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Rakan Build Guide by Iced IMP

Swift Disruptor Rakan [Midseason (7.9) Update]

Swift Disruptor Rakan [Midseason (7.9) Update]

Updated on May 3, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Iced IMP Build Guide By Iced IMP 14,024 Views 0 Comments
14,024 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Iced IMP Rakan Build Guide By Iced IMP Updated on May 3, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Secondary Masteries Page

Wanderer (5)
Secret Stash
Bandit (5)
Windspeaker's Blessing

Unyielding (5)
Ruinic Armour (5)

This is an alternative to the previous one and only slightly less preferred but it is made more for sustaining your allies rather than diving in and surviving your disruption.
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Pros / Cons

- Great CC
- Extremely strong ult
- Provides decent sustain
- Scales well
- Excellent roams
- Can work without much communication with your adc
- Tons of fun
- Very squishy early
- Very low damage
- Unless playing with Xayah requires ADC to be rather close to escape
- Prone to being CC'd to death if engaging solo
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As A Support

This is my view of the support role and why it is important and what the most important parts of it are.

Supports Importance:
The support is one of the most important roles, even of greater importance than the ADC, this is because it is responsible for saving and protecting EVERY OTHER PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM as well as often shutting down the opposing carries. This protection comes in many different forms from vision to CCing the opponents to Healing and shielding your team, to soaking damage so they don't have to take it.

Important Skills:
Map Awareness - As a support you need to pay more attention to the map than anyone (maybe not the jungler but you should anyways) and use the information about what you see to protect your team by letting them know of potential ganks, if an opponent leaves their lane and your laner isn't paying attention, and of possible attempts on Baron/Dragon by the opponents.
Vision Control - Stomp out enemy vision to make traveling the map dangerous for them or get your team vision to provide safety for them as you travel across the map.
Objective Control - Very similar to Vision Control except also looking for good chances to take Baron/Dragon
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How Has the Midseason Update Affected Rakan?

Long story short, it has not affected Rakan much. If anything it helps him with the changes to the ancient coin line.

Ancient Coin: With the amount of mobility Rakan has he is easily able to pick up his mana and gold coins without much danger.

Banshees Veil: Now less viable since we no longer recieve health from it and we gain much less MR however it is still valuable for the passive (Only recommend if far ahead)

Gargoyle Stoneplate: This item may have its uses due to its active and passive however I still feel that the other listed items are more useful.
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Early Game

After providing a leash for your jungler and reaching lane look to poke you opposing laners with your q and heal up your ADC by walking right up to them (you have to be deceptively close for this). Your goal is just to whittle down their resources to prevent them from being able to take a fight with your adc.

Keep your river and Tri-bush warded whenever possible (prioritize Tri-bush when on red side, river when on blue, but the ideal situation is both, this may require help).

Between backs, if your lane is warded up and your ADC is safe PLUS the wave is not pushed to your tower then it may be a good idea for you to roam up and either place deep wards with your sightstone or try to gank mid

Look for short trades and engages with a double knock-up from your Grand Entrance (W) since you have an easy escape when comboing with your Battle Dance (E) you should be able to easily win trades of this manner. This is an excellent way to set up for your jungler, when doing so make sure try to extend the fight so they don't just run as your jungler is coming into lane

Upon killing an opponent laner (especially if it's off a gank) push to the tower with your ADC (and hopefully jungler) and try to get the tower as quick as possible since this will open up for you to roam permanently.

Between backs, if your lane is warded up and your ADC is safe PLUS the wave is not pushed to your tower then it may be a good idea for you to roam up and either place deep wards with your sightstone or try to gank mid
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Mid Game

Stop pushing lane with your ADC.

The idea behind mid game is to build/extend leads elsewhere outside of your lane. Now is the time for you to roam. If you took bot tower already and top tower still stands go take that with your ADC. Make sure to look for opportunities where you can see all (or at least 3 + jungler) of the other team and try for a deep ward in an area that you believe is safe. Make sure to sweep areas that are often warded by opponents (tri-bushes, bushes around tower, Dragon, Baron)

Begin to group and look for fights where you outnumber the opponent. Using Talisman of Ascension plus your ult allows you to engage really easily. Remember you can use your other abilities while ulting. With this in mind you can close a ton of distance with your Grand Entrance (W) and your ult + Talisman speed boosts. Keep in mind to use your Locket and/or Redemption to keep your team safe.
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Late Game

This stage of the game is played very similar to midgame. Be sure to help your jungler keep control of dragon/baron plus keeping either your jungle warded if you're behind or the enemy jungle warded when ahead.

If Your Team Is Behind
You don't want to engage UNLESS you have vision on all of the opponents and you have them outnumbered at the moment. If you don't have vision and numbers on your side then let them engage and use your Grand Entrance (W) plus ult to disrupt their engage and allow your carries to fight without being locked down. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR ACTIVES TO KEEP YOUR TEAM ALIVE!

If Your Team Is Ahead
Look for engages where you outnumber them (Yes do this even when ahead) and try to disrupt and lock down as many of their carries as possible plus anyone else you can reach. The big difference for playing late game when ahead rather than behind is when we are ahead we want to look for the engages whereas when behind we want to try to stop and turn around the opposing engages.

After Winning The Fight:
Look to push for any objectives possible with your team, be it Baron, towers, Inhibitors. If you have a ZZ'Rot Portal be sure to place it in lanes that you're pushing or an opposite lane if you have time to set that pushing for your team as well.
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When participating in teamfights there are two things you need to take note of that will let you know how you should be playing the fight.

Was your team engaged on or did your team engage.

This is the determining factor of what you need to do. In both cases you need to use your Locket/Redemption to keep your team healthy. Use your Battle Dance (E) to provide shields and deliver heals from your Gleaming Quill (Q) to your team mates. When engaged upon your priority is to disrupt, CC, and stop the people who are doing the engaging from the other team. If you can keep them away from your Carries this will let your team dish out the damage needed to win the fight rather than them getting locked down and removed from the fight. When engaging You want to jump into the back line and try to lock down/CC the opposing team's carries to prevent them from getting out of the fight and being able to deal damage.

TLDR: Save your carries when engaged on and shut down their carries when engaging. And always remember about your actives.
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Thanks for taking your time to read my guide! I recently began playing support earlier this season and it has opened my eyes to so many different parts of the game I didn't consider before, if you're new to the role as well I hope this can help you figure out something new. Rakan is such a fun champion and I hope you all will enjoy him as much as I have, and that this guide will be able to help at least one person!

~Happy Disrupting
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