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Tryndamere Build Guide by AdamSS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AdamSS

Split Push Tryndamere - Winning Game Regardless of Anything

AdamSS Last updated on June 28, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi im SexP3ke, I play on the OCEANIC server. Currently I am in Platinum in solo queue but inactive in ranked for a while now (dont have time to rise). The point of this guide is to show how splitpushing is done right with Tryndamere.
I've learnt a lot thanks to streams and videos from a challenger player called Hao.
Tryndamere has good potential to carry you up in ranked.



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Pros & Cons

+ Is the best melee carry in game
+ Can win games regardless of how bad he went in lane
+ Has good sustain
+ Has one of the best escape mechanisms/safe in lane
+ Has huge AD debuff making him one of the best duelists in game
+ Has god mode ultimate
+ One of the most snowball champs/Cheese killing potential HUGE
+ Can POTENTIALLY beat any melee champ in top lane
+ One of the best skirmish fighting champions eg: 3v3,3v2

- Can be CC'd to OBLIVION
- Has a fair amount of counters (items/champs eg: Nasus,Frozen Heart)
- His kit is basic and easily understandable and playable, but takes absolutely tons of hours to get used to duelling in top lane, by making risky but rewarding plays.

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greater mark of armor penetration greater mark of armor penetration: My new preference, it seems to have a major impact in laning and once ghostblade is completed. It increases your crit damage significantly and scales amazing. Tryndamere along with the offensive masteries already has a lot of ad, if you start with a long sword thats about 77 AD from what i remember, once you level your Q at level 2 you should be higher when low on health to your enemy, plus you have the attack speed advantage as well as penetration.

Greater Seal of Armor: Why flat armor runes? Because In top lane in almost any scenario your going to want extra armor early game so you don't get raped by other champs. There is literally no other substitute, not even attack speed yellows.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Basically needed now since the champs picked to counter you will have magic damage dealing abilities IE: Malphite, Shen, Jax, Teemo you get the idea.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: Got a huge buff with 3 Quints you can have nearly 15 percent bonus attack speed, at the moment its the best choice since lifesteal quints have been nerfed to uselessness.

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Self Explanatory

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EARLY GAME: Start off with a Long Sword and three health pots. The pots provide enough sustain, the item provides good damage and can be built quickly into a cutlass. cutl

New Dorans Blade is also a crazy good. It gives 3 percent lifesteal and still have enough money spared for one pot. I would usually buy a dorans if im playing with teleport instead of ignite, so in case you stuff up you can just base it. It gets countered hard when the enemy has a cloth 5 and just outsustains you, unless you outplay them severely. I don't recommend dorans against tankier champions, but should be fine with the likes of Riven if you can outplay (it isnt that hard against her).

Rush building Bilgewater Cutlass and a Statikk Shiv. Why is it vital? Because the Bilgewater Cutlass not only gives you enough damage, sustain and slow active to turret dive post six and get kills. Its slow provides Tryndamere to not get kited in lane, when chasing or running away it is ridiculously good. As for the Statikk Shiv, lets be frank, if you do from okay to perfect in lane the enemy is going to rush armor. Which means you will be critting for 130 instead of like 250. So the magic damage adds another 200 magic damage which they have not bought resistence for. On top of this you can harass them from range AND it is your major pushing item. IT is incredible the amount of use it has. I can go on with point about its huge attack speed, crit chance and movement speed it also brings but you get my drift.

MID GAME: So its lets say about 25-30 minutes and you have your Statikk Shiv, Blade of the Ruined King and boots (boots can differ from game to game). Start building an Infinity Edge for maximizing your damage if you are not severely behind. If you are i recommend you start building a Last Whisper and go KOREAN mode and build randoins and a banshee's for the final two items.

Usually the order of items can change in many ways:

>first item should usually be a Long Sword + 3 health pots.
> on return should get a vamp sceptor and some pots
> finish building Bilgewater Cutlass, then tier 1 boots.

>If your against tanky champs you can rush and finish the Blade of the Ruined King, if your against the likes of Renekton who is building a sunfirescape. Or if your against lets say Malphite finish off your Statikk Shiv for the pushing and magic damage to stay aggressive.

> Finish building BOTRK and SHIV with the choice of your boots depending on the situation.

> Third item is either building towards a Infinity Edge, Youmuu's Ghostblade or Last Whisper if your behind. Ghostblade is if your smashing lane, its not that expensive and your power spike with it is unbelievable. It synergizes nicely with your armor pen reds giving you a total of 30 flat armor penetration.

> If behind as mentioned earlier try buying Last Whisper and building tanky onwards, thats enough damage believe me.

