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Jax Build Guide by st0rmrider

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League of Legends Build Guide Author st0rmrider

Super Jax (Hybrid DPS and Early Game Domination)

st0rmrider Last updated on December 6, 2012
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Jax Build

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Hello this is a Jax Guide of 11/22/12

Please give build a try

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Items and Explainations

For Jax I always start out with Doran's Shield. This provides survivability in lane with the health regen and 10 armor.

When you recall you will get Sheen, if not enough then Saphire Crystal will make your mana last long enough for next recall. Rushed sheen is what makes this build so OP. If you do not know yet, but sheen deals twice your base attack damage after using an ability. This is double your attack damage early game! The combo: Q+W will deal a massive amount of damage. People will need to recall after a few of these. (and of course after you hop into the enemies you might need to pop your E to ensure a safe get away.

Second recall you will get Berserker's Greaves for some early game attack speed to fight.

After experiencing whether Trinity Force should go first or Hextech Gunblade should go first, I finally came to the conclusion that Hextech Gunblade is so powerful early game and that Trinity Force only provided with some attack speed, health, and movement speed(we already have our sheen to dominate, and attack speed from Berserker's)

Now if you have enough get Trininty Force. If not, then Phage will be very useful to you.

The item after Trinity Force will be Nashor's Tooth. This provides us with a lot of attack speed for us to sell Berserker's Greaves for a pair of defensive boots (Mercs or Ninja) It also has quite a lot of Ability Power which will have our passive ultimate and Empower do more damage. And of course the giant cool down reduction will help us to use abilities more often.

The last two items have a big increase in our offense. Why no defensive items? Because Jax's Grand Master's Might's Active will give you resistance based off of our AD and AP. This will put our ultimate to full potential. The two items are Zhonya's Hour Glass (Armor, Lots of AP, and the awesome active that will help you in many ways.) and Infinity Edge (Tons of attack damage and critical damage that adds up with Trinity Force's Zeal. -We dont need Blood Thirster because we already have the 15% life steal from Hextech.) You are done with the ultimate jax build....Have fun.

Situational Items

~In Progress~

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Skill Sequence

Getting all your abilities is first priority early game. Start with Leap strike because its your gap closer for when someone is running away from your gank ect. Then get Counter Strike. (if you are soloing top then you will be in quite a pinch 2v1. Too keep your self safe and to help you stun an early game turret diver, get Counter Strike) Then get Empower. Maxing is between Empower and Leap Strike. Maxing Empower is key because, with sheen that Empowered hit will take off a few health bars off your target. Although, if your opponent has fast movement speed (380+ early game) then you should max Leap Strike as you will not be able to *leap* *empower hit*. (you wont be in range to empower hit them) But then again, if they are building some armor, your Leap Strike wont do much, so just max your magical damaging Empower.

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Fighting Style

Combo during laning : Q+W, E

Ganking combo/ Initiating in a fight: E(wait a second) then Q+W

When to use your ultimate: -When you know you are about to take a lot of damage
-When you are about to fight a champion(s)
-When you are going to take quite some hits from turret
-When you are at half health and about to run away

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Summoner Spells

I always get Ignite and Exauhst for Jax. Exauhst is awesome and Ignite will ensure your kill most of the time.

Other acceptable secondary spells other than Ignite

    Gohst: Helps you chase down and get more hits into your enemy. Also good escape mechanism.

    Flash: If you dont like Gohst, flash is an all around good spell, BUT, i would not recommend, as Jax already has initiation ability, Leap Strike.

    Surge: Great for fighting and gives more ap and attack speed (which we totally dont need late game)

Flash and Surge are the last spells I would get for Jax. All the other spells do not use them!

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Again I hope you try this build and give me a thumbs up and comment if you want.