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Talon Build Guide by deadlyDelta

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deadlyDelta

Talon - ENEMY TEAM, Y U NO BAN ME?! (Owning in Dominion)

deadlyDelta Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everybody. Deadlydelta here with my guide on how to completely dominate little kids in Dominion game mode. Ever since Dominion came out, I've tried many champions out on it, but none of them quite seemed to suit my style for how fast-paced Dominion is. I've played my good ol' main, Lee Sin, the always underappreciated and underrated Lux, my main tank Maokai, and many others on this mode. But none of them seemed to be up to par. Then I tried Talon, my standby assassin.

What ensued was a long chain of wins, with me mostly in 1st place by longshot. The amount of damage this guy brings to the field is simply terrifying. This, combined with his bag of tricks and carefully made decisions, have helped me to greatly improve my Dominion W:L ratio.

Since then, Talon has in fact replaced Lee Sin as my main champion, and I carry ranked games with ease now.

Now, without further ado, I present to you my Dominion guide on Talon, The Blade's Shadow!

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Pros / Cons


+ Jaw-dropping burst damage
+ Getting fed is easy if you're good
+ Low end-game cooldowns are perfect for Dominion
+ Awesome bag of tricks
+ Amazing comeback ability
+ Has a cape

- Quite squishy (resistance wise)
- Usually focused down pretty hard
- You have to actually think (a confusing concept for most players)
- CC makes Talon a Sad Panda
- After using full combo, you have a very difficult time escaping if flash is down

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I feel like this 21-7-2 setup is perfect for Dominion Talon

The 21 points into Offense really help his damage output whilst taking advantage of the CD reduction offered by Sorcery, and also taking that point into Cripple to improve your Exhaust.

The 7 points in Defense is just to get him those 3 point in Strength of Spirit , which is very helpful for regaining some health whilst prowling the jungle after a successful kill, waiting for Shadow Assault to come back up.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Taking these are an obvious choice, and anyone who questions these runes on Talon should uninstall. Improves your damage output. Enough said.

These are the only Seals that I think are of any real use to Talon in Dominion (or anywhere else for that matter). These runes help to mitigate some early game damage. And the less damage you're taking, then longer you live. Shocking!

These may be controversial to some. But with Talon being primarily restricted by his cooldowns, these combined with your early game items helps you fly to max CD reduction in no time!

Greater Quintessence of Desolation I only take one of these to help get past the higher starting armor champs have in the Dominion.

Two of these will help you move around the map a bit faster. Helps to make up for the lack of Ghost and not having either of the faster boot options.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is by far the best summoner spell in the game IMHO. It has so many uses. I take this because if you get caught in the jungle while on CD or outnumbered, you're best bet would be to get away. This spell accomplishes that.

Also handy for juking enemies that dive you if you happen to be defending a turret.

This is simply amazing on Talon. Not only does it do as it states on the tooltip, but it also activates your passive and you will also benefit from Cripple!

Optional Summoner Spell Choices

This can replace Flash if it's not your thing. I personally find this spell to be less reliable and better for ranged champions, but it can work.

Ignite is a spell for burst champions. Talon is a burst champion. Problem?

I usually take this sintead of Exhaust if the enemy team looks pretty squishy, or I notice that Lifesteal, Spellvamp, or healing is going to be a HUGE problem.

This spell is also nice for when those pesky lifesteal or spellvamp champs like Xin Zhao or Olaf wanna pick a fight. Helps you out-lifesteal them by lowering their healing.

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This offers an amazing start for Talon, giving you everything you need. Prospector's Blade offers a nice chunk of damage, health, and lifesteal, perfect for surviving the teamfight at Windmill. The Boots of Speed are pretty self-explanatory, and the Health Potionx2 will help you recover from any damage you may received at the beginning of the match.

These are the next two items I rush. I get The Brutalizer first to get some more Armor Penetration and damage, as well as a beautiful amount of CD reduction. Perfect choice.

