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Talon Build Guide by sancarn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sancarn

Supersaiyan Talon - The mightiest glass cannon of all time.

sancarn Last updated on June 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello League of Legends community! My name is Sancarn and this is my Super Saiyan Talon guide.

Talon is a champion who does a massive amount of damage in a very short period of time. Talon himself is what we call an Attack Damage Assassin. If any of you are familiar with Katarina then Talon is merely the AD version of her. The whole point of Talon, as far as I am aware, is as what we call a "Glass Cannon".

The term "Glass Cannon" merely means that you jump in to a fight, do a massive amount of damage to a single target such that you kill them and hopefully you get out alive. This can be easier said than done yet with this build you will become the most intense, most damaging Glass Cannon the world has ever seen.

In this guide I shall provide an in depth analysis of Talon, his abilities and synergies the items to his role as a glass cannon. I hope you enjoy reading this guide and that it helps you play as one of the greatest assassins who has ever lived.

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Who am I?

My name is Sancarn. I am a level 30 player who normally spends his time attempting to break and counter the meta. I main as support but I drift every now and then into other roles for fun. When I was introduced to Talon I played him several times as an Anti-ADC in the bot lane. My role here was take out the ADC as fast as possible. I had a support Ashe and we continually ruled the bot lane. I came up with this build later on and now use it on ADC Leona bot, however I know that as much as it synergies' perfectly with Leona it also synergies' perfectly with Talon.

This led me to make this guide. Note that I am only in Silver IV, however this is currently because a series of unfortunate games (I believe). I have been matched against people in Gold before and have managed to completely dominate with my non-meta play, however everyone in ranked just automatically assumes I'm trolling =(.

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Pros/ Cons

+ Pros +

- Cons -

  • Very good ganker.
  • Counters most AP carries.
  • Very mobile champion.
  • Great burst.
  • Strong auto-attack damage.
  • He's an AD Katarina! =D
  • Can be mana hungry.
  • Weak early-game vs AD.
  • Weak early-game vs bruisers.
  • Dependant on itemization.
  • Requires skill to play.
  • Liable to camping.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Mercy is a fantastic ability and sets up Talon's early game combo. Mercy increases the damage dealt by your auto-attacks by 10% to all cc-ed targets. This coupled with Rake make talon extremely damaging.

Noxian Diplomacy

Noxian Diplomacy is an empowered auto-attack. If you hit this right after your auto-attack, you will instantly auto-attack with the empowered Noxian Diplomacy. Noxian Diplomacy also does a massive amount of burst damage as well as causing the target to "bleed" which is a bit like ignite and does damage over time. This, on top of an ignite, can easily secure a kill.


Rake is one of your main damage dealing spells. However I level this last as my build focusses more on building Talon's Auto Attacks rather than his abilities. However the utility with Rake is also very good. Coupled with Talon's passive, Mercy, this can set up a deadly combo which can melt an enemy APC.

Cutthroat is, in my opinion, Talon's most powerful ability. Talon teleports behind his target and silences them for 1 second and also amplifies his attack damage by 3/6/9/12/15% which lasts 3 seconds. This is amazing. The fact that it amplifies your attack damage (in general) by a percentage means that your burst increases the more and more AD you have.

Shadow Assault

Shadow Assault is Talon's finisher and escape. Talon releases a circle of blades, becomes invisible for 3 seconds and gains a 40% movement speed boost. After the 3 seconds have elapsed the circle of blades will then return to Talon by taking the shortest path. I usually use this right at the very end of my combo so I can get out of there and survive the team fight.

However I have seen people use Shadow Assault and then running behind the ADC so the blades cut through him/her. If your combo didn't work on the ADC then this is probably what you should do otherwise the fight will just become a 4v5.

Finally note that you will not be invisible to towers. Towers will still see you and attack you even when you are invisible. It is also possible to use this as an initiate though I strongly advise not doing this as it completely gets rid of your escape.

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-Coming Soon-

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

I take 9x Greater Mark of Armor Penetration since it is likely that AP mid players will always have some armor from runes. Equally this will help when you are banking the bot lane as ADCs and Supports will normally also have armor for extra survivability. These armour penetration runes will help you do more damage in these cases. At lower levels and elo these could often be switched for 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage. It is also possible to use Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage as these will Amplify your AD end game allowing you to do much more damage.

These are mainly to stop Junglers doing so much damage to you and to give you some more survivability at end game when you dive in on the enemy ADC. Alternate runes could include Greater Seal of Magic Resist when against a large amount of AP damage or Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you wish to do more Damage. It is also possible to use Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage as these will Amplify your AD end game allowing you to do much more damage.

