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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mrs Warboys

SunnyD & Rum(ble) - It's a build I just thought up...

Mrs Warboys Last updated on April 27, 2011
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Despite all the negative press Rumble was getting when he was announced, I was very intrigued by this unique and exciting champion. His skills are rather derivative (His shield in particular), but he's a fun champion with an awesome new Heat mechanic.

Unlike my Maokai guide, I wanted to get this up as soon as possible and formulate my builds as I learn. I hope to stimulate discussion on the effectiveness of various items and builds (with Maokai, I only like one viable build), so get your reading glasses on because we're gonna be theorycrafting!

Since this is going to be a constantly evolving work in progress, some sections won't be complete right now!

Enjoy, comment, vote and discuss!

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The Rumble Diary

While I have the changelog for changes to the actual guide, I want to share thoughts with you guys on what I think about my build and how it performs as I test various things.

27th April 2011
One thing I've noticed with Rumble is that he's a pretty poor farmer. Perhaps it is just because I still need to learn his last-hit animation, but he's so easy to harass (even with shield). Compared to Maokai or Jarvan, he just doesn't seem to have the same presence and safe damage.

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Pros / Cons

Still working these out...

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Rumble's playstyle is quite unique and it's something I have never really experienced before in League of Legends. I suppose he is most similar to Mordekaiser. Because of his strange mechanics (no mana, for example), I've got to dedicate a whole new rune page for him!

9x Greater Mark of Insight
Rumble has 2 offensive options in a battle. He isn't typically fixed in one particular way of damage, so there are 2 different routes you could take with his Marks. I choose Magic Penetration, since all his abilities cause magic damage.

However, I do think that Attack Speed ( 9x Greater Mark of Alacrity) could work with your overheating mechanic, boosting your damage output through frequency of hits, rather than heavy hits. Generally, Magic Penetration works for everything, so it's the best choice.

9x Greater Seal of Evasion
You could go for Armor, but Evasion is much better for Rumble. Why? Because he won't be taking Strength of Spirit for his defensive masteries. Rumble has no mana, so you have to take dodge masteries to get up the defense tree. These boost your dodge and give you a nice bonus with Nimbleness.

You're a melee bruiser with no mana, these are the only viable option unless you're obsessed with inefficient cooldown reduction ( 9x Greater Seal of Focus).

9x Greater Glyph of Focus
By taking the defensive tree to help your tankiness (and damage through Ardor), you won't have the insane cooldown reduction of the Offensive/Utility combo tree. Cooldown Reduction is important for Rumble, because to master Rumble you must be able to manipulate your Heat as much as you can. With CDR, you can use your Scrap Shield to boost your heat levels (without having to cast other skills). It also makes it easier to go into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE when you really need to just pummel the **** out of people.

3x Greater Quintessence of Focus
Along the same lines as the Glyphs. CDR = good.

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Rumble has the following objectives to achieve with his item build...

  • Tankiness - He needs resistances and health to survive being in melee range most of the time
  • Ability Power & Magic Penetration/Reduction - All Rumble's abilities scale with Ability Power, including his Junkyard Titan overheat. AP is the fuel of your robot's destruction. Magic Penetration and Reduction do the same thing.
  • Cooldown Reduction - To manipulate his Heat best, and increase his damage output, Cooldown Reduction is valuable.
  • Attack Speed - When you overheat (and you will, if you want to or not!), you are an auto-attacker with a massive magic damage bonus on your auto-attack. Attack speed increases your damage output.

This is an ordered list. Tankiness is required above all else. It doesn't matter how much Ability Power you have if you cannot survive the battle. Attack Speed is nice, but you'll rarely get into a game long enough to finally afford your Nashor's Tooth

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Items - Early Game

Early Game
  • Doran's Shield - Rumble is a sucky farmer, you'll need the health, armor and regen
  • Mercury's Treads - Against general teams or enemy fed AP. CC reduction is useful for all enemies.
  • Ninja Tabi - Against enemy fed AD or teams with too many physical DPSers.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Start with Giant's Belt. Grants survivability, crazy slow on all your abilities (including melee attacks when overheating!) and damage.

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Items - Mid Game

  • Abyssal Mask - Unless you're fighting a team of Tryndamere's, this is worth it for additional tankiness. AP is great and the MR reduction aura is awesome. Made for Rumble!
  • Sunfire Cape - More tankiness as well as a sweet aura. Rumble will take advantage of this aura more than most (as he's AoE melee based). Also synergizes with your Abyssal Scepter!

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Items - Late Game

  • Nashor's Tooth - Apart from a tiny bit of wasted mana/5, Nashor's Tooth is a perfect luxury item for Rumble. It helps everything you have, including your massive auto-attacks when overheating. The cooldown reduction will push you to the cap.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap - I couldn't even afford this when I went 21/6/15, but if you somehow manage to still be playing, this is a great way to finish off your build.