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Swain Build Guide by Rossi Cortes

Swain,the Unlimited power!

By Rossi Cortes | Updated on April 24, 2017

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Hello guys!
My name is Rossi Cortes and I will tell u how to be the best at Swain on the middle lane.
Before we start, I must say that im gold 4,I have 2 Pentakills with Swain and I have 64% win rate with this great champion!
You can check me on
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1 part. + -

So, lets start. Alot of people will say that Swain is a top champion. This is not quite right. I will explain why. Lets start with his pros:
1 Great tank
2 Great damage
3 Great Initiation
4 Great look
His cons:
1 Weak at early game
2 Low mobility
3 High Mana Cost
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2 part. The beginning

When u picked Swain, everybody think that u will go top, thats ok, thats important. But u will shock them and go mid. Swain has a unique fighting technique, not for nothing he is an excellent strategist. Almost always Glass Champions stand on mid lane.(like orianna, le blanc and etc). So they will be shocked seeing you. By the way, im talking about professional level, but sometimes it works in silver or bronze, cus in these leagues everyone dont care what is happening.Lets start with his abilities:
His passive.When Swain kills an enemy or structure, he restores 13 - 30 (based on level) mana. On enemy champion takedowns, he regains an additional 9% maximum mana. This passive works well when u last hit minions and if in teamfights u killed or assisted,you will regain an additional 9% maximum mana.
q: Swain commands Beatrice to fly to the target location, where she remains for 4 seconds.
Beatrice will attack enemies within the area, prioritizing the target of Torment( e ability), other champions in range and then any target in range. Beatrice's attacks,deal magic damage and slows. Beatrice deals double damage against minions and executes them below 10 health. MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 30 / 47.5 / 65 / 82.5 / 100 (+ 30% AP)
SLOW: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%. RANGE: 700 / 325 COST: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 MANA COOLDOWN: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 This spell is your gold card,max it first.This spell has high damage,good slow and low cooldown.
wSwain marks the target area. After a 0.875-second delay, talons grab onto enemy units within, dealing magic damage and Root icon rooting them for a short duration.MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 70% AP)
ROOT DURATION: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2
RANGE: 900 / 125 COST: 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100 MANA COOLDOWN: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10
This spell is very usefull, but in late game this spell will 80% win games if you root enemies well.
eSwain afflicts the target enemy with a curse that deals magic damage to them over 4 seconds, amplifying Swain's damage against them by 20% for the duration.「 ENHANCED MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 15 / 24 / 33 / 42 / 51 (+ 30% AP) 」
RANGE: 625 COST: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 MANA COOLDOWN: 10. This spell is very usefull against assassins like ahri,zed and etc.
rSwain assumes the form of a demonic raven. During this time, lesser ravens strike out, one every 0.2 seconds at up to 5 nearby enemies and dealing magic damage to them, prioritizing champions. Each enemy can only be attacked by one raven at a time and only once per second.Swain heals himself for a small amount against minions and monsters, and for a bigger amount against champions.MAGIC DAMAGE PER RAVEN: 50 / 70 / 90 (+ 20% AP) HEAL PER RAVEN VS. NON-CHAMPIONS: 8 / 11 / 13 (+ 3% AP)RANGE: 700 COST: 25 MANA PER SECOND + 5 PER ADDITIONAL SECOND COOLDOWN: 20HEAL PER RAVEN VS. CHAMPIONS: 20 / 30 / 40 (+ 12% AP) 」This ult is beautifull, it gives you great damage, awesome heal regeneration and great survival.
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3 part. Most dangerous opponents

When the minios came to your lane, U MUST PLAY AGGRESSIVE! U will think, hey Rossi, u told us that Swain is very weak at early game. wth? Its true, he is, but u must put pressure on your enemy. U must show that you are the king here, u are the best, u are the beast and u will win this lane and later the whole game! Be aggressive, but smart.
Facing ahriAhri is one of the best mid laners right now. She has true damage, good poke abilities and great escapes( her ult or flash). When u play against her, try to be an aggressive player, when u reached lvl 2 poke her with your e and use you q immediately, this is great harras combo. If u didnt kill her till lvl 6, no problem. Wait when she used her charm(e) and if you root her(w), use your q,r,e,ignite her and shes dead. Remember, that she has ult, try to deceive her. If you cant do this things, just poke her e,q. Its easy and simple. Ahri is a great assassin, so if she dissapeared from your lane, ping to your teammates immediatly.
In mid game if Ahri has 1.0.1 or something like that, she isnt usefull to team. The main thing in mid game teamfights is to hang e on her,Ahri is a glass champion, so she will be afraid to go all in and probably she will ran,if not, use your ult, q her and she is dead.Do not admit her to your adc, cus 1 good charm will 90% kill your adc.
Late game. As I said, try to scare her, use your e or q, domination is everything against her, in late game teamfights if someone root or stunned her, shes 95% dead. As I mentioned earlier Ahri is a very strong mid champion, dont feed her, and ping to your teammater is she left you lane. Ablities:
Max your q first, then twice e , then w, q, ult and after it depends on your game.

