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Swain Build Guide by Skouty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skouty

Swain Building League Points

Skouty Last updated on February 7, 2013
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Introduction I Welcome

Welcome my dears,to my guide of Swain,this is a guide of Morphing,eating them alive,and pushing to the nexus.

Nah serious now,in this guide i will present how i got to Gold From Silver Division IV(1200 elo)

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Introduction II Some Tips + Check Me

Well i am kinda excited that i got to gold,and that im still climbing up from 1134 elo(them new season first new matches...)

By the way guys.

I must tell you,as i told my friends,if you want to be first pick always,find a guy that plays good and that has 50 elo lower than you,ok he will always play support(that low elo..)but you 2 can carry until the wanted division.
Also,you can check me on LoL EUNE(europe north east) to see my scores with swain for some results :).(Darkness Kirin)

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Introduction III What you will read

In first part i will tell you about Swain,and some tips for him
In second part i will tell you about the Ranked Games.

Before reading turn on your sound and read while hearing this marvelous song *credits to CasterMaster For idea*
*credits to DragonStarDT For Mix And Video*

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Part One -Why Should i get Swain?

Swain is a Ranged Mage CC Healing champion.
He can be better than the rest of the champions because of his mana source,but also because of his constant single target,but AOE too,damage.

Lets take as an example some famous mid champs which everyone plays.
Kata jumps on Swain and starts her ulti.

Dude!I will just press R ,E+Q you,and finally W and catch you,and kill you.

Ok ok i am her counter so what?

What about Diana?

Yeah probably i will do the same thing.


What will happen?I will tell you what will happen.
You will deal constant harrasing damage while simply farming,whenever you see one of your minions is low and the enemy is coming,get your *** into your W+E+Q do some autos then let him,done!he is low hp now.


Eventually i found out that he has some serious counters.

Even if people will say it isn't so it is true.

Syndra,Orianna and Cassiopeia.

Those guys,erm i meant girls destroy swain while mid,constant harras them?Nope they will constant harras you.

The difference between you and those guys is a little thing named Infinite Mana and Infinite Heal,also you do smaller damage than them but i would trade this for the mana and hp.

Your Q spell is a single target damage over time slow spell that has similar mechanic with fiddle while draining.If the target is too far from you,it will cancel your Q.

Your W spell is an AOE snare that stays some mediocre time.This spell is something which you need brain to use it.You always need to investigate your target's movement route when you are near him,finally you will catch him if you guess where he will run.

Your E spell is a single target damage over time spell that amplyfies all the damage you do to the target for a relative giant percentage.(20 percent isnt giant?rly?)

Your ultimate is a cost per second (which gets bigger and bigger) spell that deals sustain damage while healing for a high percentage of the damage dealt,the percentage is tripled against champions.
Wait,wait wait,what was that before at ultimate?

"Your ultimate is a cost per second (which gets bigger and bigger) spell that deals sustain damage while healing for a high percentage of the damage dealt,the percentage is tripled against champions."

Oh i see,so i will run out of mana in less than 15 seconds if i use it.

Yes you will,this is why you should learn his ultimate,and use it wise,using a combination of items,masteries,and Brain

So,lets get with the Pros And Cons already.

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Part One -Pros And Cons

-Incredible sustain in lane
-Incredible Harrasser
-A lot of area of effect damage after lvl 6.
-A lot of damage over time
-Can take quite a beating in a fight and still come out on top
-Practically untouchable without healing reduction
-He's a giant demon bird
-Good CC
-You can easily harras and then kill some minions to get the mana back

-If you can't last hit, you can't harass. Dem manacosts.
-Doesnt have any kind of burst damage except his Nevermove
-His CC is kind of hard to hit if your opponent knows how to dodge stuff
-Countered by healing reduction
-Kind of requires blue-buff for maximum fighting ability
-Has no escape tools,so he can be countered easily by harrasing champions

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Part One -Explaining Runes

Well,here i take the seals because i often get attacked by minions while i try to unleash my full combo in the enemy.
Also it can come in handy if i get ganked or something,probably because most junglers are AD based.

I use the MPMarks because of obvious reasons.

Well i take the Scaling Ap because im more like the late game person,when everyone is 18,those runes will come twice handy than the regular runes,and yes i know the runes are made for early,but i simply don't care,i have enough ap already,i dont need more.

As i was talking before,those quints value 4 times more than regular AP runes,grab 2 of those and its like you filled the Glyphs with flat ap.

As i said at my Nocturne build,i use this too boost my early with 30 hp,i find it great,it also gives me a bonus line below my name so my enemies will be scared a little hehe.

Also you should really check my Nocturne build,it might come in handy for you :).

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Part One -Explaining Masteries

Well we finally got here hehe.

The Offensive part is pretty obvious.I get Spellsword in change of a Sorcery Point to get the Ignite +5 AP and AD.

Now,why i go in utility in change of defensive.

I prefer so going on Mana Using Mid Champs so i get blue buff and mantain it for a long duration :).Also the mana and the mana regeneration there is quite handy.

Here is up to you,if you want to be more defensive and you dont really care about blue buff,follow those masteries.

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Part One -Explaining Items

Welcome to a long and boring disscusion!

When I Spawn.

Grab a Doran's Ring,you can grab Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion too,but why i do this.Doran's ring is an amazing item that synergizes with your passive,and that gives you 80 health points and some ap,but i take this item for its mana purpose(i quite like the ap and hp too),the reason i get this instead of boots of speed is because i dont need to run,but only to passively harras.

When you go base

Here it depends on your minions,personally i play so safe that i dont go base until im nearly to die,and usually i have only doran's ring at minute 15...

