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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Zeroendingz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeroendingz

Tank Cho'gath Mini Build

Zeroendingz Last updated on April 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Salutation, my name is Zeroendingz and welcome to a Tank Cho'gath guide! Wait what tank Cho'gath? Does that still work? Well the answer my friend, is yes! It still indeed works. Tank Cho'gath may not be as strong as an off tank/ap Cho'gath but he is still a a threat to the enemy's team. With this build you would be a threat to an enemy and not just some decoration.

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Pros / Cons


Extremely Tanky
Still able to dish out dmg
Provides great cc to the team
High sustain
Any Ad dmg tickles you
Becomes a monster late game

Doesn't do as much dmg as off tank/ap Cho
Ult and abilities doesn't do as much as off tank/ap Cho
Need a lot of farm to scale to late game

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Best Summoner Spells For Tank Cho'gath

This allows you to lane and farm all day long without being afraid of losing cs since you are able to teleport back into lane whenever you run out of mana or health. It also allows you to get back into the game if you are losing to your lane. It also allows you to gank other lanes and get back to yours once you are done with your business.

In my opinion, the best summoner spell any champion could ever have. This allows you to escape at ease or secure a kill. This spell is a must have for Cho'gath!

Other Choices

This is another choice you could get if you are not using teleport. With this summoner spell, you are able to play a more aggressive tank Cho'gath in lane. I sometimes get it, it all depends on who you are laning against. Anyways this is a very good spell!

Not as good as flash, but it does make Cho'gath's very slow movement speed increase.

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Boot Choices

If your enemy's team has **** load of cc, then I recommend this boot. With this boot, any form of cc is reduced by 35% which is a must have for tank Cho'gath since you're always in the front lines in team fights.

If the enemy's team has only ad based champions then I would recommend this boot. Some damage would be reduced from their auto attacks (10%) allowing you to stick with your team longer.

Core Items

This item is an extremely great item for tank Cho'gath. It provides for him a huge amount of health and armor for this monster. Also, the small aoe flame of doom that is being emitted from the item goes really well with Cho'gath since he is mostly sitting in the front line biting and stabbing enemies, which allows this item to have full effect.

This item is always a must have for tank Cho'gath, without this item your auto attack plus your e would barely do any damage to the enemy. The attack speed this item provides you allows Cho'gath to chuck out spikes all over the place. Wit's end also increases your magic resist by 5 for 5 seconds which stacks 4 times, this allows the pesky ap carries to do less damage to you.

Frozen heart is an excellent item for Cho'gath. Since you don't get Rod of Ages in this build, you need extra mana. This items solves your mana issues and more! Frozen heart also gives you 95 armor, 20% cooldown reduction, 400 mana and an awesome passive! Nearby champion's attack speed is reduced by 20% and it has a range of 1000 which is massive! Basically, grabbing this item allows the enemy's ad carry to be slightly weaker than before since they can't consistently shoot your teammate in the face as fast.

You could replace one of the item in the main core build if you like and grab this bad boy. This allows your abilities to actual chunk enemy's health. The ap this item provides is a pretty good amount and also the magic resistance and aura it provides also works well with Cho'gath, allowing him to be tanky to both ad and ap carries.

Holy heck, this item provides an even more massive health and health regeneration steroid to tank Cho'gath. The 1% health regen that scales with your maximum hp is quite good. Also the 1000 health bonus this item gives allows Cho'gath to become extremely beefy if you also have 6 stacks on your .

This item is also a must have. Guardian Angel allows you to be revive with 30% of your maximum mana and health. In my opinion this item makes tank Cho'gath even more powerful since once you die you get revived within a few seconds, allowing you to get back into the fight or escape.

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Team fights As Tank Cho'gath

You always need to initiate in team fights, either with your or your . You goal is to keep the their whole entire team away from your ap carries and ad carries. You always need to use on the ap carry immediately once you have site of them. Remember to bite the **** out of their carries with whenever you have the chance, many people underestimate this spell even when you are building Cho'gath as a tank, however this beast of a move still does loads of damage to the squishies. You always want to soak up as much damage as possible so your team could focus on dealing tons of damage without getting too much major injuries. That is the role of tank Cho'gath!