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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lightdn

Tank Kassadin

Lightdn Last updated on March 9, 2011
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I started a mission the other night. More of a for fun experiment, Tank Kassadin.

But to my suprise i found out this build actually worked.

I was my teams tank and we won.

Team was Twitch Ashe Sona Lux Kassadin

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The secret to the success of tank kassadin lies in his ability to silence, slow, move to avoid needless cc, and his passive that allows him to take 15% less magic damage.

The thing i enjoyed about this build is the fact that i did not sacrifice damage while I tanked.
The Secret lies in the Rod of Ages.

Late Game is when kassadin shines no matter how you build him.

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Skill Sequence

The sequence doesn't differ from regular Kassadin at all.

Silence, Slow, Ultimate.

No need to level your second ability cause it is fairly useless early game.

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Pros/ Cons

Tank with Damage
2 Disables
Awesome Passive
Not a Squishy Caster
Hard to kill
If ever in the wrong spot in a team fight, Simply blink to the right Spot.

More of an off tank
Expensive Build
Due to the ability to deal damage and disable, the overall tankability is lacking
since Kassadin can blink, he does. putting his team in awkward situations.

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Rod of Ages - Much like Cho'Gath or Singed The Rod is your main tanking item. Giving you health AP and Mana.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Armor, AP, Stasis. This item can get you out of some sticky situations.

Banshee's Veil - This item blocks a spell, adds health, mana, and Magic Resistance making it ideal for your anti caster item.

Sunfire Cape - What tank doesn't have this item? Armor, Health, and free AoE damage per second.

Frozen Heart - This is the one that pissed the other team off. Not only can they not kill kassadin, He gets to stick around slowing and silencing opponents at will while his team of expert assassins do work.

Notable Replacement for Frozen Heart

Leviathan - As kassadin gets kills he gets health leading to his later unkillability due to the passive of this item at 20 Stacks.

Rabadon's Deathcap - More Ap if you feel your team isn't Dishing out the hurt.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - For a greater slow and more health as well as AP.

Archangel Staff - Teammate hogging the Golem Buff?

Force of Nature - If the team is just that annoying in terms of spell damage, but you shouldn't need this. Though the Healing is nice.

Thornmail - Bye Master Yi Gangplank and Olaf. silence plus they kill themselves what could be better.

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Greater Mark of Magic Resist - Magic Resistance, We are an anti caster after all aren't we?

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Magic Resistance

Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist - Armor, Helps when you get into the tank build.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Ability Power for beginning game, These plus Doran's Ring gives you 30 AP to start the game. Awesome right?

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust - is a must have since you are mana hungry and a tank that shouldn't be.

Teleport - To go lane to lane farming. Especially Useful early game cause you can teleport back to lane after recalling for your Catalyst of Aeons after all you do need 2 of them.

Ignite - If you wish to trade out one spell this can secure FB or just help versus healing Composition teams.

Ghost - Could be useful for chasing or escaping while oom.

Flash - Can be a great tool for conserving mana.

Clarity - Free Mana heck yea!

Clairvoyance - I don't see it but if you're used to this spell by all means grab it.

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Team Work

For a majority of the game you aren't a true tank. play kassadin how he's meant to be played. Smart. Don't make mistakes that will make you and your squishy teammates rage at eachother.

Everyone together focusing who you silence.

Your key objective is to silence the tank and rape a squishy, or silence a mage caster and let your team finish up.

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Unique Skills

What i found Unique about this build is end game this build actually uses all of kassadin's abilites.

Just when you thought, what a useless passive, and second ability. Armor pen and getting mana back on each attack is very nice. as well as the attackspeed gained from taking damage from spells. Maybe they aren't so useless after all.

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Ranked Play

Well if you like the build i'm sure it could work in ranked. Just don't tell anyone you're planning to tank or they will rage and QQ for no reason.

Just play it off Casual, as you don't necessarily get any tank items until the Sunfire Cape.

But all in all i'm about 80% sure that you will win games in ranked. ;)

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So get out there and show the world that kassadin is a complete Champion not just a 3 ability and out Caster.

Normal Games will never be the same.