> Last items can change depending on the circumstance, Guardian Angel, Randuin's Omen + Banshee's Veil, bloosthirster, black clever (for maximum penetration of like 70%), are all viable


> If up against Teemo, Vladimir, Ryze, rushing a Hexdrinker is probably your best best. It is the best counter item for lane phase against AP's. High flat attack damage, magic resist and a huge sheild (considered huge for lane phase).

> If the enemy team has a fair amount of attack damage, consider rushing Ninja Tabi boots and a cutlass in lane. This provides, armor, a great passive and along with your Mocking Shout you hardly get to ult in early-mid game team fights, it makes Tryndamere that tanky.

> Against the likes of riven, i tend to lean towards buying a Tiamat as first item, evolving the long sword towards it. This is primarily because:

* Riven doesn't do ongoing trades, and her knockup and cc stun make it hard to keep auto attacking her before she backs off. So you are better off activating Mocking Shout, landing TWO slow but heavy damaging auto attacks (pray for crit), and using Spinning Slash (it scales nicely with the flat AD), gives you great trading ability.

* Another reason is, she pushes much better than you, by the time you buy Statikk Shiv she'll be all you in pushing. This item with Spinning Slash allows you to quickly and cost effectively push back.

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Skill Sequence

Tryndamere's skill sequence is pretty simple. Max out your Bloodlust for sustain and extra ad, followed by his Mocking Shout if their AD or Spinning Slash if their AP.

If their AD: Always trade with them once you have used your Mocking Shout

If their AP: Levelling your Mocking Shout is a waste of time since their not doing any AD, so max out your Spinning Slash to mix in some heavy damage with your auto attacking.

Level up your ultimate whenever you can like any other champions.

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The way I see it there are two different combos you can use.

Ghost + Ignite. For kill lane and chase potential.
Ghost + Teleport. This is for farming lane and ganking bot or mid lane and turning around the tide. You can change a lot with this and a lot of people have dropped the ignite since killing in lane doesn't matter if they can kill bot lane and take dragon.

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NEVER GET FLASH. It makes my brain hurt when I see players pick flash on Tryndamere, unless they have a JARVAN.

1. You will get kited to oblivion with flash
2. A lot of champs have mobility, you need to chase them down with ghost, flash will not do the trick
3. You have a built in flash Spinning Slash
4. Flash cooldown is much much higher than Ghost meaning, when the enemy blows it, its time to dive at their turret.

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GENERAL TIPS IN LANE: This can be towards, a Riven, Nasus, even a Jax.

Regardless of what they starts off with, head to lane and when each sides minions touch auto attack once or twice to start up your rage. So I want you to auto attack the enemy every time his going in for a minion kill/hit, so once his attack animation is in motion attack him, once or twice and back off, once your rage is above 50 percent. Start playing more aggressive, whenever the enemy goes in for a creep or trys to trade with you, don't be scared Tryndamere is verys trong early game, hit him/her atleast 3 times and use your Spinning Slash resetting your auto attack animation, maximize your damage output. From level 1 you want early game dominance and want to throw in some harass, but be wise don't attract to much enemy minions nor stay on the enemies side. I see this to much, Tryndamere's using Spinning Slash onto the enemies side and still trading with the enemy getting killed by purely minion damage.

HIT level 2 IMMEDIATELY!, rush that ****, the second you do, spin onto the enemy and go balls out burn their flash and even use your ignite if its going to get the kill if not you put the enemy on low health, If the minion wave hasn't been pushed zone him out from levelling. But if you see it is starting to push onto their side harass them as much as you can before backing off. Remember in all mess this is the TIME where Tryndamere gets a cheese kill. 1 out of 2 games regardless of the enemy champion I get first blood here. I cannot exactly explain it you just have to experience it and feel it out, with a lot of experience you will play so risky and be so confident in getting kills you will be amazing, I REALLY DO RECOMMEND you watch Hao's videos on youtube because it is a perfect visual representation of what I am saying.

-When using Spinning Slash never use it in front of them, auto attack on top of them and spin out making them cop its damage as well making it an amazing trade for you.

-Hit level 2 first no matter what and zone them out, try to get kill.

-don't be scared to fight someone at level 1 even with your rage down, if their is no minion hitting you maul their faces in, with your lifesteal, high attack speed and Spinning Slash you can just about trade with any champ.

-If your up against a ranged champion like Kennen, try not to waste time hanging around the minions eating his auto attacks up, stay in brush in need to and last hit and and return to brush or better yet rush level 2 smack those minions the second you do spin on top of him and let loose, even burn your ghost as long as he burns his flash its a well trade because you would have damaged him so much its worth pushing lane and Flash's CD is much higher than Ghost's. He will fear you. However if you eat up his auto attacks at level 1 and you already have half your health missing and your rage is 0, you have already lost the lane.