Facing KarthusKarthus is solid choice against Swain. He has high damage, good crowd control, and great ult. When u play against Karthus try to harras him with your q, sometimes use your e, but be carefull, your e has medium range, so if you didnt use your e fast on him, then karthus will attack you hard, remember swain is weak at early game. When you reached lvl6, try to go all in, you probably will kill him, be smart, dont fight him near his turret because there 3 bad things that can happened,1- ENEMY JUNGLER,2 HIS WALL OF PAIN is very strong against you, hes passive is very strong too,so if you killed him with halph hp I recommend you to flash away or run, cus he will use his q and ult, And remember, Swain and Karthus are mana addict at early game.
In mid game teamfights if Karthus isnt very feed, you can handle him, but dont leave him alone, he will probably ult to finish off you ally , so try to destroy as fast as you can.

In late game teamfights Karthus is very dangerous enemy, he can kill your adc with his 2 q*s, so try to root him, use your full procast(w,r,e,q) and he will probably die.

Facing Zed

Zed is very strong champion against Swain. He has high mobility, good dmg, nice poke and he has no mana.
When u stand against Zed, always max your e, zed is only champion when you should max your e,Good zeds will often dodge your w, so max your e, then q ,ult and w. Try to domtinate him till lvl 3, after this level, be passive player, and try to save you flash, because you will need it after you reached lvl 6, you can all in him after lvl6, YOUR COMBO IF YOU ATTACKED: r,e, wait when he ulted, then q, he 90% will run and try to w him.
If he attacked you: r,e,q,flash , and try to w him, and in both situations try to ignite him.( if you have ignite). Or if you afraid playing against zed, wait when he used his w, and ask your jungler to come, you will 80% kill him.
Your main item against Zed:zhonyas is you 3rd item after shoes and rod of ages, zonyas counters him hard.

Facing Yasuo

Yasuo is good pick against Swain. He has high mobility, good dmg and he has no mana. When you stand against him, dont waste too much mana, his windwall (w) works against your q,e and ult! so try farm and let him push, wait your jungler and try to w him, its a very good strategy against him. If you want to fight yasuo,let him come closer to you and u can use your full procast on him, but remember, his w can dodge your ravens(ult) so try to walk around till his w finishes, and you probably will kill him. This matchup is always different, it depents on yasuo players too, so main things against him:
Dodge him tornados(q)
Dont waste too much mana on him
Be passive till lvl 6

Facing Katarina

Katarina is one of the strongest champions against Swain. She is great assassin, she has amazing dmg, and her ult counters yours.( her ult blocks you healing to 50% and that hurts)
When facing her, try to poke her with q,e. When you both reached lvl 6, if she will go all in on you, use your w to root her when she is using her ult and immediatly flash, after that use your e,r,q,ignite her and fight her, u stronger her if she used her ult, she will probably run, try to follow her and you will win this trade.
Standing against good katarina means:
You will not have kills till lvl 6
U cant be VERY agressive till lvl 6
You will 80% lose your trade till lvl 6

Facing Syndra

Syndra is the strongest champion against Swain, Shes has great damage, nice poke and good crowd control. When you stand against her, try to dodge her main ablility(q), and everything will be ok, when she reached lvl 6, dont fight her when u have halph hp, She will 90% will kill you, her burst is stronger that yours. Or she can just stun you and ult, and you dead.If you can dodge her stun (you can flash) so probably you can kill her, in late game she isnt very strong against you. Just root her,r,q,e and she is dead.
Also in teamfights, try to kill her first, that will help your team alot.
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4 part

Lets start with the build.
When I was in bronze and in silver I always bought Ruby Crystal as first item. I was wrong.
Dont do this, your first item is Doran's Ring. Its very usefull item for Swain. Just trust me, this item is the best thing for swain at early game. As u can see, my first build is very simple if I play against medium ap and medium ad champs.

But lets start with best items on Swain

1: Rod of Ages is the main item on Swain. If you play Swain, you MUST buy this item. You cant play this champion with out this item.
Some players think that Hextech GLP-800 is better item on Swain. They 100% wrong, If you are a good player, u will understand why, if not, ill explain:
Hextech GLP-800
+300 health
+400 mana
+80 ability power
UNIQUE – ETERNITY: 15% of damage taken from champions is gained as mana. Spending mana restores 20% of the cost as health, up to 25 per spell cast.
UNIQUE – FROST BOLT: Fires a spray of icy bolts that explode, dealing 100 - 200 (based on level) (+ 35% AP) magic damage to all enemies hit (40 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items). Enemies hit are slowed by 65% decaying over 0.5 seconds.
Catalyst of Aeons+ Hextech Revolver
Cost:3000, Sell:2100.
I dont like activatable Items, excluding Zhonya's Hourglass

Rod of ages
+300 health
+300 mana
+60 ability power
This item gains 20 health, 10 mana and 4 ability power every minute, up to 10 times.
UNIQUE – ETERNITY: 15% of damage taken from champions is gained as mana. Spending mana restores 20% of mana spent as health, up to 25 per cast (toggle spells heal for up to 25 per second).
Catalyst of Aeons+ Blasting Wand
Cost:2700, Sell:1890.

As you can see Rod of Ages has better stats for Swain and only there is only one activatable Item, that works well with Swain, is Zhonya's Hourglass.
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5 part

My second build shows a gameplay style against high ad champs, like tryndamere,rengar zed, caitlyn and etc.
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6 part

My third build shows a gameplay style against ap champs, like kassadin, brand fizz and etc.
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Try to max ur q first, max ur e and then your w and your ult at lvl 6, 11, 16.
Remember that your q is your gold key. Try to max it first!
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9 armor
9.8 mp
12.1 mr.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Rossi Cortes
Rossi Cortes Swain Guide

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Swain,the Unlimited power!
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