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Talon Build Guide by Ruby_wares

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruby_wares

Talon; That annoying burst guy.

Ruby_wares Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok, so I finally decided to make a guide on a champ.

Hopefully it's going to work for you, just remember it's not JUST the champion, it's also the player.

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A bit about Talon

Ok, so let's actually look at the champion we're using. Understand him and his skill set.

Here he is, our tool of death. A great mobile champ with some ridiculous burst, a nice silence and AoE abilities.

mercy His passive isn't the greatest, but if you think about it, almost everyone in the game has SOMETHING that triggers this passive. 10% isn't major, but when it's on some AoE, it adds up. Late game is can be nice, but it's not game changing.

A decent nuke, with a bleed/dot on it. It's nice with IE, scales pretty well but it's not his main nuke despite it having the bigger stats(I think). Resets your attack timer, so you can pop it straight after an auto attack for some added burst. Best used after Cut Throat, for the added damage.

This is what makes Talon borderline OP in the right hands. It's an insane damage dealer, it's an AoE, it's a slow and it's a pretty short CD. It also procs your passive, use it as an initiator, a finisher, anything. It's that damn good. After you ult, this is the priority skill. ALWAYS take a point in it if you can.

cutthroat A great way to leap into team fights, gank, cc that annoying annie or brand. Added into it is a nice % damage increase and a one second silence and you've got yourself a great little jump. Can be used to flee as well if enemy/neutral minions are around. I only tend to use this as and initiator onto the biggest threat in the team, then as an escape if it's off CD. Never underestimate the silence and the fact it pops you BEHIND them. Towerdiving is a risk vs a low talon. they rush in, pop behind them, use your Q coupled with tower hits it's a great way to bait enemies and get kills if you're lucky/time it right.

A HUGE AoE nuke, does damage on the way in AND out. Ridiculous. You can also proc it as soon as you press it, if you're 1v1 jump in with your E, hit with your W, pop R and instantly press it again to have some massive burst and finish off with your Q.

Hopefully that's a nice overview of what we're dealing with, so let's press on.

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For runes I see a lot of people going with AD runes, but he has so much more damage output with ArP runes. early game most people have less than 20 Arp, with with build you're aty 31ArP from the start, so that's -10 armour they have. This is a 9.1% increase in any damage you do to them, add that into your paswsive and it soon racks up.

I take Crit chance as it adds into your IE, Atmogs and Youmuu's. Any crit is nice, and with your IE it throws your damage output through the roof.

MR for early defenses against nukes yourself, as you don't get much MR and none as you level.

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Any tree other than offensive is a waste on Talon. Crit chance is a given seeing as you're building IE which is a given for 90% of all AD champs. I take the exhaust as it helps in 1v1 and ganking and the reduction in armour helps with your already insane burst.

Attack speed isn't THAT important, at least I find, on Talon as you're main output of damage is your spells, you're not an auto attack master, like Yi or Trynd.

Sunder is a requirement for the ArP, ArP is your biggest ally in this game.
Minion damage for the farm, you can easily out farm most players with Talon due to his W being ridiculous.

3 attack damage isn't much, but it's better than any other optuion in the tree at this stage, adds to your burst also.

10% increased crit damage is great, it synergises with IE and Youmuus.

To top it all off 4% increased damage overall. Cannot complain at all with that, you're going to be bursting down anything other than tanks with ease, tanks just take a bit more time.

Into the Utility tree:

I take 2 points in both good hands and perseverance as you will be focused, so WHEN you die(not if, sadly) you're not out for TOO long, and if you come away with health you're regenerating a little bit faster.

Exp boost is nice, you're an assassin you're meant to go in, burst them down and gtfo. Having a level advantage will make this easier and gets your rake up faster, the faster that is maxed the faster you destroy your opponents.

1g/10 due to your build costing a fair whack. It's not much of an increase in income but every little helps, right?

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Item Build

I start off with boots and 3 pots, helps you with your mobility for ganks and chasing even with your slow. Pots for the sustainability, you start with ~500hp 3 pots gives you around 900hp to work with in theory.

First time back I like to grab a Brutalizer, bumping up to 46ArP, if not I get a Long Sword and more pots/ward. After the Brutalizer, I get my Merc's then I try and rush an Infinity Edge, if you can first item would be a B.F. Sword, if not a is trhe next best. After that get what ever you didn't manage to get be it the BF or Pickaxe. This should let you farm creep waves very fast. Rake will 1 shot the ranged minions, and you can auto attack then q 2 more minoins, possibly get the last one if you can. After an Infinity Edge I start to build situationally, high ap teams I'd build a Force of Nature, if they're hitting me hard I'd build a Warmogs or an Atmas.

After your core build of Boots, Brutalizer and IE the rest is a situational build. always buid for what the other team is building. Are they a high AP damage team? Get a FoN, do they have a load of AD? Atmogs or another high armour item is needed etc.

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Skill Sequence

I did cover them pretty well up top but anyway;

You always want to max your W first. It's your main skill, you'll farm with it, you'll harrass with it and you'll team fight with it. After that, max your Q for the burst. Get 1 point in E at level 4, as it's a great mobility tool and it's got a silence, which is REALLY bad news for the opposing champion. Whenever you can get your R. Your ultimate is a great utility tool also, you can flee, nuke and at the highest level you can farm with it due to the really low CD on it. If you take CDR runes with the brutalizer/youmuus you can be at 15/20% CDR which helps a lot. Level E last, it's usefull but you're other skills are far more important on the whole. You only get a CD reduction on levelling E, nothingm ore, your other movesgain damage as well as CDR.

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Summoner Spells

For this, I personally take Exhaust, it's great in team fights and 1v1. Slows them not 100% sure if it goes with your passive too, reduces their damage output and makes it hard to either flee or capture you.

The maandatory Flash, without it you're almost a free kill so you always need this.

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Talon is a great champion to have in your team if the summoner can play them. His Burst can be ridiculous, in team fights he can nuke almost anyone bar the toughest of tanks. You'll be focused a lot, so try to hang back until a team fight has been initiated. Once it has and you see them using spells, hop in with your E to the champ with the highest damage output if possible and do what you do best, destroying a single target whilst hurting others around you.

Hope this has been of help.