-Don't be scared of a champion starting off with Doran's Shield, its way better than vsing cloth + 5 health pots.

-When the lane is shoved and your minions are at the enemies turret, to do some turret harassing, auto attack them, hope for a critical strike then use Spinning Slash immediately out, dealing damage to them as well, this will cancel the attack from the turret


-if you get a kill always remember to shove their lane so they miss out on all the experience, alternatively if your up a champ like Shen shove the lane and laugh while he misses all the CS.

-Do not trade with a tank if they have sunfirescape and you do not have Statikk Shiv and sustain yet.

Nasus: Nasus was once seen to have a horrible laning phase due to his horrible early game damage, but now with the new Doran's Shield and lifesteal QUINTS. his almost a immovable object in lane. He starts off with 20 percent lifesteal. which is scary. So what do you do? its simple, head to lane with your Long Sword and beg to god he starts off with a Doran's Shield and not cloth+5 health pots. Nasus players are VERY VERY passive unless they get above about 120 farm on their Siphoning Strike. Use this to your advantage, harass him and if you crit that's even a bonus, use techniques I have explained above and try your best to get first blood asap, rush level 2 and zone him out immediately. Rush a Statikk Shiv so your later levels are much easier to duel him. If he withers you, just spin away and do not fight when he is in ult form. Just keep away from his ult form.

Jax: Jax isn't all that without items, early game at level one you can just simply spin out dealing damage to him and his dodge is now on a 18 second cooldown. At level 1 Jax always levels his dodge Counter Strike. So go into lane, put off some auto attacks onto Jax without attracting minion agro. the second he start using his ability, immediately use Spinning Slash. Remember when using Spinning Slash, stay on top of him so when you slide out you damage him as well. hit level 2 before him. From their zone him out its impossible for him to trade with you. Try your best to get first blood.

once you guys are both level 3-5, he is harder to trade with, so you have to be smart, use your Mocking Shout accordingly and most importantly your Spinning Slash, as long as you avoid his dodge you will be fine. If you see him activate his dodge (meaning his about to jump onto you for a big burst his Q+W) immediately, spin into the brush making it impossible to jump onto you, you wasted his dodge CD and a lot of his mana (if he does it opposite, jumping onto you them using dodge, you will soak up is damage but he will mis his dodge since when he lands and starts using it, you can just spin away). Come back in lane and depending on your rage trade with him immediately. Once you guys are both 6, he can make you waste your ultimate so easily and you can make him waste his easily. He will auto attack twice on minions then proc his third hit onto you along with his dodge, empower and his Q damage. This is BRUTALIZE you. Remember to spin into brush when necessary. If you have full rage, trade with him with his dodge down, he might out damage you but you out sustain him, try to get it even trade if you crit numerous times you will win the trade if not, if you crit only like once, he will immediately activate his, ult to go for the kill, this is when you run for the hills. ALWAYS bait out his ult. make him waste it and just run away try to keep your ultimate and if you successfully do this you will eat him up as long as his ults on CD and yours is not. I have given a Jax 3 kills once and still out trade him with Statikk Shiv, if you play smart his not as terrifying as people put it out to be, and as for late game. believe me when I say this he wont be able to kite you and with your ultimate its impossible for him to kill you or walk away alive.

Renekton: At level 1 you beat him, know this, it is impossible for him to out trade you at level 1 (if both of you have 0 rage), so if you confront him in the brush early game maul his face in. In lane phase, try hitting him as much you can before his rage his half, the second he does he will try to nuke you with his W, bait it out when he goes into fury mode walk off and let him use it on the minion and go back to mauling his face. Hit level 2 first as always, if he starts off his Q, he will have significant amounts of lower damage but will have ranged harass and some sustain, so careful but don't be to scared. When you guys are level 3-5, he will have some heavy damage, you can no longer bait out his W since he has Slice and Dice. So use the Mocking Shout accordingly, as long as your rage is full and you throw in some crits in your trades it should be okay, however once he hits level 6. You can duel him to the point until he ults, when he ults just run for the hills just like in Jax's case. Please don't stand in his ult, its impossible for you to win any trade EVEN with your ultimate, just try to make him waste his and keep yours up so you can kill him right after his ult finishes. The second you crit him 2 and use Spinning Slash he will lose heaps of health and get intimidated and go into ult form, this is when you run. He would have used his Slice and Dice before so you should be safe. However if he has bursted you so hard you actually had to ult without him even ulting, then you have played the lane phase bad and need more practise! Its okay though it takes time. I know because I have beaten numerous Renekton's in ranked and normal (obviously against people in my league). But If your in gold you should be able to trade with them since their gold and so on for other leagues like silver, bronze, plat whatever.

