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Quinn General Guide by Stopkilling0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stopkilling0

TagTeam Points [Dominion Guide]

Stopkilling0 Last updated on May 1, 2013
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Hello, my name is Stopkilling0, and here is my Dominion guide for Quinn (and lets not forget Valor). This build is focused around utilizing TagTeam and Divine Sword to rapidly kill high priority targets.

Cooldown Runes, masteries and boots are taken to keep TagTeam and Vault up as often as possible.

I hope you find as much success with this build and play style in Dominion as much as I have.

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At the start of the game you should buy a pickaxe, boots of speed, and four health pots.

-The pickaxe start will help you build into Last Whisper faster, and all of your abilities scale off of it.
-Boots of speed will help you build into Boots of Lucidity faster, and you need to get that cdr fast because vault is essential for procing Harrier, and keeping your ultimate up.
-Health pots will really help you sustain during the first fight at top, pop them as soon as you start to take any damage, if they didn't buy pots you will out sustain them and take the point.

First Back
-Continue with the build. Buy Last Whisper if you can, if not, buy Longsword.
-Even if you have enough money for your boots, but not to buy Last Whisper, don't. Save your money for the next back and just buy Longsword.
-Ideally, you should have lived long enough to buy both Boots of Lucidity and Last Whisper on your first back.
Rest of the Game
-Get Sword of the Divine at this point, you need it by this time in the game to start making plays.
-Start building Infinity edge next. It really increases the damage you get from Divine Sword.

After you buy Divine Sword and Infinity edge, just buy and build the rest when you can. Maybe buying some things before others depending on how the game is going and what kind of items the other team is building.

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As I said earlier, this playstyle and item build revolves around getting the most out of the Divine Sword active, and keeping TagTeam up.

First Fight at Top

-Stay back, and don't take unesicary damage. Don't initiate, you dont have the health or abilities to really get you out safely.
-As enemy tanks and bruisers push forward, poke them with Harrier procs and basic attacks while using health pots. Whittle them down, while always staying behind your bruisers/tanks.
-If the fight is really turning in the enemy teams favor, fall back, use health pots and pick up the mid pack while waiting for your dead teammates to get back into the fight.
-Push the wave if you can. Don't push past the mid health pack and you can be easily ganked form there. Use map awareness to see if they're coming of the point and headed twords your mid, if so fall back to your mid while waiting for your team.


-By now you should atleast have Divine Sword.
-When you see and enemy at a fairly low health, or just a squishy, activate your ultimate, and when you get close to them activate Divine Sword. Vault onto them, blind them, and proceed to watch their health melt away.
-You are especially good at killing enemy ADCs. Your blind esentially makes them useless while you kill them.
-Beware of Teemo, he can make your crits useless with his blind.
-If an enemy builds sword of the divine, save your blind, wait for them to activate it, then blind them to make the crits useless.


(if you get there)
-By the time you've built your full build, or almost your full build, you are essentially unstoppable with your full combo and cooldowns. Just watch for enemies that have abilities that lower your attack speed, or make themselves invulnerable.

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Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this as awesome as I have! :) Please comment


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