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Heimerdinger Build Guide by ShinigamiSojiro

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShinigamiSojiro

Stop, Heimer Time! (a beginners guide)

ShinigamiSojiro Last updated on December 24, 2014
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This guide is designed to be more beginner friendly, in other words though it does contain the item, masteries, skill and rune list it will not contain a lot of the confusing aspects of the higher tier guides. This guide is made to give you an understanding to the build and play style of Heimerdinger so that you are able to pick him up for the first time and have a good idea of what you are doing.

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Start of game

As soon as you reach lane you want to set up a turret mid-lane and then when ready set your second turret up towards the baron side on the lane (if on blue team) or the dragon side of the lane (if on purple team). This is because most junglers start their jungle run with blue buff and end it with red buff, so if they were to come in for an early gank then they would most likely come from the side of their red buff. Set up your 3rd turret on the opposite side to your 2nd so that your turrets form a triangle like shape.

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Laning Phase

Your turrets will do most of your farming for you so keep back and do not dive your opponent as you are seriously squishy early on and will be destroyed if you give your opponent even a slight window of opportunity, keep behind your turrets and keep safe. Try to keep your turrets in the triangle formation as stated above and only move forward to quickly either poke your opponent with rockets or to use the rockets to secure a line on CS.

Your opponent will not be able to approach you due to your turrets keeping them on lockdown so keep moving your triangle forward until your front turret is nearly inside the turret (When you start moving your turrets forward, be very weary of ganks). After doing this your opponent may get impatient and will probably attempt to dive into your turrets to kill you, this is no big issue, simply move back a little and allow your opponent to run through your turrets by which point they will either realize the danger and run back into tower (and possibly recall) or they will continue to come at you (MISTAKE!) which is when you ult and drop a super turret then run back and fire your rockets at them, doing this will usually guarantee the kill. After you have either killed them or forced them to recall, move into their tower with the next minion wave and drop as many turrets as you can in tower (plus your ult turret if you still have it) and then start auto attacking the tower. Keep repeating this process until you have destroyed the first tower.

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Mid-Late game

After you have taken down the first tower you are going to want to recall (hopefully you haven't had to yet and you have a massive pile of gold), buy your items and head back to lane. Once you reach lane quickly ensure its safety by killing the enemy minion wave and possibly make your opponent back off a little if they are still in lane and then you might want to consider going to top or bot lane (usually top) to help push their first tower since usually Heimerdinger is always a little ahead in the laning phase. After you have helped a lane, return to your own and play it safe until your team (usually your top laner or jungler) can come and help you a little.
DO NOT push for the second tower unless you meet one or more of these conditions:
1. You have one or more teammate with you.
2. You are disgustingly fed (unlikely at this point.)
3. Every member of the enemy team is either dead or visibly occupied on the map.

Once you meet these conditions, go ahead and get that second tower and start getting ready for the teamfights.

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Teamfighting is pretty simple as Heimer, all you want to is once the team fight starts, get you turrets down+an ult turret and toss a grenade at the enemy to slow them, your turrets and your team can do the rest while you auto attack and shoot rockets.

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If you are forced into defending one of your teams towers, your job is to create a wall of turrets in front of the tower to make it unapproachable so that your team has time to get to you and help push the enemy out.

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Your jungler is ganking:
If you are expecting your jungler to gank your lane soon, pull back, move your turrets closer to tower and let your opponent think a miracle has happened and that you have decided to let them get some of that CS you have been starving them of and they start to push. Once your jungler starts his assault use your grenade to slow the enemy and then your going to want to use your ult combined with the rockets to deal some major damage that will either secure the kill or do enough damage that your jungler is then able to secure it.

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Extra tips

1. Do not over extend, your turrets are not guaranteed protection and if you have been forward for to long, and you think your about to get ganked, you probably are.
2. Be patient, your no diver so dont do it, stay back and stay safe. This will cause your opponent to either dive in desperation or if they don't try to kill you and your turrets, they will be starved for CS and will end up crippled.
3. Kills are not important with Heiemerdinger, get them if you are confident you can, but if your not, just leave them. The crazy amounts of CS that your turrets get for you will do the talking. Remember, Heimer is made for pushing and keeping the lane on lock down while your opponent tower dances wishing they had picked a different lane. You aint no killer.
4. Your turrets can be used like wards to teleport on, very handy.
5. BE VERY AFRAID OF SYNDRA, and champions of similar movesets/playstyles

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So i have given you some basic tips on how to start out playing Hiemerdinger who though he is not my favorite champion (it changes like weekly), he is definitely one of the most fun to play of you want to leave your opponent s dead in a pool of their own tears when they realize that you are Heimerdinger, and they cant touch dis.

Good luck and ill see you in Summoners Rift <3


(As a side note this was actually my first guide so i am not to well versed on making my guide look all fancy like with lots of pictures and links and such, which is why for now i have set my sights on simple beginners guide making to start me off)