: These champions are the most annoying to deal with and I will be honest I have never won a quin in top lane with Tryndamere, I have won Teemo so many times and is much easier but they are hard. Im going to lay this out as simple as possible. If you manage to hit level 2 asap before them without getting harassed too much and get first blood, you win lane. Be aggressive level 1, once you max rage onto teemo, if he starts blind you win easily, if he starts E, hopefully you crit him enough times along with ignite to kill him before he does you.

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Tryndamere VS Darius

/league-of-legends/champion/tryndamere-14 /league-of-legends/champion/tryndamere-14 /league-of-legends/champion/tryndamere-14 /league-of-legends/champion/tryndamere-14

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How to SplitPush AKA How To Win No Matter What

Now I'll admit I have fed a Jax like 5 kills in lane once in ranked and still won the game even if my teammates were giving me hell. Im not saying you are always going to win lane. But if you play it smart and farm up and your team listens to you guess what, you will win 80 precent of the time I assure you. Some might say this is a ******ed Jax how did he lose the game being that fed. Its because I wasted his time in top I just pushed no matter what and he always came back to top lane making the enemies fed champ useless in team fights since his not there, the second they replaced him with someone else i'd immediately kill them and continue pushing.

Okay so lane phase is over you have Statikk Shiv, boots Bilgewater Cutlass. Start pushing, when your turret is down (It should be down). Just keep pushing the lane, ward if necessary but it isn't vital have map awareness, that is vital. immediately the enemy team will send atleast two champions top to stop you since pretty much no champ wins Tryndamere in a duel unless their much further in completing their build. The second you do this, it is pretty much 4v3 for your team. They should aim for these objectives.

-Getting turrets mid or bottom
-Catching out other enemy team members, and diving since its 4v3
-Winning skirmishes
-Pressuring other lanes
-Invading enemy jungle

THIS IS WHAT I CALL PRESSURE, the enemy will not know how to react this is bloody solo queue not ranked 5's don't give me **** like it only works in bronze or whatever this **** is so bad up in diamond and platinum ranked you have no idea.

Make SURE you tell your team members what to do!!! If you do not this is solo queue they will last hit farming and just dawdle all day, your split push strategy will NOT work!!!

whilst you pressure top lane, let them pressure mid or bot or take objectives. For example they start pushing mid and lower the health in mid turret and dive if they can easily pick up kills on the enemy, successfully, they will get mid lane or at least dragon easily.

As for you? Kill the enemy top laner. If you cannot just leave it shoved and go to bot lane and start pushing all the way. CONISTANTLY pressure them like this so they have to ALWAYS send atleast two people to gank and stop you in pushing.

As long as they send two people to stop you your team will either

1. push turrets
2. get objectives
3. dive and get kills
4. invade jungle camp

This will increase total money for your team.

You should be able to kill anyone who trys to stop you in top lane like I said before if they send more than one, love this and take the opportunity in telling your team to break hell loose. The second your team starts fighting and obviously winning since its 4v3 one of the enemies will head down to mid or baron if your team is going for baron, take this opportunity to kill the solo enemy in top or if its free just push, they once again will be disorganized and you will either

A) get turret
B) waste two enemies time whilst your team gets baron
C) if their alone protecting turret with their lives, just kill them.

Ill give you a scenario, if 4 enemy champions are in mid and so is your team and their about to brawl it out, do not leave top, you are not useful in team fights as much as you are in split pushing and pressuring. If the team fight in mind is 4v4 and your team is losing let them worry about it, kill the enemy in top and continue pushing. Depending on your comp, poke AOE, CC etc the fights in the mid lane or at objectives will all have different outcomes. But your outcome will always be the same, push those turrets get those inhibitors an kill whoever is in your way in stopping if, is it more than 1 enemy? Kill both if you can, if not tell and ORDER your team to win 4v3 situations and take advantage.

This is solo queue remember how the pressure you bring will make them do mistakes, play sloppy and just leave them not knowing how to stop you.

If they send two people you wasted their time your team pushes gets turrets objectives, if they send only one, you can just about kill any champion they will die and you will continue pushing.


Your in a WIN/WIN situation!


-Because Tryndamere by design and kit, can take on pretty much anyone in a 1v1 duel.

-He has easily escape paths, he can basically use Spinning Slash and run away from that 3v1 gank the enemy was doing which ended up in your team getting another objective and wasting their time

-He is basically the only champion who can kill someone who is at the turret protecting it, lets say you have split push Nidalee, if someone just stands their at the turret she has to back off, Tryndamere doesn't at all, he can dive like a boss because of his ultimate.

-No one pushes as fast and safe as him