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Malphite Build Guide by R.J.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author R.J.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Revised)

R.J. Last updated on January 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I made a build for Malphite before, but I found it to be ineffective for the role that Malphite is supposed to play. Plus, with the new update to the game, the old build is obsolete anyway. So, here I present to you now, the new and improved Malphite build. I suppose that this can be used for any tank. However, I find it more suited for Malphite than anyone else, because of his passive, however, you can adapt it slightly to fit Vlad as well. Also, I hope that you critics find this revision to be more aesthetic than the last one.


The Mastery page shown above is what I recommend for soloing. The 17 points in Utility is mainly for perks; additional gold, mana regen, experience, and recall time give you an edge over the opponent early game, and help you build late game. The offense part is obviously for fighting. When going tank, I recommend 15/15/0 Masteries; focusing on health and health regen in Defense, and splitting AD and AP in Offense. You build more slowly, at first, but if you do your job right, you'll get enough assists to build, and if you don't then you're plum out of luck.

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Some people like going straight AD or AP Malphite, and get magic resist or armor. I like having both AD and AP in almost equal parts, (I prefer more AP, personally) and having a nice amount of health. Some people are probably wondering why I chose to go health instead of Armor or Magic Resist, and the answer is simple. When you have Armor or Magic Resist, they can counter that with Magic Penetration or Armor Penetration, but if you have health, they can't counter that as easily. Your Granite Shield is based off of 10% of your health, and blocks ALL types of incoming damage. It's like having a barrier Summoner spell, but this comes back every ten seconds. So, long story short, get health. It works better.
P.S. Do not get the Seal of Percent Health if you use the Mastery Page shown above. It's meant for the 15/15/0 Mastery Page. Build 9 Seal of Scaling Health, instead.

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Disclaimer: Malphite should have a large focus on health, but should also be focusing on helping the team out. This build is not for people who want to carry the team, and not help with team fights. This is for soloing a lane (sometimes soloing against a duo, if you can play right) and being the tank for your team.
Early Game
Start off with a Ruby Crystal, because it feeds your passive, and is more useful than the small amount of health and health regen that Doran's Shield give you, because if you can take more damage, then you won't need to regenerate your health. You will definitely need health regen later, though, and mana regen, so build Faerie Charm and Rejuvenation Bead, then a Philosopher's Stone. Philosopher's gives you health and mana regen, and it's a GP5 item. Boots next. And for Consumables, buy lots of wards and as many health and mana pots has your heart desires. You want another Rejuvenation Bead as soon as you can, to help build into your Warmog, which will be the first major item that you should buy.
Mid Game
Ideally, by mid game, you should be close to getting your Warmog, or have it. Next, you're gonna want tier 2 boots. With Malphite, I've found that Boots of Swiftness are really helpful, because you can easily engage a fight, or run away if the engagement fails. Boots of Mobility are great for this as well. However, this is not set in stone. As many of you know, different enemies require different alterations to the build. So boots don't matter so much.
By mid game, you want to work on getting a Randuin's Omen, it gives your team an edge, because of the reduced attack speed, and movement speed for the enemies. This helps keep you and your team alive, but also (and more importantly) it allows you to go around and be able to chase enemies alone and get plenty of kills by yourself.
Why not add a little more slow and a lot of health while we're at it? Let's throw in a Frozen Mallet. Remember to focus on the health before the damage. This build is not for being an ADC.
By Level 15....
By Level 15, ideally, if all else fails, you just want your Eleisa's Miracle, Boots, and Warmog. if you have those, you'll do fine. But if you're a little more fed, or you have a lot of assists, you want to work on getting a Frozen Heart, and a Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Why do you want Eleisa's Miracle? Well, one it's consumed after you've had it for three level ups, and's got health regen AND mana regen.....?
What happens if you level up to a level sixteen before you get Eleisa's? Just build into Shurelya's Reverie. Some people even prefer that item for the CDR, health and movement speed perk. Personally, I'd rather have another slow effect, 250 more health, AP, and 5 more mana regen with the combo of Eleisa's and Rylai's. But hey, your W doesn't passively scale the reduced attack speed off of AP or anything....(hint hint)
Final Outcome
I'll list it off and give you a brief explanation of why you want each item
-Warmog's Armor: 1000 health, health regen eqaul to 1.5% of your max health, feeds Granite Shield
-Boots of Swiftness: Get to front quickly, get out quickly, good for chasing down kills, mobility to help out other lanes during laning phase
-Randuin's Omen: 70 armor (feeds into Ground Slam's attack speed reduction) 500 health, active slows enemies, passive slows enemy attack speed when they basic attack you
-Frozen Mallet: 30 AD, ('nuff said) 700 health, passive makes your basic attacks reduce enemy movement speed
-Eleisa's Miracle: turns into a buff after 3 levels, permanently grants 10 health regen and 15 mana regen, reduces cooldown on certain summoner spells (not the ones I use, but go ahead and use the ones that it reduces)
-Frozen Heart 90 armor, (feeds into Ground Slam attack speed reduction) 20% CDR, 400 mana, passive slows the attack speed of all enemies within a certain range
-Rylai's Crystal Scepter: 80 AP, (also feeds into Ground Slam's attack speed reduction) 500 health, passive makes all abilities slow enemy movement speed
***Alternate build***
-Shurelya's Reverie: 250 health, 10 health regen, 10 mana regen, 10% CDR, active gives you increased movement speed

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Skill Sequence

I like upgrading Seismic Shard first, because it gives you an edge, because now you have a way to poke, plus it deals a nice amount of damage. After that, it doesn't really matter what order you upgrade in. It really depends more on the people that you're against. If you're against someone who likes to fight a lot, or if you're that person, upgrade Brutal Strikes before Ground Slam, because it gives you a passive splash effect on your attacks, and it gives you an active of increased attack damage and armor. (great for turrets, also great because then you don't have to have as much attack damage to begin with) If you can focus more on farming, I would upgrade Ground Slam as your second ability. It does decrease the enemy attack speed, but other than that, it doesn't help much early game.

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Unique Skills

Malphite is naturally great for taking out AD champs. He can increase his armor, and decrease enemy attack speed with this abilities. Malphite is also hard to run after, and from. His slow allows him to easily gain ground when chasing, or put space between him and the enemy. Plus, every ten seconds he regenerates his armor, which blocks all incoming damage equal to that shield. Malphite may not have CC, but he has AoE that easily changes the outcome of team fights, or ganks. Malphite exceeds at farming, and taking out jungle creatures because of his splash, increased attack damage, increased armor, and even the ability to slow the monster/creep attack speed.

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Don't like it? I really don't care. I didn't make this for trash talkers. This is what I do, and my results work. So, unless you have constructive criticism, I don't wanna see another negative comment. Got it? Great. Thanks. (I will take all constructive criticism into consideration and revise accordingly when I get the chance)