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Talon General Guide by AmOnS

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AmOnS

TaLon - F*cking Assassin

AmOnS Last updated on June 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Talon in the GAME

At the begining of the game, you need to boost rake at the maximum to farm sbir easily so you need an item helpfull and quick to have, the brutalizer. when Rake is level 5 you're going to do a lot of dammage 250-300 at level 8 ! After farming it's easy to get the others item and quickly have the warmog to play safely and play a little bit "offtank". when you have the Atma's Empaler you can get some kills. In runes I recomende the pentrations armur because it's help to the begin at the ends of the game and the resist amor and magic to stay in the mode "offtanks". In team fightn you are not the one who's begin the fight, let the real tank do his "job". when the Team fight fight begins, concentrate you only in one champions to get the kills and if you have still health stay help your temam to push, if you dosn't have enough health you can back.

Don't forget to play safely and farm a lot of sbir at the begining and you will be a good talon untill the end of the game !

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*Great Burst damage
*Easy to get kills
*Low Cooldown ult that can get you kills and get you out of trouble.
*As pretty cool CC that get your kills before they can fight back.
*Fun and easy to use
*Assassin's creed say what?

Cons __________________________________________________________
-Must learn when to get into fights
-Have to play safe and have map awareness so you don't jump into a gank.
-If on cooldowns you have little escapability
-CC can be a Bi***
-If in a lane with ranged heroes, you can have a very hard time farming.
-Even if your ult stealth you, you can't juke enemy to get away because when you destelth your ult blades will give your position away

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Key to Talon

As I said before, Know when to get in, and get out.

The best way I found to play Talon is as a roamer. Hardly be seen by the other team will always have them worried about where you are and if they are your target. I normally farm till i'm level 6 and I noramlly have enough for BF sword by then. After that, if my team mate is ok top I go for ganks.

Grab red when possible, I also jungle sometimes if I don't want to be seen just yet. But if you do that grab some life steal and you will be fine. Talon's damage mainly comes from your skills so ATS isn't very important but ATS build are possible, I just don't think Talon should be an auto attacker, he is an assassin.

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Chapter 4

I play Talon as a Roamer.

What is a Roamer?

Well many people have different ideas about them. But this role is played a lot by supports or Alstars.

Roaming is when you stay hidden a lot on Talon. Your in the jungle most of the game.
"Does this mean you jungle?" Yes and No. Start game I lane till I am level 6. Then I even go for a kill in my lane. Or I go back and grab a BF sword if I did well, or boots of swiftness.

So why is this better then being in lane? Because Talon can bring more to the team by ganking. If your doing your job well you will get more money out of lane then it in. Talon is a very bad farmer because he can be harassed so easily. You want the other team to fear where you maybe at all times. Just not being seen by the other team, will give you map control.

So after level 6, I go gank. Quickly as I can before they call mia. (I let them see me B so they don't call mia), But its because I don't lane as much after lvl 6 that I make sure to farm 1-6 as hard as I can. Which means Last hitting creeps only. I normally farm enough to get BF sword when I go back.

So the goal is to jungle easy minions to keep your CS up(CS means minion kills) But always ganking. My goal is to gank every time my Ult is up.

******This is what you must know below******

Start off a little far back with so they can't see the blades. Run closer to them and use to get behind them. Then KITE THEM, to let all your blades hit them best as you can, Then unload an auto attack followed by Then as they run. This should give you a kill with team mates help.

So why auto attack before ?

Cause you can hit Q right after an auto attack to make the attack happen at pretty much the same time. Making sure you get the most damage on them. If you can lane an auto attack, 80% of the time will hit them also.

So what have you learned.

Be seen little as possible.
Keep your CS Up
Make sure they don't see you activate your before getting into range.

Good Luck :D

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Talon in the lane

Laning is fun with talon. Try to get a lane with someone who has range like tris. Rake is an amazing harassment. When it comes time to kill your combo is pretty easy.

+ Auto Attack + +

Only do this combo if your sure they won't jump you. Talon is very week to being forced down. So I try to do this combo after I have got them low, and i can just jump into the brush after.

You can normally get a kill at 6, Does so much damage.

If you don't think you can kill anyone in your lane, then try to go for a gank.

Also Last hit minions. What do I mean? It means only hit the minions once before they die to get the gold.

"But that will make them push me to tower and we will lose the lane"

Being at your tower is a good thing, You can pretty much free farm while they cant. Also protects you from ganks and keeps them open to being ganked. I see so many players auto attack. You get more minion kills by last hitting then just auto attacking.

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Out of the lane

After your done laning, you want to be ganking as much as you can. When your not ganking your farming and pushing towers.

It is important to remember that the Goal of the game is the nexus, not kills. I can't tell you how many times i see people let towers fall or not push towers when they can because they think they can get a kill. Lets say you get that kill, lets say it was for 500 gold. But your tower falls. Towers give 150 to each player. So you gave them 750 gold and you gave them more map control. Was it worth it? No

The only time where this can be done tends to be in late game. Lets says they have a tryn who is railing people. He has a kill streak of 13 kills. Is it worth killing him if you die? Yes, could your team can make a come back and push while he is down. But I am just making the point that normally a kill is never worth a death.

Now when going for kills, don't use your ult if you don't need to. Yes its very fun but you will be wasting it if you didn't need the damage. "O well its cooldown is short" So? What if you get ganked after that kill. Your ult has many uses and its best to keep it open for when its needed.

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Trinity force

Ok I have had a lot of questions about this, people don't seem to understand why I have this item. If you look at sheen, when you use a skill. Your need attack will deal 100% damage! That is like a free crit.

Now why do I get Trinity Force? Because it gives 150% Damage.

This buff works with any AD Attack which also mean AD Skill!

So when you use Trinity Force With dipomatie noxienne it's 150% stronger !!

So its Mainly to make your burst 150% higher then it normally is. Case solved

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Item not to use

**the black cleaver**

As i said before. Your not an Auto Attack hero. Your a burst assassin. So the passive on this won't be to useful unless you attack them 4 items first, then burst them. Making Last Whisper Much better for talon.

**Phantom Dancer**

Again, Not an auto attacking chamption. Meaning you don't need to much attack speed. The crit is nice but you don't need all that extra money to get it. So also a no

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Work with your team. (Team fights)

You never want to be seen before a team fight. You want to wait till the first starts before you jump in.

You want their team to start forcing someone else so when you come in to do damage you won't get forced down right away.

So when they turn to you which they will. Use your Ultimate, They will even jump onto someone else, or they will freeze for a bit waiting for you to come back up. This is great cause you can even disengage or let your team hammer them while they save there skills for you. So sometimes its best to just sit in your ult.

Don't be afraid to let your team get some of your kills if you may die.

A kill is never worth a death. The point of league of legends is to die as little as possible. Which means in each game. Your goal is to NEVER die. Lets say your kill death is 7/5. Some people may say "o well i'm doing well cause I have more kills" This is wrong. You have give then at the very least 1500 Gold. But more importantly you have spent a large amount of time dead. Time you aren't ganking, not helping, not kill, not defending. Your gone. That is the worse thing about dying, so don't do it.


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