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Talon General Guide by xRekterino

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xRekterino

TALON JUNGLE by xRekterino S5

xRekterino Last updated on June 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sion Surprinsingly easy. This build is designed to melt tanks, and on 1v1 you simply destroy Sion as soon as you get BOTRK.
Warwick Easy if you play with ignite, a lil bit harder with flash. But no a major problem.
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Always Flash?

No, not always. If you feel confident enough with Talon, you could easily play him with Ignite instead of Flash, or with Exhaust or Teleport.

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Jungle Route.

Jungling with Talon got even harder after the Jungle's rework.
That's why you'll need the Ranger at the beggining, and that's why you'll have to take the easiest and safest route.

Start at BLUE, ask for help. Use your Smite here to execute it.
Tell your Mid Laner to move his *** and help you instead of sitting under the turret.

Right after BLUE go get the WOLVES.
If your team helped you, you should still have at least one potion.

Wait for your Smite CD and start doing the RED, use your potion when your HP gets under the 30% and Smite the RED buff when you are about to die, you dont need to execute it with Smite.
After cleaning the RED you should be very low. Go back, get your items and clean the other camps or gank if you see an enemy overextending.

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Pre-6 Ganks:

If you dont have your ult because its on CD or you are not 6 yet, you have several options when ganking.

1- Gank through the river when the enemy overextends. Dont use your blink to engage, instead try to hit him with your W to slow him. That way your ally can easily engage.
A smart enemy will dodge the W with flash, this is why you must save your blink.
Jump into him, your E will slow him a lot for a small amount of time, but enough for your teammate to CC or engage the enemy.

2- Let your ally push and enter through lane, then hide into a bush. Dont let your enemy see you, and tell your ally to de-push the lane. Assassinate the target when the opportunity shows up.

3- When you are tanky enough and your ally is pushing the enemy into his turret, enter the enemy's jungle and hide in the tribush. Flash through the wall and dive the enemy. You must be really fast here, and leave the area if you cant kill him fast. You tanked enough for your teammate to secure the kill safely.

Post-6 Ganks:

As soon as you get to lvl 6 you can easily engage through the river while your ult is on and destroy him without he even noticing. You can also enter through your lane whith your ult on. Just try to calculate the exact moment to use your ult so you can reach the target without being noticed.
And remember that if you gank with your ult on, you wont have an escape if things go wrong, so make sure you can kill your target.

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Item Purchase Order And Build Explanation.

Start with Machete and 2 Potions, as usual.

After your first back, get Ranger and as many potions as you can buy, keep farming and ganking and as soon as you get enough gold, back and get 2 Long Swords and Boots.
With 2 Long Swords you will have enough early damage to make some good ganks and even being able to delete some squishies at level 6. Try to get at least one kill to prevent from falling behind.

Now, this is when the fun starts:
Change Ranger for a Skirmisher and finish it with the Cinderhulk enchant, buy Berserker's Greaves to add some Attack Speed. AttSpeed is necessary to actually do some damage with the Skirmisher's Smite. YOU ARE NOT BUILDING AN ASSASSIN, YOU ARE BUILDING A TANKY DPS WITH EXPLOSIVE BURST, A BLINK, AND INVISIBILITY. OP,huh?

Remember those 2 Long Swords? Upgrade them to a Phage (for some damage, health, and mobility) and a Vampiric Scepter (for some lifesteal). With this build you can still burst down an ADC or duel a Renekton AND WIN.

Keep farming, keep killing. And when you have enough gold upgrade the Phage into the Trinity (if you cant finish it with one back this would be the best order: Phage > Zeal > Sheen > Trinity) and upgrade the Vamp Scept into the Bilgewater Cutlass, or even BOTRK if you have enough gold.

With those 4 items, you should be tanky enough to engage in this cruel tanky meta and at the same time, have enough damage to kill anything.

Finally, I like to finish my build with an IE and a Black Cleaver.
The order should depend on whether you need more tankyness or not. If you are just fed, get IE. Trinity + IE gives us a decent 35% Crit Chance.
Considering we do DPS, you can imagine that landing a few crits shouldnt be that hard.
The Black Cleaver, on the other hand, gives us damage, health, CD reduction and reduces the enemy armour per physical dmg dealt to the enemy.
Now, considering that our Q,W and R are physical dmg, and that we do DPS, we can reduce our enemy's armour a 30% IN ABOUT A SECOND.
Add now that nice true damage from the Skirmisher and some random crits, plus the Sheen passive, along with Talon's own ways of increasing his damage with his E and his Passive.

Trust me, this build works, the only problem is that this build means a different playstile with Talon, and a certain skill with him.
If you are new to Talon, I'd recommend NOT to try this build until you can get the basics with him.

Thank you for reading this, enjoy this build by xRekterino. GLHF!


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