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Talon Build Guide by JewFroSamurai

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JewFroSamurai

Talon, From the Shadows

JewFroSamurai Last updated on September 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Build #1 is what i end up with about 85% of the time. Build #2 is what i use if I'm getting shut out early game.
This is a work in progress. I will constantly update and keep up on all the patches. As always read the guide and try the build before voting.
Talon is the newest Assassin to hit the Field's of Jusitce. he is a nuke assassin that accels in team fight confusion. Using the shadow's and attacking wen least expected, he can chunk even Cho'gaths health in a matter of seconds.
The first build shown is what my build looks like about 85% of the time.

Special shout out to my Number One and possibly only fan FroztKnight. I hope you aren't too mad at me but I'm hoping this will make you rape even faster and harder.

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Pros / Cons


IMO one of the best burst assassins.
brings a lot of utility to the table.
Great ganker


Focused but I'm sure that's because he's new
Slow base movement speed
Not many escapes.

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Finally decided that he should be more bursty and my old build has not making that happen.

I dont know if many of you noticed but they ninja nerfd our Talon. They reduced the damage of his ult here are the old and new stats
Shadow assault. (original)
Rank 1: 150 base damage
Rank 2: 225 base damage
Rank 3: 300 base damage
Shadow assault. (Ninja nerf)
Rank 1: 120 base damage
Rank 2: 190 Base damage
Rank 3: 260 base damage
it isnt too bad but just thought i would share.
Added a bt more to the Strategie section
Complete reworked on how I play talon

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Skill Sequence

Your most important Skill, Rake has the ability to range-harass. The first time it comes out you will pop a Banshees Veil, and the return will damage and slow the enemy champions, so don't be imitated when you see BV on an enemy champ. With this in mind be sure to begin and max this Skill first!

At Level 2 select this skill for two reasons; you will receive extra bonus damage on your next attack and will reset your Auto Attack timer. (Pressing Q RIGHT as you auto attack will launch your next one quicker.)

CUTTHROAT At level 3 grab a point here for the dash and silence and leave it there, as this is already useful enough. Now you can really harass while continuing to kill minions.

Grab this EVERY time you can, and learn to use it well as combining all your skills with this will basically guarantee the death of your enemy.

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The masteries that I choose are a standard 21/0/9 so you can get the highest damage from the attack masteries, with less death time, and more gold and exp buff. If you don't care for the utility you can take 9 in the defense for extra armor and defense instead.

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The runes I personally take are as follows:
9 flat armor penetration marks
9 flat armor seals
9 magic resist per level glyphs
3 health per 5 or 3 armor pen quints

Using these runes in this combination really help you laning and carries you beginning and end game, the most painful times for Talon. The health quints help you regen or boost your health, depending on the path you choose. Otherwise these are fairly self explanatory.

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In this section I will show all the items and explain a little why they are good choices

There are three potential starts:

The boots will be make you faster than most of the champions you lane against, and gets you to your lane faster, therefore giving you a bit of edge to begin with. And you might as well grab the 3 health potions, just to be sure. Can never be too prepared.
Also a very good choice because you may need the extra armor and health regen if their team is able to harass you easily.
For that extra health and lifesteal.
You can choose any of these three items for your beginning, but the order is basically up to you and your personal preferences.

Early Game Earning

One of Talon's problems is his movement speed. 20 stacks equals 15% more movement speed. Also assassins are great for snowball items since you never want to be the focus of a fight anyway.
If you aren't having a good early game or you just don't like Snow ball items. Grab this little beauty. It builds into Yomuu's. 10 percent cool down reduction.
Swipe one of these for the damage and you will upgrade it to an infinity edge later.

Boots of Battle

Since I no longer take the brutalizer every time early these boots are great to increase your CDR.
These boots are perfect if you are going to be doing a lot of ganking in my opinion Talon is a roamer.
Talon suffers from very low movement speed. These boots counter that.
Breserker's Greaves Good for any AD champion.

Mid Game Murder

By now you should have some good stacks from ganks. Get your sheen to nuke even harder.
Now you get into the big damage. The extra crit chance along with the avarace blade will make you crit almost every time, and do more damage from your crits. remember your Q can crit and combined with your sheen you will crit for arounf 1200 damage with your Q.
A little more important then the for it gives health and the potential slow, but either works fine.

Late game Lay-down

Now build your AD nuke item this will make you even more of a force to be reckoned with.
now that you have you Core build of expensive items you will want to upgrade and get your Ghostblade.

Final Fights

So now you are blasting champions and cleaning up kills. but what should you do for your last item? I have a couple options that may make you all happy.
I wont deny that my build lacks 2 things. Life steal and survivability. this is where you stray off.

Choice One: Glass Cannon

Here you should get the one item that will make you Crit every hit, move faster and even hit faster. You need the

Choice Two : Armor Penetration

If you dont worry about being focused and killed i would go for a This will round out your armor pen nicely. low armor people will die quicker and even tanks wont be able to stop you.

Choice Three: Mage Stopper

If they have alot of CC and you are getting hit by snares stuns and what not go for your the passive will block one of spell and the extra life and mana is very nice.

Choice Four: Survive

Want more health? Slap on a this does seem a little late but its your 6th slot technically you can get this at anytime. It will help you survive team-fights if you need to.

Choice Five: Passive Beatdown

The fourth option I have for you is to grab a it synergizes perfectly with mercy allowing you even more damge to champions. Also the health add is very nice.

Choice Six: Spell Vamp

Since talon uses his abilities a lot during a fight try getting your self a I am well aware that none of his abilities scale off of ability power but the slow active is nice and not only do you get life steal you also get spell vamp allowing health off you AoE abilities. Just make sure to grab first

Choice Seven :Life Steal

I wont deny that lifesteal is important. I just dont find it as important on Talon. But if you want the lifesteal and the damage from the and its passive go ahead make it your 6th item.

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Talon is his strongest when used as a roamer. You want to lane until you hit level 6. then you want to spend some time traveling to middle and top or botom lane to gank. kill some jungle creeps too stay up on level. But try to stay hidden from the enemy. This should only be done when you have someone who can hold a lane by themselves. He is an assassin so it is his job to jump into the middle of a team fight and use the confusion to pick off the high priority targets.


Early game you want to harass, but mostly focus of killing minions. Remember don't try to pus your lane. As you hit minions you will want to hit Q and jump to the champion when you have an opening. This way you get that silence and some damage. Pop your Pots when you need the health and continue to harass as you see fit. Once laning phase ends you will want to start Ganking and or participating in team fights.


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Once it is released i will explain how to use him in Dominion.

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Fan Stuff.

Send me videos or pictures of you using my build and I will post it here.