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Talon Build Guide by Lodrena

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lodrena

Talon, Noxian Diplomacy = Way more fun than Hammer Diplomacy

Lodrena Last updated on January 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Soo, welcome to my first guide here on Mobafire.
This time we'll talk about . Since Talon is a burst assasin, you mainly want to rush damage items. There may be players who'll build Talon with Atmogs, but I think if a burst assasin doesn't burst, he ain't be a burst assasin, right?
Anyways, enjoy.

PS: As much as i like PROs and CONs i won't go into them here since it's almost the same all the time, and if not Talons pros and cons are hidden in my guide :D

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Skill Sequence

I prefer to max first taking one point in at lvl 1 and a point in Cutthroat at lvl 2, then i'll push to 3 and then pick a point in at lvl 6, after that im going to max putting points in if i can't put them into and of course picking your ult, whenever it's possible. I max Cutthroat last cuz it's only your Gap Closer, but don't be mistaken this is probably the best move of talon, since it rly is your: "OMFG WHERE DID HE COME FROM I DONT EVEN..." move.

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Dominating your Lane.

The best thing on Talon is that he can ALMOST always harrass without taking too much counter harass. There are a lot of ppl who say that you should use after an Auto Attack to make use of the Reset on the Auto Attack timer, sounds great, but if you rly execute that move, you gonna take way more time to accomplish a succesful harrass without taking a lot of counter harassing yourself.

I actually activate and jump onto someone with Cutthroat immediately followed by a (IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FFS)[yes i've seen alot of Talons firing just somewhere random after jumping onto someone.] This will deliver damage in form of a hit and bleed, and a double hit as well as a possible auto attack in between, but the best part about this is: The Silencing component of Cutthroat keeps those pesky casters from Flashing/CCing or even Attacking you for a sec or 2 and the slow from allows you to get away from Melees fairly Easily.

" But beware strong range Carries like Vayne/ Caitlyn/ Ashe they can and will chase you down after you harassed them and it will hurt, so this is where your Teammate is gonna back you up, without a good teammate who will back you up, you can not play Talon on his full Potential. But even with a terrible Partner you should be able to get your little Combo off on one enemy and retreat before they even take note of the dmg you dealt."

Now lets get to the funny part, once you started wearing them down with your -> Cutthroat -> combo, they should be at about half or even ways lower health, if they did not retreat now, try to jump on them with the combo once more, if they dont pop heal, a shield or something else your are not sure you could take down, leave it that way, but if not, immediately use your ult and walk behind your target, press ult again and all the blades should pass through the enemy, and(in 95% of the cases) kill him. If not, chase him down with a possible Cutthroat into or just run up and them, could help too.

Use Exhaust only if you're being Ganked or 1 on 1'd by some full health champ, Exhaust grabbed me a few kills like that already.

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Items Section , Mid and Late game phases.

I pick 2 Doran's Blade early for the survival as well as for those nice 20 dmg. No more comments about them, they'll be sold later on.
After that I get Boots of Speed and Sheen, following up with Boots of Swiftness.
Now its time for some Serious dmg, The Bloodthirster followed by Youmuu's Ghostblade and Trinity Force should allow you to chase down/kill almost all enemy carries/ap carries.

Mid game is the one Talon is best at, Roam around on lanes to Gank around, but let your teammates know via TS or Skype, Vent or whatever else you use to communicate, hell, even ping if you like ;)
in that phase you should be able to kill a normally squishy mid champ with your full combo since he will be a bit weakened if your mid lane did his/her job. just beware of Swain/ Vladimir, those two will just eat your combo and if well played will even kill you, just don't gank those two since they escape like a boss and deal dmg and heal like a boss.

If the game continues longer than this, which never happened to me :), sell those 2 Doran's Blade for Banshee's Veil and Last Whisper.

Dont be afraid to poke with your Lane dominance combo, ""but only if you do not put yourself in danger!!""
in a Teamfight you will almost always want to kill annoying targets like Vayne, Caitlyn, Ashe, Brand some stuff like that.

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Summoner Spells, Runes, Masteries

Flash and Ignite, since Talon is a melee burst caster.

Greater Mark of Desolation= More dmg from all of Talons Abilities.
Greater Seal of Attack Damage Greater Glyph of Attack Damage= I really enjoy those extra AD in the Early - Mid game, if you want to grab Armor and Magic Resist, hell go for it :D
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage= More AD for the AD lover, good for you. just gives some Bang to your Bling early game.

Masteries: 21/0/9 = Win (reworked to new masteries)

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Optional Items

If you are Facing an AP heavy Lane/Team try to get a Hexdrinker ASAP since it really saves your life sometimes and sets you miles ahead in a 1v1 vs some Caster.

If you happen to face a full AP team, get a Hexdrinker and maybe even Force of Nature

If there is a full AD team, you might consider building Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler but i just feel comfortable with my balanced all around build ;)

Optional Boots too: Ionian Boots of Lucidity those are RLY helpful if you want to Dominate your lane A lot, but you will miss the Speed from Boots of Swiftness if you ever played with them :)

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Optional Summoner Spells

Olol? Optional Summoner Spells? yes.
If your Team is Exhaust heavy just go and pick Ignite this might grant you some more kills due to the Bleed from and the dmg from Ignite just other way round since i changed exhaust to ignite.

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I just killed someone, and a raging teammate is chasing me.

who doesn't know that? there are a few points you need to consider in this situation: Is the champion chasing you squishy or a tank? Is given champion able to kill me if i attempt to kill him/her? Are any of my Teammates nearby that could help? Are there any of the enemies Mates nearby to cut my escape off?

If the enemie is squishy you might try to kill them with your standard combo, if not you should continue to run.
If he is able to kill you or even if he got Exhaust ready, keep running.
If there is a Teammate of yours Nearby and close enough to come to help, Ping and prepare and Ambush for the following champion with your mate.
If the whole enemy team is MIA just run and try to pick some odd escapes no one would rly expect you to use, just running out into another brush closer to the enemy base and recalling saved my life a dozen of times :)