal double damage every 7th auto attack.
•You can try to reach 6 stacks on the Double Strike buff by hitting minions before performing an attack on champions, combining it with an Alpha Strike and Wuju Style if needed, in order to harass or maybe kill them.

Alpha Strike deals a moderate amount of magic damage to 4 targets, of which only the first can be chosen and the other 3 are random. Afterwards, Master Yi lands on the first target if it is still alive or goes back to his starting location if it is dead.
Alpha Strike has a chance to deal bonus damage to minions, thus being an awesome jungling and farming tool.
•Early game, you will mainly use Alpha Strike to harass enemy champions. Wait till there are only 2-3 enemy minions and enemy champions are in range and use it on a minion. No matter if the champions escape, they will still take damage and you will still land in a safe place. Try to target a minion that is in a safe position or one that is about to die or this action may result in an unnecessary death.
•You can use Alpha Strike as a gap closer to reach someone who is trying to escape from you.
•If you manage to Alpha Strike an enemy champion, you will land on them, no matter if they flashed or used any similar skill of their own. This will mostly help secure a kill, but may also put you in a difficult situation, if you land under a turret or in the middle of the enemy team.
•You can use Alpha Strike to dodge any AoE spell if you time it properly. It will also make turrets stop targeting you.
•Late game, you will use Alpha Strike to jump into already initiated teamfights while being immune to disables, AoE and any damage in general for a little while.
•You should always use Alpha Strike to enter in a fight, even if you're alone fighting a single enemy, since they will likely try to escape if they see you coming. Using Highlander wouldn't be as effective, since you would waste part of its duration, remove the surprise effect, not land on them after they use movement skills and so on.
•Even if this is rarely doable, you can use Alpha Strike to escape an unwanted fight by targeting an enemy minion or champion that is nearer to a safe location than you.

I used to underrate Meditate a lot. It is instead a great spell, it will heal you while increasing both armor and magic resist over 5 seconds and making you a lot more tanky. It used to scale insanely with AP (400%), but the rate was halved as of Season 3 patch. Anyway, it's still a good spell, now even more AD oriented, since its strongest part is the armor and magic resistance increase.
•You can use Meditate to gain back some health while laning, thus being able to stay in lane longer and not to get underleveled.
•You can use Meditate to mitigate the damage of any channeled spell being cast on you, like Karthus' Requiem, Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole or Nunu's Absolute Zero.
•If you're low on health and the enemies are targeting you, you can use Meditate to tank them while your allies finish them off.
•Sometimes, if an enemy is chasing you and an ally is coming to join the fight, you may use Meditate to gain back some health and get back in the fight instead of keeping running away.
•It rarely happens, but if an enemy is such a fool to towerdive you early game just cause you have low health, using Meditate will likely save your life and end theirs.
•Beware, cause you're still vulnerable to hard CCs, which would interrupt Meditate.
•Because of Meditate, it may be worth to build some AP late game (now less than before).

Wuju Style is Master Yi's main skill, it will passively and actively increase his AD, making his already high damage even higher.
•You will use Wuju Style's active in every fight, combining it with your ultimate, Highlander in order to kill anything that moves.
• Wuju Style's passive is useful to last hit minions early game.
•When Wuju Style is on cooldown, you lose both the active and passive bonus, so you're more vulnerable, beware!
•If Highlander refreshes Wuju Style while it's still active, its passive and active bonuses will sum up, granting an even higher bonus. That's why you shouldn't activate Wuju Style again after getting a kill unless it already expired, since that would remove the passive bonus

Highlander is Master Yi's ultimate and it's simply awesome. It will increase his attack speed by a lot and make him faster than anyone else. Moreover, while it is active, Master Yi cannot be slowed and, if he kills someone, all of his cooldowns will be refreshed (an assist will halve them).
•You will use Highlander every time you are going to kill someone, combining it with Wuju Style, they will stand no chance.
•You may use Highlander combined with Wuju Style to destroy turrets in a matter of heartbeats, but beware, since it will be on cooldown afterwards.
• Highlander lets you completely ignore one of the most common game mechanics, that is the slow effect. This is simply wonderful, since there are plenty of skills, items and even buffs which would slow you... if you weren't Master Yi.
• Highlander is the main reason for you taking as many kills as possible both in teamfights and out of them in order to keep chasing people over and over. Assists are not worth as much. This is called snowballing, it's awesome and Master Yi excels at it.
•If your target tries to escape, Highlander will prevent them from succeeding.
•If someone tries to chase you, Highlander will prevent them from succeeding.
•You shouldn't use Highlander just to move faster towards a fight or the enemy base, since it is much better when used in combat.
•Beware, even if Exhaust can't slow you, it will still lower your AD.
•If Highlander is on cooldown (that means you didn't time it well) you should try to avoid doing anything dangerous like joining fights or pushing while emenies are missing in action

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So that you won't be smash like some "tofus" because you are the most pain inside.

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For me i farm abit on minions, and farm enemy champions for kills after red buff

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Ability Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Some people take Alpha strike first, feel free to do it if you think it's better.
Anyway, I prefer to start with Wu ju style, it lets you kill enemy even faster and first blood, you won't be able to jump on your target but it is more painful.
Also, it will help you harass since level 1 and may also help farm creeps and defend your turret if you're laning alone or your partner died.
However, level 2 is really fast to reach, so the third skill you pick is not exactly game breaking.

About Meditate, you may also want to take it early, at level 3, exspecially if you're solo laning or if there's someone like Karthus in the enemy team.


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