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Talon Build Guide by goldenessence

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author goldenessence


goldenessence Last updated on April 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why did I decide to write this guide?
I saw stonewall008's S2 Jungle of Talon and it just didn't do it for me. I refused to buy into Talon being such a weak jungler because I desperately wanted to see him ganking from out of nowhere.

What qualifies me to write this guide?
While I have only been playing League for about half a year now I have accumulated 700+ wins and at one point reached 1401 in ranked playing mainly Karma. So while I don't consider myself a professional I do consider myself qualified to give this build and advice.

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I use these to give Talon the damage he needs to jungle since we can grab 6 flat and 10% armor penetration in the masteries. As well, this damage gives bonus to his abilities.

Standard jungle armor.

Non-standard runes, but very effective on Talon. The Greater Glyph of Attack Speed simply does not have a viable output. I may even reconsider using these runes on all guides that recommend blue Alacrity Glyphs.

Again as with the marks, this yields more damage.

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I take this for early game an additional 5 damage from ignite to jungle safer and faster. It can also give you great gains on your ghost speed.

This gives 3 bonus damage that allows Talon to hit harder and gives more damage to his Noxian Diplomacy, Rake, and Shadow Assault.

Simply gives us more damage to monsters in the jungle allowing Talon to plow through the jungle faster.

More attack speed, obviously going to help us out with jungling speed as well as later in the game for damage.

This gives us some much needed armor penetration since we don't take any in our runes.

More damage, I'll take it. Basically a smaller but constant portion of damage increase like his passive Mercy

Granting some base life steal will barely help us sustain longer in the jungle, but it's enough. And the life steal will help out later in the game when we have more damage as well.

This 6 armor penetration is going to go right through those little wolves, and is much needed since we don't take armor penetration in runes.

This is free damage, and like Havoc , it is an extension of our passive. If that isn't enough it's also what Talon lives to do: EXECUTE!

More armor, more sustain. We need this especially early game. But late game this will help out a lot when you reach mid-late game levels and have 100+ armor without items.

Defense from those pesky jungle golems.

I take 3 points here as to gain a constant regeneration since the bonus from Durability doesn't seem that significant. Feel free to take a point out of this and tree Durability or to add a point to Summoner's Resolve instead.

Easy way of causing multiple damage to jungle mobs and possibly finishing them off without having to auto attack.

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I am not going to go into depth on this one. I've tried using Vampiric Scepter and it doesn't cut it, leaves you too vulnerable. Stick with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion.

As far as items go past this early game you should be able to jungle with just the starting items up to at least 700 gold and purchase a Madred's Razor allowing you to jungle faster and be less reliant on Smite.

With Madred's Razor you should be able to jungle fast enough and at this point feed some buffs to your carries as well as gank.

You should grab Boots of Speed soon after and this should give you the clutch in what you need to get more effective ganks.

From there upgrade to a Wriggle's Lantern and you should be able to between level 6 and 8 with the help of your bottom lane take dragon.

From then on you are Talon, build some damage. And other items according to how the game is going.

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(Passive) This allows you to deal 10% bonus damage to targets affected by crowd controls such as slow (from your Rake)

[Q] Take this at Level 2 and make sure that you use it immediately after attacking to reset the attack timer instantly. In ganking use earlier as needed.

[W] Take this at Level 1 and focus maxing this since it allows you to damage at a distance. The slow also increases allowing you more time to close gap on enemies. As well it allows you to pull wolves early on so you can fight 2 at a time. In ganking it is preferable that you can use this when closer to your enemy so that you have more time to deal bonus damage from your passive, but many times you will simply need to close the gap.

[E] This as explained in other Talon guides is an awesome ranged blink and silence gap closer as well as damage booster. Early game, especially ganking without boots this will make or break your ability to get kills. However as other guides suggest pay attention to when you utilize this ability on certain champions as it can stop casters from channeling or otherwise shutdown the effectiveness of certain champions.

