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Talon Build Guide by andrelopes47

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author andrelopes47

Talon, Assassin Mid Laner

andrelopes47 Last updated on August 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Early Game Tatics

Talon have not a powerfull damage in the early game but if you know who to play he you can get a big power in your opponent.
There is a trick i use on talon to get first blood at lvl 4.
First you must upgrad noxian deplomacy ant lvl 3 and 4, i'll explain why.Talon's W (Rake) dont make a uge damage at early levels, it start's making damage when you are back from the store with a brutalisor or a BF Sword.Unlike hte Talon's Q (Noxian Deplomacy) that make's a lot of damage in all game especially in the early game. So what you must do is trying to poke ur oponent under his tower at levels 1 and 2, certainly you will each level 3 before he, next let he push the lane up the middle. When u each level 4 before, quickly upgrade ur Q and jump on him, use your Q and your W (ignite if necessary) and this will result in a first blood and the victory of your lane.

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Mid Game

Mid Game is the best part of the game for talon because he mmakes toons of damage in every opponent and you start to get kills.
In the mid game you wont be in the mid lane, you will be ganking every single lane getting kills, just returning to mid to protect your tower and farm.
Try to push your lane very hard, then you have enogh time to gake alone or with your jungler and creat a sitiation of 1v3, 1v2 or 3v2, 4v2 , here your team and you will get more objectives , more objectives mean more gold and more gold means Victory.

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Late game

Late game is a hard time for talon.Here tou can kill everyone, but enemy team are every time togheter, and if you jump in the midlle of 5 enemys you will die in less than 5 seconds and you dont want than.
Be always in with your team before the start of a teamfight you can do 2 things: you can wait your jungler,support or top to iniciat the teamfight and then u go in and kill everyone, or you can wait that their adc or mid depart a litlle of theire team, there you quickly go in they and use your combo, certainly after you go you team ill engaje in the other bad guys... ( remember the second option is very dangerous, your team can lose a teamfight ant the game just because of your move, so, just make it if you are sure that you will kill the adc or the mid and make sure you dont die.

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Picks and Bans

For Talon I always Ban 2 champions: Lee Sin And Fizz.
Why? its simple, lee sin is a biggcounter of you, if is a good lee sin player he will destroy you. Now, Fizz. Why i ban Fizz? Well i'll explain it. Talon counter hard 4 Champions: Kassadin,Lux,Morgana and Veigar and all these 4 champions are coutered by fizz, now if i ban fizz maibe my opponent pick 1 of these 4 champions because theres nochanse of they play against a fizz, then if they pick what i want i will pick talon and destroy then.

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I thing its all...
In my oppinions Talon is the best champion in the game and is my favorite champion so this guide have to things i use to carry every single game as talon.
Hope you like this guide and hope that was helpfull :D

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