These are very important when against an AP mid champion. These runes will stop the enemy mid doing so much damage to you when you dive in on them and allow you to have more sustain against their poke. It is also possible to use Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage as these will Amplify your AD end game allowing you to do much more damage however I only suggest this if you are very good at dodging enemy skill shots. Greater Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage for example could do a lot better against an Enemy Lux, for example, if you are very good at dodging her abilities.

Out of all the runes Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are possibly the most important of all the runes! If you are saving up for any of the runes get these bad boys first! After getting Swiftness Boots with Alacrity your movement speed will be 482. This is extremely high and allows you to engage on your target very easily. Upon the activation of Shadow Assault you will gain 40% Movement Speed and thus have a movement speed of 652. This is massive and lets you escape from a team fight on barely any health extremely quickly so you can reach a safe spot and back.

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Starting Items and Early Game

Normally, when starting the game I'll take a Doran's Blade like most ADC's take. This is because of the massive amount of sustain that Doran's Blade gives you. You will keep Doran's Blade up until you need to buy your last item and it will continue to give you that little bit extra sustain throughout the game.

If you think that you will be doing a lot of early and mid game roaming then you can take this combo. With Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions you will be given a large amount of sustain in lane and will be able to roam to bot or top for ganks. This can be extremely handy and give you that early advantage which can carry you to end game. This is also a good combo if you are bad at dodging skill shots from champions like Lux. Since you have your Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and Wanderer ,
Boots of Speed are even more worthwhile.

This is the final possibility. You may also take this if you want to rush your Tiamat, Vampiric Scepter or Phage. This may help you out more than a Doran's Blade in the long run and have seen it as the main option on many other Talon guides.

Early Game

Early Game Talon is a fairly weak champion and you just want to farm as much as you can until level 3. As soon as you hit level 3 you are ready to start busting down the enemy mid champion.

You're combo should be W->E->Auto-Attack->Q. You want to hit your enemy champion with W, to proc your passive, before you Cutthroat in with E and then use Q to do a hefty amount of damage to the enemy carry.

When you get your ultimate you will have enough damage to finish the enemy champion off, however till that point you may have to "Let some kills go" or ask your jungler to gank your lane and secure the kill.

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Core Items

Ravenous Hydra is an amazing item on Talon. For a start it turns his basic attacks into AOE attacks. It also significantly increases his AD however the part which makes this so much more powerful on Talon is the active.

The active deals 100% of your damage to your surroundings (80% at the edge) which means that this item is perfect for assassination.

Furthermore if you activate Ravenous Hydra's active instantly after auto-attacking you will instantly hit the enemy 2 times. Once for the active and Once immediately after attacking. This means that with Ravenous Hydra by Talon's side, Talon can achieve more than 2.5 attacks per second for the time period of the active.

Again, Sword of the Divine is a absolutely amazing on Talon. Why you may ask? Well the basic stats are "virtually" useless on Talon. The attack speed is nice but Talon isn't meant to be building DPS. He is meant to be building like a "Glass Cannon".

The beauty of Sword of the Divine is in it's Active:

"Gain 100% Attack Speed and 100% Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds or 3 strikes. Cooldown 60 seconds"

Any novice will look at these stats and think "Decent Item on an ADC". WRONG! An ADC's job is do do sustained and continual damage to the enemy. The Sword of the Divine is a good item only because of its active and this active works only for 3 seconds! So how is it good on Talon?

Recall: "Talon is a Glass Cannon champion who deals a massive amount of burst damage in a very short period of time"

If Talon is made to be a glass cannon then we should build him like one! This active gives him 100% Crit chance! This means that he does %200 extra damage on his autos. This works for 3 seconds. Sound familiar? That would be because Cutthroat also lasts for 3 seconds. This item's active and Cutthroat Synergies perfectly.

You should use the Sword of the Divine active immediately after using Cutthroat. This will allow you to do 215% damage at level 18.

I've read many times people saying that Trinity Force is a bad item on Talon. I disagree. I think it works very well with the right combo and is perfect for this build imo. As long as you auto attack after every single ability you will do a huge amount of damage equal to 150% of your base AD. The item also provides talon with a little more survivability from the health and movement speed.

An alternative item that you can use to a similar effect as Trinity Force is Iceborn Gauntlet. With this item you will be guaranteed to slow your target and thus proc-ing your passive and will do 125% extra damage on auto-attacks. This would be the other choice if you aren't that good at farming and find yourself low on gold.

We get the Infinity Edge because it has perfect synergy with Sword of the Divine. The Infinity Edge gives Talon's crits 150% extra damage. Ultimately this means over the 3 seconds from the Sword of the Divine active, Talon will deal 450% Extra damage from his basic attacks.

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The Glass Cannon Combo

So you have followed this build and you have got all the core items. What can you do now? It is time to evolve to Super Saiyan 3 and do some insane damage! /league-of-legends/item/sword-of-the-divine-97