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Janna Build Guide by HoweYouDrewin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoweYouDrewin

Stomp low ELO with Janna Support!

HoweYouDrewin Last updated on May 31, 2014
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I love Janna. Let's just point that out. She has hard engage ( Flash Monsoon combo ), deinitiation (general kit), and flat dominance in lane with enough mana regen. She counters assassins, long range champs, short range champs, mobile champs, slow champs, you name it. She has decent AP scaling in both damage and massive amounts of utility, and her CC can't be forgotten either

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This is the rune page I'm currently saving up to use (although I don't fully have it yet). lots of gold/10, and defence. a more offensive route would be gold quints, armor seals, flat mr glyphs, and hybrid pen or AP marks. Hybrid penetration works quite well with her kit, since she does magic damage and has AD scaling off AP.

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10%CDR, AA dmg reduction, mana regen, biscuits, you get it. This can be changed with almost anything, but I find you need the defensive points and at least a few in utility.

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Ancient coin gives you good health, mana, and gold sustain. This item can keep you in lane for a while alone. I usually back when I have about 1000 gold, I can upgrade to Nomad's Medallion and buy two Faerie Charm along with some Stealth Ward and Vision Ward.

this is low elo, y'all need to carry yourself. Buy wards like every other laner, and if anyone complains, chances are they aren't buying wards at all. "But muh trinket"

Mikael's Crucible is a great item. I wouldn't recommend Athene's Unholy Grail even if you're ahead. Crucible will save your carry's life.

you can stall on tier 2 boots if you aren't roaming a lot (enemy lane is pushing, you're mid lane is already ahead), because you already have a lot of movement speed. 1.5% from masteries (6.5% when out of combat), 5% from passive, and varying amounts from Zephyr (W).

She has a lot of AP scaling and I find it works better than traditional support items. Rylai's Crystal Scepter adds a nice amount of AP, survivability, and you can constantly have the enemies slowed with your low cooldown abilities late game.

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Janna can do well with almost anyone. She works great with poke comps like Caitlyn, due to her peel and her bonus AD. She also works with melee bot lanes ( Master Yi, Yasuo, Xin Zhao), and shes quite troll with Udyr.

She counters anyone. She's aggressive against passive laners, and has a lot of peel against aggressive laners. A few counters that stands out are: Leona, Akali, Fiddlesticks, Wukong, and everybody else.

She can deal with almost any situation. The only hard time I find myself playing as her is laning against a Braum. The only way to kill him or his carry is to catch them out of position or Flash Monsoon them out of position.

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Maxing your E first can be more beneficial aggressively and defensively. You might think you Q is better for damage purposes, but the mana costs are unbearable early game. If your Jungler is getting bottom lane buff first, give him a shield to tank the creep and give some bonus AD for a few hits. In the lane, if you're playing aggressive, SHIELD YOURSELF. You heard me. You're going to be zoning both the enemies from EXP/Gold, so you need to stay alive. Your ADC shouldn't need the AD to last hit, or else you're in lower than low ELO. Autoattack the enemies as much as possible, switching between the two. You get 3 gold bonus every ten seconds per enemy you autoattack from masteries, effectively giving you 6 bonus gold/10. This is (surprisingly enough) strong against champions like Alistar. his heal costs more mana than your autoattacks, so you'll be slowly chunking him down, and if you press Q twice fast enough you can cancel his Headbutt so it doesn't hit you at all. Proceed to win game.

Late game: double Q whenever that pesky Rengar Akali Fiddlesticks or Wukong jumps to cancel their dash. If a Blitzcrank tries to hook your carry, flash in the way. You'll probably be in the centre of their team, so you can easily pull off a 5 man Monsoon, splitting them all up. This strategy works good with a pick comp (namely Kha'Zix). Protect your carries, kill theirs, steal baron with blind Q, all that simple stuff.