If you have <1000 Gold

Grab another Doran's Ring and get Boots of Speed if you bought boots,then buy only 2 dorans.
Why i take another doran?
Well i quite enjoy the luxury of 950 gold that gives me decent mana regeneration and 10 mana per kill,also i enjoy ruby crystal(i get 160 gold from both) and 1 and half Amplifying Tome .
Also the boots to catch the damn enemy hehe.

If you have <2000 Gold

The ones i stated before
And ofc another item

Seriously guys,this and the 2 dorans and you have a happy laning...

If you have <3000 gold

Grab those before
And another item :D

Spell vamp!
"why would you get spell vamp noob,you have your ultimate"
Well lets talk about a new subject here.


Why would i get spell vamp on swain,i already have ultimate that gives me 75% of damage dealt.

First of all is 75% on champions,on minions it is 25%,and i think 5% more won't burn.

Also it isnt only for his ultimate,but his other spells and his laning capability,getting all the early items that we stated gives you perma health and mana,also a decent ability power too.

His Q now gives you hp...
Also his W now gives you hp
Even his E gives you hp
And the ultimate More hp.

So my question is,why shouldnt i support my team too with Will of the Ancients?
If i won't get the item then who will?

Some people don't find the Spell vamp so usefull on swain,to those people i can say a single thing..
Buy a Liandri Instead...

Ok lets get back to where we were...
If <4000 gold

Grab all the items told and a

Catalyst of Harmony

HP,Mana,and sustain,Hell yes...

Probably this will be the cap of the safe play...

When I recall again.

Do your best to buy the items told
Also do your best to get one more item that shines in the faces of everyone.

Mother of god,700 hp,700 mana,80 ap,2800 gold,LOVELY ITEM!

Well here we start another debate called....


Rylai vs RoA...
Hmm tough question that i asked always in my first matches...
But in time i understood one thing...

Rylai is only good if you cant hit a damn thing with your W.

RoA is so much better than Rylai.

Roa Gives 200 more hp and 700 freakin mana,all instead of a stupid slow,also you pay 300 gold less too for RoA.

I mean come on,why do you even need slow!?

Your Q does all the job,what do you want now to slow with your ultimate?

Well actually yes everyone wants to slow with swain's ultimate but now thing logically for one secAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW.

Swain's W cages enemies and has no more than 10 seconds,even less with all the cdr and stuff,so you can perma snare your enemies if you chase them.
Your stupid crow slows for a giant amount and can be used more effectively than RoA.

I think it is up to you which you think is better...

Now you might think the following

"Why shouldn't i take RoA+Rylai?"

There is no space!We need A lot of items,and if you want to loose one of the items,don't get Rylai but instead.
Rod of Ages

This item rocks me...

Lets get back to our subject again.

After Rod of Ages,try your best to upgrade your boots...

Also afterwards do your best to get the following infinite mana item

Oh f**k yes infinite mana,this item is too lovely just too lovely,also the cdr is lovely for your ultimate and W Fest Spam.


Possible items which you should consider.
Liandry's Torment-Anti Tank item!!!
Rylai's Crystal Scepter-You need this with liandry..
Zhonya's Hourglass-Anti AD item
Void Staff-Anti MR item
Deathfire Grasp-Assassin item/single target item

Guide Top

Part One -Explaining Skills

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Why am i doing this?
Probably because i want to outlane my mid partner with single target spells that deal a lot of damage.

Nuff said...

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

It might help you grabbing your enemy hehe.
Also pro tip for your ultimate,try to consider activating and deactivating it when you feel the time,dont just press it and stay 30 sec with it,lol no,use it for like 10 sec if important fight,then deactivate and wait some sec,activate again and start facerolling again.

Guide Top

Part One -Summoner Spells

Pretty Obvious...
Escaping tool
Catching tool
Tricking tool
Initioation tool
Disrupting tool
Siege tool
Life Saving tool
Must-Take tool

Stacks well with your E,also you want to deal most damage to your target don't you?It might come in handy when you want to kill your target,if you really feel into it you can take other spells like the followings

Helps you catch your opponent,also it can be helpful if the jungler ganks you,you just exhaust him and walk like a boss

Feeling to pushed?Can't handle so much people mid,or can't handle the fed midder?Grab this if you are scared.

Take this instead of flash if you feel like in need to faceroll people.

I don't know about the rest and i don't even want to know about the rest...

Guide Top

Part Two - The Starting

Well guys,most of us start from silver,and we cant even climb up probably because of the following dilemma

Bronze-Empire Of ******s
Silver-Empire Of Insta Lockers,Noobs and Kids
Gold-Empire Of Trolls and Angry Men
Platinum-Empire Of People Who Can Understand This game and have some strategies
Diamond-Empire Of Geniuses,the people who understand this game at its fullness
Challenger-Empire Of Gods Of Gaming War,people who have more strategies than your IQ.

As you can see it is harder and harder to climb up if you go down.
Then what to do?

Guide Top

Part Two -How To Escape Elo Hell and Fly to Gold

I will tell you what to do.
Master a carriable lane,in this case mid,the other 2 carriable lanes are ADC and TOP(but with not so many champions)

Also here is a great and genius tip

To always be first pick and get who you want,get a Duo partner that plays good but that also is 50 elo smaller than you,attention it shouldnt be 80 elo or more difference because then the whole system will be screwed.

Also when you are first pick,ban some of the counters for you that you know people play in that elo,for example i always banned fizz then because i had to lock in mid first so my team won't troll me,hard to go with bronze and silver...
Also in most cases the other team is not as smart as you are and even if they get a counter for you,you can play better than them,because you trained as hell with your champion didn't you?

Well This was the genius tip that helped me out.

Guide Top


Thank you for visiting my swain guide,if you found this in handy i will appreciate to leave a comment and to give a thumb :P.

Also Please Check my Nocturne Guide if you want to learn more about counter jungling with him :).

Ciao :*