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Talon Build Guide by Sir Buttons

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sir Buttons

Talon - The Creed of an Assassin

Sir Buttons Last updated on August 27, 2011
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Welcome to my Talon build. I'm not a guru in LoL science but I love to play the game and provide my own input in the game. In this build, I'm showing you how to play as an effective assassin meaning you aren't there to absorb damage but rather to pick off the weak players coming from the team fights. There isn't much survivability in the items I've provided which means you've gotta be very effective in silently and wisely picking off targets before they have a chance to dish out damage or escape. Your goal with this build is not to be in the middle of the fray but rather in and out of the fray dealing damage when you can.

I do not expect people to follow this build like a cookie cutter but rather look at it as a reference and use these items to tweak builds that you may have yourselves. Every match is different so use these items only when you know they will be most effective for yourself and your team.

Along with this build, i won't be providing too much on how to play as him as I feel I've provided enough insight on the spells, abilities, and items for you to adapt your own playstyle for him.

Hope you guys enjoy my build and don't forget to let me know what you think of it ;)

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To tell you the truth, what runes you get should be to your preference. I prefer to have max damage output and protection early game as I feel if you can snag kills and survive early game, it'll really help your build late game. I go for the early advantage vs. long term runes. Pick what you prefer and what will best suit the champion you are playing as.

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Pretty self explanatory. He's an AD champ so I threw points into his strengths. Put a point in the exhaust and ghost slots to maximize the effectiveness of these very important spells.

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Talon is an assassin so he's going to need the ability to sustain a chase. You'll often find yourself the guy who's scrapping up kills and picking off the stragglers. Flash will get you to someone but it can't sustain the length of a chase longer than a last hit.

To further maximize the effectiveness of ghost, exhaust will slow your enemies down enough for you to catch up and slaughter them. Also, combine this spell with talons passive Mercy and you've got a deadly combo both late game and especially early game for the first blood.

Ghost and exhaust to me provide the best synergy for Talons ability to gank, chase, and ruthlessly beat people down.

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Talons passive. It gives you added attack damage to any enemy under any crowd control effect (i.e. slows). This passive will work great with trinities force as it has a built in passive that on chance, will slow your enemies. This will also work great with exhaust and can earn you easy first bloods.

Noxian Diplomacy
This attack deals some added damage as well as resetting your auto attacks. It also causes your target to bleed for a short while leaving a blood trail revealing the champion and causing minimal damage over time. This ability is great for last hitting minions and maximizing the speed of your attacks. Time this ability right after you land an auto attack.

Talon throws out a fan of blades that returns to him after traveling a short distance. The blades deal damage both times that it crosses through an opponent and will also cause them to be slowed. This works great with your passive. You will use this as a farming tool as well as your killing/chasing tool.

Talon flashes behind an enemy unit and proceeds to silence them. This ability is great for setting up ganks, chasing, and pouncing on a distracted laner. The silence is great as you can get in, roll some abilities and ultimate out without them able to use any abilities on you.

Shadow Assault
Much like rake, talon throws out blades but this time in a circle surrounding him. When using his ultimate, Talon turns invisible for a short duration and upon becoming visible again, his blades return. The blades deal damage on their way out from talon and when they return to him. This is great for both picking up kills and escaping ganks if used at the correct time. Try and position yourself so that when your ultimate ends, the blades return to you in a way that they pass through enemy champions. This will increase the amount of damage it deals greatly. Also keep in mind that this ability has a very quick cooldown this build will focus on getting that cooldown even lower along with dishing out damage.

As far as the skill sequence goes, i have no idea how the system works so basically what you wanna do is grab rake first, cutthroat second, noxian diplomacy third, then max rake then noxian diplomacy and cutthroat last. As always, level up your ultimate whenever possible.

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Doran's Blade
Seems like the best start for Talon. Decent damage, health, and lifesteal. Not much more to add.

Boots of Speed
Pick these up the next time you go base and make sure to grab a few health potions. You want to stay pretty aggressive in your lane now that you have some speed so the health potions will provide you sustainability in your lane as you work your opponents health down.

