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Talon Build Guide by Redemolf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Redemolf

Talon Lbn-La'Ahad the Hashshashin~ (in depth Guide)

Redemolf Last updated on May 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my guide. Before you start reading anything, notice this guide isn't a Right-click-to-win focused. This guide is focused on being able to assasinate lone targets while being able to be a damage-sponge at the same time, so please everyone, don't tell me to get more ad items like an Infinity Edge because my build is not focused on that.
If you like this Guide i will love you forever

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+ / Fun To play
+ / Has Stealth
+ / Assassin's Creed Theme
+ / One of the few AD Casters
+ / Lots of Slows
+ / <3 In teamfights
+ / Lots of Burst DMG
- / Low Hr5s & Mr5s
- / Long Cooldowns
- / Has almost no escape Mechanisms
- / Needs a solo lane to truely Shine

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Summoner Spells~

Good Options

Great for escapes through walls,gap closing and getting in position
Best Choise when a Good assassination has gone bad, also to kill those pesky carries
This + Noxian Diplomacy is Oh god <3
If you need to go somewhere in a hurry, popping th is up along with Shadow Assault will get you anywhere!

Okay Options

This babe will save your *** from almost anything, but Quicksilver Sash is more usefull, at it can remove suspression and Mordekaizer's Children of the Grave

I mentioned that Ghost is more Usefull but, if you know you will get harrased alot take this instead, Talon has a really miserable amount of Regeneration
Please Don't

You don't need this, as an assasin you should't take much damage and because you can become invizable during a teamfight you will never need this!

You don't need this at all, the mana is too little and you will lose a Summoner Spell slot

Is this spell even used?


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Greater Mark of Desolation: These runes will give you a huge boost in damage. These runes are basically the best runes for ad champions, especially early game.

Greater Seal of Armor: The armor you gain from these runes is very huge early game, this will help you stay longer on your lane.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These runes will give you that nice magic resistance boost over level, they wont give you that much magic resistance early game but late game it gives a huge boost.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: These big boys will help you alot during the entire game, they will not only save you from ganks, but will also help you get to lane faster after a recall.

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I'll politly ask you to click the "Top button" and look at the Mastery Pages, while i discribe the masteries(im still working on how to add a picture here)

Offence Tree
Summoner's Wrath : This will decrease your traget's armor, making him an even easier kill.
Brute Force : The 3 poits of damage are always good.
Alacrity : At it may be a 3% boost, but it's awesome for early game.
Weapon Expertise : This mastery is awesome, it increases your damage pretty hard on almost every spell as it also makes Ninja Tabi's % resistance Useless.
Deadliness : This even further increases your damage per level
Havoc : This combined with Executioner makes a total of 7.5% bonus damage aplification on targets below 40% hp, if your combine this with cutthroat the bonus damage is redicugood
Vampirism : Being an assasin, you don't really need this who knows how much.
Sunder : This mastery combined with your Greater Mark of Desolation = TONS OF DAMAGEā„¢!
Executioner : This mastery is awesome to finish low health targets faster.

Defence Tree
Resistance : A nice magic resistance boost for early game.
Hardiness : Same reason for Resistance but then for armor.
Vigor : A nice hp regen because Talon's greatest weakness is lane presence

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Mercy This is an odd passive, tho you deal more damage with basic attacks, and syncs with your Q when someone is slowed/stunned

This is a desent spell for killing enemy stealth heroes and to to close the gap for poeple who flash into a brush.
Tip: This resets your autoattack timer, so if you autoattack>use this after you autoattack will make you attack 2 times in one second

This is Talon's main offencive spell, it slows and it give you our bonus passive damage with basic attacks.

Cutthroat This skill is awesome, if you max out this out first, it's like you max out all your other spells by 1/2.
Tip: Try using this after you activate Q, as when you silence your target your q will automaticly pop up

This skill is game breaking, you go invazble, gain bonus movement speed and deal damage at the same time

Tip: You can end your sealth instantly and deal the backtrack damage by pressing R again.

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Starting Items~

When you start, you should either buy Doran's Blade/ Cloth Armor & 5 Health Potion / Boots of Speed & 3 Pots or a Regrowth Pendant & pots of your choosing.

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Early Game/First Recall~

When you first recall after you kill someone, get forced out of lane or have too much gold you should:
A. Buy CDR Boots & start building The Brutalizer
B. Rush Brutalizer and buy Boots of Speed(if you didn't)
C. Buy Mercury's Treads & Start building brutalizer
D. Buy Mercs/CDR & Brutalizer

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On Talon alot of boots good choices

These synch with your guints, and along with Trinity Force and your Shadow Assault, your move speed becomes overkill

These are my recomended boots, you should normally buy them as your omg-based cooldowns become rather short & spamable

You MUST buy these when you cant even move from all that crowd contoll

Good Choices

You can buy these if you want, but i find them a waste of gold on an AD Caster like Pantheon or Talon, it's all up to you.

You can take them if you feel to squishy but not a good choice for the entire game

Do not buy this

Sorcerer's Sheos You are not an ap caster

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Mid Game~

On mid game you should start off building Frozen Mallet and Youmuu's Ghostblade, and The Black Cleaver for you late game starts when you finish theese items

Ahem now why you should buy these, well this is why:

Frozen Mallet: You will become more tankier and dealing bonus Mercy damage on evry basic attack, and also slow

The Black Cleaver: It gives you attack speed and will always let you deal alot more damage with your Noxian Diplomacy and over all of your skills

Youmuu's Ghostblade: The armor penetration is pretty swell and it gives you crit damage, which stacks with your passive(when weilding Frozen Mallet) and your Q

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Late Game~

When you've boughed all those items above here is what you must buy
Trinity Force and Quicksilver Sash(you can buy the sash earlier)

Because Tri force gives you even more survivabilty, movement speed, bonus damage after evry spell based on your base damage and stacks with your Q

Quicksilver Sash: It will remove exhaust and any stun/slow on you, allowing you to finish off your target.

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Comming Soon, but overall whoever can stun you is a foe, and whoever can slow/stun an enemy is a friend

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Change Long~

06.05.2012- Guide Created