[R] ULTIMATE!!! This ultimate is awesome, use it for the invisibility and movement speed when trying to surprise an enemy or use it when nearby to finish them off. Remember to try to lead in front of your enemy as it finishes so that all the blades pass through them. It can also double as an escape mechanism.

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Summoner Spells

Yes ignite, it's great for finishing people off especially late game. And for diminishing life steal or regeneration on a pesky Dr. Mundo or Volibear. We also take this to give Talon's early game jungle an advantage. I recommend using this on either the greater wolf while it is attacking you or the ancient blue golem.

You're a jungler, but you're no Nunu or Warwick. You'll need this. And why wouldn't you take it for the simple fact that it can make or break a dragon/baron steal?

Other options - note: if you use these, you should be getting a leash.

This goes really well off the masteries, if you grab Summoner's Wrath you will gain significant move speed bonus from this. It will allow you to chase and make earlier ganks more effective.

This will help close gaps on ganks. As well it serves a high utility late game for shutting down AD carries in team fights or 1 on 1. And since you have a high mobility with your ultimate and gap closer you are a good champion to have this on.

Great escape mechanism since Talon won't be jumping through walls without an enemy target to cling to and silence. Also it can help to close gaps on enemies during ganks.

If your team can effectively communicate and use wards to your advantage, you will be able to teleport into unsuspecting brush and gank with ease. Also this can help you teleport in to a dragon or baron situation for the steal.

I don't really like summoner's heal, but many Ranged AD carries are carrying it as well as some junglers, heal would basically be a free instant health pot for you in your early jungling and later on serve your team very well in team fights. You are also not a health champion so having this allows you an extra portion of health in potential fight situations when it is available. If you take this take a point off of Vigor and throw one onto Summoner's Resolve instead. You may also take your point off of and apply it where you like in the offensive tree.

No, don't pick this. You don't scale off of AP so it's benefits are not maximized. This highly situational summoner's spell should be reserved for hybrid carries or trolling to make a larger Cho'Gath, Nasus, Renekton, or target of Lulu's ultimate.

Cleanse could be viable, but unless you are in a 1 on 1 situation you are most likely going to be focused down so hard that using this won't get you much further from the location the enemy intended you to die at.

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Your jungle path should look like this.

1st step: Wolves (Burn ignite on the big wolf when it is attacking you)

Check out the above link to see how to pull the wolves and where to stand so only 2 attack you at once. (For when you have no damage at wolves or leash at blue)
2nd step: Blue (Burn ignite on the blue golem if you haven't already.)
3rd: Wraiths
4th: Wolves (Return here)
5th: Red (Smite back up)
6th: Wraiths
7th: Wolves/Golems (whichever is up, though wolves are easier and should respawn by the time you get there.)
8th: Golems/Wolves (Whichever you didn't do)
9th: Wraiths
10th: Golems (If you have enough health, likely you got a leash if you are doing this) (Also you may end up having wolves respawn faster depending on how you did this.)

Also I'd like to note that when killing golems early on it is more health efficient to kill the small golem first.

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Here is a map I created of warding, it's pretty basic and similar to most other warding guides that I recommend you check out if you don't already know about warding.

Red is high priority warding.
Orange is priority warding.
Green is suggested situational warding.
Blue/Gray are situational warding.

As a jungler you should check to be aware of when yours and opposing lanes and junglers are as well as when they are capable of taking dragon or baron. When they are capable you should have the high priority area warded, if you are planning on doing one of these yourself you should place a ward or two in the situational ward locations on the opposing side. Also it may be helpful to place a Vision Ward on the high priority location to check and clear enemy wards.

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Give it a practice try in custom game first to figure out how to lead the wolves and get a feel for it. Any comments or advice are appreciated.

Update: I have updated a few areas that have been requested. I will be working on furthering the warding section with more specific descriptions and pictures, as well as situational builds for items. Thank you for your patience.