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Elise Build Guide by MLGValdomero

Support Tank Support Elise [7.2][WIP]

By MLGValdomero | Updated on February 7, 2017

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Hi! I´m MLGValdomero, from the LAS server. I´m Argentinian and this is my first mobafire guide. Hope you like it. In this guide I´ll be focusing in Support Elise. I´ve played it a lot when i couldn´t play her jungle. It´s been a popular pick in Korea
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Pros / Cons

+ Good poke
+ Can burst an enemy
+ Good CC ability (cocoon)
+ Can splitpush well being a support
+ Has a gap closer
+ Can chase or flee
+ Can take an objective like dragon or baron with other teammates fast
+ Relatively low cooldowns
+ Korea approves!

- Can´t really peel like other supports
- Lack of CC if you waste your cocoon
- Doesn´t have that much sustain like other supports
- If E and flash is down, it´s hard for you to escape
- No healing or shields
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Flash is a must have for almost every champion. You can flash to save you, chase, and many many things.

Take exhaust if your mid laner is taking ignite. It´s really good for slowing an enemy, deny part of his damage while your team does more damage to that objective. I take this 70% of the time.

Take ignite if your mid laner isn´t taking it. It´s useful to secure kills that your ADC can´t take, making life steal or health regen on a target decrease by 50%. I take this 30% of the time
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Standard AP Runes. You can replace seals with Scaling health ones.
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Standard tank support masteries, taking Courage of the Colossus as the keystone mastery. You can trigger it using the cocoon.


Standard AP support masteries, if you choose to go damage, taking Thunderlord´s Decree as the keystone mastery
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Skill Sequence

I recommend maxing Q first as usual for the poke and % health damage that it gives.
Then, you should max W for the DPS, as you will be focusing on autoatacking when in spider form and throwing some Q´s in
Last, you´ll max E for the utility
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I recommend building items that give you max CDR, some AP, health, armor and magic resist for this build. I think that it´s a good balance between damage and utility.
The items listed above work fine.

Personally, I buy Eye of Equinox, but you could build Face of The Mountain + Sighstone. I follow the build with a Rylai´s and then I build tank prioritizing stats depending the enemy team.
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* You should pick Support Elise if you are playing with an agressive ADC, or one that can CC chain, like Draven, Jinx, Ashe, and others.

*You can Flash+E to take an enemy by surprise.

*Try to poke with human Q in Lane, and use human W to zone enemies away.

*Running away from skillshot reliant champions is a good idea if you have spiderlings. For example, If you are in spider form running away from blitzcrank and he uses Q, he will grab the spiderling, not you.
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I want to improve this guide and my future guides as time goes on. I hope you liked this guide and you try it.

See you in the rift!
League of Legends Build Guide Author MLGValdomero
MLGValdomero Elise Guide

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Tank Support Elise [7.2][WIP]