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Shen Build Guide by Zeck10

Support gold

Tank Shen Support Guide S10

By Zeck10 | Updated on September 26, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Shen
  • LoL Champion: Shen
  • LoL Champion: Shen


Second Wind

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

++8 ability haste
+8 Magic Resist
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Surgical Shen Guide and play on Support.
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Hello guys. My name is Zeck10 and I am new in the Guide making. I telling you from now - I am not the best player and of course my guides can sometimes don't be very good, so I'll be waiting for support and your opinion about everything you think I must correct.

Actually I play LoL from Season 7 and now I am Silver IV.Although I am low rank I think I can be helpful to at least the beginners of playing some champs. My playstyles are Jungle and MID. I play in EUNE and I am Bulgarian, so if I have some mistakes in the article feel free to comment.

I hope you enjoy my champion guides. :)
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Champion Spotlight

Shen is my favourite champion. Before he is the only champion I could play as a Support. I just don't play this lane. But he makes me feel good when I make a result of x/<x/+15 and win the game. No ADC can carry the game, when he/she doesn't have a good Support. In Shen's case he is just the perfect supporter and you NEED to start the Bot fights. Just try to safe the lane until you become 3 lvl and after that everything ends. Shen just needs his dash and after that the shield around him and the ADC and one of the enemies is 100% dead (better to be the ADC). So let's see some directions about Shen.
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For playing Support I chose Resolve, just because if we build Shen Tank, extra healing and health is always welcome.

Grasp of the Undying helps when you force fights, and keeps your health high. It permanently gives you health, so for a good tank build that is a good opportunity. Grasp of the Undying's cooldown is 4 seconds and you deal bonus damage on very 1st attack after the cooldown.

Guardian is a good rune too when you want to protect you and your teammate on bot lane. In Shen's case you can only activate this rune by standing near your AD Carry. After all a I think that this is the best rune for a support.

For a more aggressive gamestyle you can also pick Aftershock. It activates only when you cast Shadow Dash. However, I think that the other two choices are better options.

If you want to push the enemy turret faster, then take Demolish. This rune deals pretty decent damage to turrets at later ranks, so don't even think about getting other rune. This is the rune that I never change, when I play with Shen.

Sadly Font of Life is completely useless on Shen, because it is said "impaired movement", but "Taunt" isn't an ability that slows the enemy champions, they just don't have control on their movements. So from me this rune is simply forbidden. ;)

My opinion for the second rune is Second Wind. It heals back some health over time when you've taken damage from enemy champions. Everyone know, that when you play Shen as a support, the matchup isn't fair at all, because the enemy ADC can poke you unstoppably. Then, you must just stay behind and do nothing. That's why I think that this rune will help you stay with good % of Health in laning.

Here comes another option - Bone Plating. As for this rune, it isn't bad at all for Shen, but as long as you have Second Wind as an opportunity, you don't have to use this one. After all, you can choose it, if you like it.

For the third and last rune for Resolve Revitalize is the best one. It is like made exactly for Shen. The effect that all shields are stronger completely synergyses with Ki Barrier - the passive of this champion. His ultimate is also stronger with this rune - bigger shield on an ally means bigger chances for him to stay alive. The shield is even increased by an additional 10% on low health targets.

If you want more fights, then choose Unflinching. It really helps when you have enemy supports like Morgana or Lulu. Tenacity is a type of Crowd control so this means that will slow the duration of stun, airbow etc. However, Revitalize is the better option.

As a 1st rune of Inspiration I choose Magical Footwear. During the first 10 minutes there isn't a big need of boots and that's why I decided to use this rune, because the mid-late game is more important to me.

And finally there's Cosmic Insight. Talking about the late game, Shen relies on his Q very much. The more cooldown he has, the easier it would be.

Talking about the three new runes from patch 8.23, it depends on the enemy team. If there are more champions with AD, then take Armor Runes. On the other hand, if the enemy champions are with more AP than AD, it would be the best to choose Magic Resist Runes.
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The Spells are the traditional Support Spells. Exhaust is always useful when hard attacking. I think that it is way more good than Ignite, because it helps you and your AD Carry to close the gap between you and the enemy. It also helps when trying to escape, if you are on low HP or to save the AD Carry.
Ignite isn't a bad opportunity for a spell, because even if you or your teammates couldn't have the chance to kill an enemy champion and it remained on low HP, Ignite is very good to finish your work.

If there was no Flash in htis game, it would be impossible to make the fancy stylish tircks and dodges. So you just need it ;) .
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Unique Skills

The 1st combo is Shadow Dash(E) > Twilight Assault(Q) > Spirit's Refuge(W). After dashing trough the enemy and taunting him, take the sword near you and then activate the shield. It proects you and allied champions form basic Attacks and while safed you deal bonus damage with Q. Except this, you get a shield, that blocks +47 Damage for 2,5 seconds. That's because of Shen's passive - Ki Barrier.

One of the easier combos is a shorter vision of the "Mega Combo". It is Q >W - easy, under shield while damaging the enemy.

If you want to decrease the gap space between you and an enemy champ,
then charge E, hang it, flash and then release the E button. After that the usual and AA too.
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For Starting Items get Relic Shield and ×2 Health Potion. Relic Shield is the most suitable Support Item for Shen. It gives gold and health to both you and your AD Carry.

Secondary get some boots(the basic) and Ruby Crystal. You will need health and MS, so in my opinion for this stage of the game you will need exactly these Items.

When you want to upgrade them later, buy Mercury's Treads, Bami's Cinder etc. With other words you are one step near to the final build.

As an early build try to get more Health Items and Armor. Don't forget to frequently buy Health Potion.

I always buy Dead Man's Plate because of its tankiness and the movement speed boost.

Completing your final item build depends on who your enemy on bot and also the whole enemy team will it be. This is my logic - if there are three people with AD, then I buy Armor items. But if the enemy has more AP than AD, then I build more Magic Resist items. Unfortunately there is always a little from everything and that's why it would be the best if you have both Armor and Magic Resist. Such a double sided item is Locket of the Iron Solari.
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As for the gameplay, Shen i much more a late-game champion than an early one. Anyways, to begin with the abilities and their sequence. On level 1 you upgrade E first. Then on level 2 it is the Q and W is the last one. The ability maxing is in the same order. So, until the tenth minute it won't happen anything interesting and the laning will be stuck in the middle of the lane. But don't worry. This depends on how well you contribute with your ADC. It is important to remember that you have got a very strong passive. Every 10 seconds, when you use an ability, you gain a shield. The cooldown of your Q is smaller the Passive's, so you can repeatedly shield yourself that way. Also don't forget to kill the minions when your Relic Shield has charges. You must not forget about Guardian. You can make such wild savings of your ADC and prevent him/her from death.

Once you get to level 6, everything in your gameplay changes. This is also a big help for the whole team. If the communication between you and your teammates is good, then you won't have problems with using your Ultimate. The cool thing is that you can roam the whole map and no one knows where you will appear. Imagine that your top laner loses a 1v1 fight or is being handled. In this moment you use your ultimate.ate on him and his only job is to remain alive until you teleport to him. Then you and the top laner turn the tables to your side.
I must also say that in the late game Shen is a big pain in the *** for the enemy team because of his tankiness, low cooldown and his abilities. That's why it is important to stay in front of everyone else in the team (except there is another tank to stay in front of the attack/defence with you).
League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeck10
Zeck10 Shen Guide
Tank Shen Support Guide S10
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