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Master Yi Build Guide by Strakersxz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Strakersxz

Super Damage: Master Yi

Strakersxz Last updated on April 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all i write this guide because i haven't seen many good AD Master Yis after his rework, so i would like to focus on him and make a good guide for the people to use; and also because Master Yi was my main for so long that i know pretty much a lot from him and I would like to share my knowledge or the things i have learned, with someone else... nah yi is 2 OP gg wp

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You really should use Ignite and Flash but also other Good choices could be Exhaust because of Master Yis lack of CC (even thought i don't like exhaust too much). Other good option of summoner spell could be Cleanse as Master Yi is almost always focused in teamfights, he will be getting damage from lot of CC and he will not be of any use.

Ghost could be a another good summoner spell, but with your enormously high movement speed thanks to Highlander you won't need Ghost to speed up more.
Teleport can be a good option for split push Yi or also when you're deffending another lane or escaping from one of them

The other summoner spells are not too much good in Master Yi style and gameplay.

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Pros / Cons

[*] High starting damage.
[*] Very powerfull SS, and has fast cooldown.
[*] It can recover/ be greater when it fed.
[*] Can kill easily.
[*] It's very easy Champion to play. [ADC]

[*] Low base health.
[*] It's easy to kill in early game.

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Useful Tips

1.- This is basic, if you now you're going to die anyway, DON'T RUN! Why run? you will not save yourself anyway, instead of running you should fight, you will have a little chance to win with lifesteal and the help of Highlander increase of attack speed and if you dont, you will lower the enemy(s) health and maybe someone in your team will kill him/them.
2.- If you are low health and you don't want to recall, kill minions (you can also jungle) to restore your health fastly by lifesteal (lifesteal will save your life many times).
3.- If you CAN escape just if you use Highlander do it, you will not regret of doing it, highlander has not too much Cooldown so it will be ready soon enough.
4.- Talking about Highlander, it is a pretty good ultimate, with it you can turn a battle around to your side, imagine you're fighting and you're going to die; just active Highlander and you will have increased Attack Speed, combined with Lifesteal you could survive long enough to kill your enemy.
5.- Remember to ALWAYS activate Wuju Style when ganking someone or when your're fighting alone (it's not that effective when there are lots of enemies, but even though it can help) Wuju Style's true damage can also turn a fight to your side.
6.- Remember Master Yi is very good at snowballing, so if you're losing and your team wants to surrender, DONT VOTE YES, you still have a low chance to win if you still haven't hit lvl 18, when you get to lvl 18 and you still can't make much diference in the game, now you can give up, but always try to get to lvl 18 and complete all your build.
7.- I used to do this lots of times but, DON'T GIVE TIME TO YOU OPPONENT, if you can win, just win, specially if the enemy team has snowballers, such as another Master Yi, it will be really annoying that you're about to win, and because you let them spawn they comeback and destroy your team, trust me, it happens.
8.- I dont think I need say this but, never enter a fight that will most likely end in an Ace or that you now you will not win. For example, if the 5 champions of the enemy team are about to kill your friend, don't go and help him, 1 death is better than 2, always remmember that.
9.- This is also something i've done, DON'T underestimate your enemy, never.
10.- You can sometimes kill an enemy without Highlander, that's why you have Enchantment: Furor, to help you avoid to use your ult, as you most likely want to save Highlander for emergencies or special situations.
11.- When you're pushing hard, but you can't farm, consider not putting the wards and just watch INSIDE the bush, to see if there is the enemy jungler nearby
12.- Basic, when placing the ward, try to place it as far as you can (at the bottom of the bush) but not outside the bush, so you can see if someone is in there and if there is an enemy coming nearby, giving you time to retreat to your turret.
13.- Save your mana. Early game Master Yi is mana dependent and mana hungry, so try to save your mana just to harass and use the mana pot to regenerate it to continue the harass.
14.- Even if you lose your lane, you WILL win, come on, you're Yi, i've never lost with Master Yi after I got the right build, Yi is so op, dont lose a game please, not until Riot decides to "Nerf" yi again.
15.- Kill everything you see moving, idc if its from your team

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That's all about Master Yi's Guide.
Thank You for your time, hope you enjoy and you learn a lot.