Next I finish up my Ionian Boots of Lucidity to maximize my CD Redcution and to gain some more mobility.

Starting with a B. F. Sword, I begin building my Sanguine Blade. Once you get this, you become an absolute monster. It gives a nice 60 damage and 15% lifesteal, which makes you hit like a truck and causes your Noxian Diplomacy to return a ton of health while at the same time doing tons of damage. A must have.

I upgrade The Brutalizer into this, taking advantage of the active as well as more Armor Penetration, Damage, and some always useful Crit Chance.

This item is just great on so many champions. Causes your your next autoattack after activating an ability do 100% more damage. The best part of this is that it works with your Noxian Diplomacy, giving you a massive one-shot burst skill. Also gives you a nice ton of mana (which is a ton amount of mana for Talon) to keep your reign of terror going longer.

By this point in the game, enemies passive armor will be getting high and they should be building some armor items in an attempt to counter you. Make their efforts futile with this! An impressive 40% Armor Penetration and 40 extra damage is nothing to scoff at. Get it.

After obtaining Last Whisper, you should have plenty of damage for the remainder of the game. So what I like to do is improve my sustainability and survivability by going Phage followed by Trinity Force. Phage gives you soe more health and a bit more damage, as well as a nice slow, which combined with your Rake should prevent just about any enemy from escaping.

Before long, you'll complete your Trinity Force, which gives nice boost to your survivability, utility, and damage. Also upgrades your Sheen proc to 150% instead of 100%. *****in'!

Chances of a game lasting this long are slim. But if it does happen, take that chance to invest in this amazing item. It's not fair that you get to have all the fun, so help your team out by becoming a vicious man-slaughtering aura! Helps immensely with setting up CP invasions or defending your own.


I pick this up fairly often to fend off champions such as Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, or even AD Sion. Very handy.

If AP champions are SOMEHOW giving you a problem (you ARE an amazing anti-mage, after all), pick up this Dominion-specific item. Acting as the replacement for [Banshee's Veil], this item offers MR, HP, and Mana, as well as a great chunk of AOE burst on its activate.

Pick this up early game if CC is preventing you from getting kills, after you get The Brutalizer and Ionian Boots of Lucidity, of course.

A excellent Dominion-specific item. Adds a fat chunk of HP and damage, as well as it's passive that allows YOUR passive to always proc. The active is great for bringing down champs in a 1v1 brawl, too, should you ever find yourself in one.

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Your role as Talon

In every game mode, Talon's primary purpose is to make little kids cry. While this build helps to accomplish that, you have to do your part, too!

As a high burst assassin, I use Talon to roam the shadows of the middle area of the map, killing any foe unfortunate enough to come across me, which in turn helps to defend your points.

If there is a lull in the fighting or all champs have gone missing, chances are they are either hunting you down, or setting up a capture. When this happens, I usually go to the brushes above the Windmill (if my team controls it) and camp there, waiting to see if any enemy champs try to make a move on it. If so, pop your ult and sneak around to the enemy and perform your deadly combo. Not many champs will live long afterwards, if at all.

Talon also excels at reinforcing friendlies at an under-fire CP, instantly turning the tide of battle and most likely getting at least one kill out of it. Simply preform your combo (strategically of course; remember to target the squishies!) and voila! You should have made a big enough scare to push the enemies away from the CP, or just simply killed all of them. You're so pro. Good job.

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Problem, members?

If you have any comments or ideas, please, I beg of you, feel free to share your opinion!

Also, please keep an open mind, and don't downvote me if yur game that you tried this in went bad. Keep in mind that you yourself have to be a good Talon, knowing when to go for a kill and how to do it. And if your enemy team cinsisted of Rammus, Xin Zhao, Poppy, Jax, and Heimerdinger and you and your team just get steamrolled, that's no good reason for a downvote :D

Kepp trying it out! I guarantee that this is a great build.

My in-game name is "Lvl100 Shuckle".

Constructive criticism and questions are always welcome. Keep playing, good luck, and have fun owning face as Talon!