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Thresh Build Guide by dusieqq

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dusieqq

Steady Support Guide.

dusieqq Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I'm writing this guide because i want to show you my way of building thresh, many will not like it, some might like. It's really up to you.

Beg me pardon i don't know how to code, i saw tutorials but glitched on it so many times i finally let it pass and thus tutorial wont have coding. I love simplicity thus you wont find here sparkles and ****, just crude information.

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Thresh is very harassable support that suits me very well after playing alot of time as Leona. The main purpose of begin thresh is to harass harass harass very early and let your adc farm peacefully. Thresh skills are also very suitable for that kind of playing, he can be very cunning champion once you know how to.

With this tutorial i will explain how you how to carry a game... as support!

Tons of CC
Tons of utility
Best melee ranged hybrid
Good laning
Awesome harasser

First to target due to his rather short distance E and R
No runaway skills except R+E+flash away.
Mana hungry early

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Item explanation.

First things first.

Must Have items!

Ancient coin or Relic shield?
Since passive on relic shield (healing) don't work with thresh as he is ranged, answer is simple. Ancient coin, not only because of this as even because thresh can be sometimes mana hungry if you harass alot thus he needs that mana regen, also the money from item is just fine.

Is primary item you should aim early on, once you get it, swap trinket to lens, by destroying opposite support wards you will also gain some extra penny and vision superiority.

Locket of Iron Solari
This item gives you many different stats that are all needed on thresh, hp, armor, cdr and aura. What you could ask more? Wait! there is also unique active that gives shield! Latren+Locket on 18 lvl will give (without ap) 410! damage absorbtion to everyone that are around. That's amazing upperhand in teamfights AND SHOULD BE ALWAYS USED. with your Ap from soulharvesting i bet it will give around 500 points of shield on lvl 18.

Talisman of Ascension
Another great team buff item. The speed it gives can allow either catch up opponents or flee from them, it works like mini sivir that you can buy and cherish :D

Why only Mercury treads?
Mostly because of tenacity, the less CC duration on you, the bigger chance to lead game to victory. Magic resist is also nice as the further bulid consists of Guardian Angel, with it you will have around 140 arm and 120-130 mr. Which will make you pretty much very sustainable.

Guardian Angel
On Support WHAT THE **** IS THIS IDIOT BUILDING?! Wrong! This item has proven me that people are idiots and they go for easy target which thresh often is seen as one, because of that focus others can deal to the enemy tons of dmg while i just bring utility and sustain the damage with all the tankyness, hp and shields. Then when you take lethal dmg. Boom, Guardian angel and you can bring second part of utility for your team.
In my opinion, with right timing, cooldowns and situation, GA on Thresh can be a gamechanger, and it proven me that it's correct item for thresh.

Situational items!

Randuin's Omen
Gives lots of hp, slow on hit, loads of armor and slow on unique active. What you would need more as a finished for highly AD enemy team? Well maybe only Thornmail but you are not full tank, you shouldnt be. Thresh even if tanky is still support.

Twin Shadows
It's a nice item for everything, from ganks and teamfights to roaming thru jungle. It gives Ap, mr, movement Speed and most important thing unique active which allow you to secure a gank kill, save team from unexpected enemies, finding enemies and slowing them down to catch them. Mixed with Amulet's speed buff it can really help your team catching someone or running away. Dont forget also thresh Q which is pretty annoying to a chaser.

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Q+R+E+W For targets that runs away the time you triggered Q, easiest to land ult on them.

Q+E+R+W For targets that don't tend to run, you Q+E them, walk few steps away and R+W

Q+E+W+Flash For teamfights that you are sure can't be won. This you use as a interceptor if ur teammate got problems and you are sure he won't be able to click latren. Some people.

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I will be uploading letsplay in 1 to 3 days i think.