Wriggle's Lantern
I love to get this item on any AD champion. It's mostly preference for me but don't let that shy you away from purchasing it. It provides good lifesteal and decent damage. Not only that, it's going to stop any inbound ganks on your lane or any lanes that are heavily trafficked with ganks because of it's built in active ward. Saves you money from buying wards and saves lives of your teammates. All of that and you will be a much more efficient farmer able to disable creep waves and dragon mid game.

Mercury's Treads
To tell you the truth, go with whatever boots you need for the given match. Every game is different and you will most likely have to adjust your tactics when it comes to purchasing boots. More often than not, AP suppresses are an issue against Talon so I find myself going right for the mercury treads. He's gotta be able to pick players off and the faster you can get in and out of their suppresses the better off you are. Go with boots of swiftness if you are ganking...Ninja tabis if they are HEAVY attack damage...Berserker's Greaves if you want more attack speed...Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you want faster cooldowns...The only boot I wouldn't recommend is the Sorcerer's Shoes for obvious reasons.

The Brutalizer
Good cooldown reduction, good damage for early game, and a good amount of armor penetration. This is where you start dishing out good damage. Will later be built into the Ghostblade.

Perfect for Talon. Provides him with even more movement speed and attack speed. You can pretty much catch up to and outrun anyone at this point with your current items and ghost. This will be later built into the Trinity Force.

Good passive to go along with Talons passive. Also provides decent damage and give him some survivability. Will later be built into the Trinity Force.

B. F. Sword
Pick this up because by the time you get to this point in this match, the effectiveness of damage you had earlier is starting to wear off. This will give you that quick boost in damage and you become a top predator again. Will later be built into the Infinities Edge, Bloodthirster, or Black Cleaver.

Trinity Force
It's time to finish off this item. You've already purchased the zeal and phage so this won't be too expensive to buy now. The reason you are grabbing this is for everything it provides. Attack speed, attack damage, ability power (okay you don't really need that), critical strike chance, health, and mana, movement speed. Along with all those boosts, it comes with quite a few tricks that are essential to talon. The first of those being it's built in 25% chance passive to slow the target. This works perfectly for Mercy giving him 10% boosted auto attack damage whenever the slow is active. The second perk to this item is the sheen effect. Whenever you use an ability, your next auto attack is going to dish out an additional 150% attack damage. This works perfectly with cuthroat. Follow that up with an auto attack and a roll of your abilities and you did some serious damage.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
To finish off your brutalizer, pick up this item. Provides a lot of obvious perks to Talon that I've already touched on earlier. Decent damage. Cooldown reduction. Critical chance. What's new about this item is its active passive. When you activate it, it grants you with added movement speed and attack speed. This item turns you into the ultimate clean up crew. You can catch anyone trying to escape the battlefield and pick off those getting too cocky in a team fight.

Infinity Edge The Bloodthirster The Black Cleaver
If you've made it this far in the game, you are going to want to grab an item that best fits what you need to dish out the maximum amount of damage. I put Infinities Edge above on the recommended items because it provides a good amount of damage immediately upon buying it plus the crazy crit bonuses. If you don't have the time for that money, go for a bloodthirster or black cleaver. Bloodthirster for the attack damage against sqishy champs and the black cleaver if you notice the other team is heavy in health and tanks. Buy what most fits the match at hand.

Banshee's Veil Warmog's Armor
Last but not least, survivability for stalemate games. Most likely you won't reach this phase of a match if you STRICTLY follow this guide (which I don't recommend as every match requires different builds). At this point, the game is pretty much back and forth. You will need something that will make you last longer as it's vital to have survivability at this point. Banshees veil and Warmogs Armor are great examples of this. Any health/passive that can help you sustain in a fight longer is essential at this stage. If you do go for a Warmogs, PLEASE trade out your wriggle's lantern and pick up Atma's Impaler. 2% of your max health converted into attack damage will work wonders especially if you can get that warmog's stacked.

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Match History

I plucked these games straight out of my match history. No finding of my best games. Just raw details on the games that were in my match history as of when this guide was written. These games aren't meant to be an example of how amazing I am but rather of how an average players game such as myself will look using this build. Notice the progression in the scores. Yes, OMG!!! It actually takes time to get accustomed with this champ and the build. Can't just instantly pick it up and roll faces. Enjoy!