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Cho'Gath Build Guide by DatDoggo

Top Tank Top Cho'Gath (Un-killable)

By DatDoggo | Updated on April 22, 2018

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As top Cho'Gath your job isn't to solo kill the enemy or to solo carry and deal unlimited damage, it is to sit idle through lane, build up tank stats and push your lane to give your team pressure. Then mid to late game soak up damage, CC the enemies and peel for your damage dealers.
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Early Laning Phase

At the start you take Q so if you're against a Yasuo or Riven with heavy all in potential level 1, 2 and 3 you are safe with a cc ability, it also has great poke for both comet and "Summon Aery" and great wave clear, your Mana should never be low due to taking "Dorans Ring" level one you should always be set and your passive ensures good health percent.
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Mid To Late Game

As Cho'Gath your job is to soak up damage, secure objectives such as "Dragon" and "Baron Nashor" with your ult and turrets with your high health and "Demolish" and peel for your damage dealers. With your "Locket Of The Iron Solari" combined with "Summon Aery" your ADC should always be full on health or with your "Righteous Glory" run into the enemy team disrupt the play and soak damage while applying constant dps with AP and threaten the enemy ADC with your true damage ult.
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Taking Teleport lets you stay in lane to constantly stack "Overgrowth", farm and stack Ultimate. Using Teleport to gank is useful if you have rushed a "Righteous Glory" letting you chase and CC the enemies. Flash is a must have for getting on top of fast enemies and ulting them to 0 health and then slamming they re lifeless body into your team, it is important to have to escape ganks or tower dive.
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If you take "Dorans Ring" as recommended your Mana should not be a problem so don't be scared of using your E and Q to wave clear unless you are against a very scary duel champion in that case don't use Q so u have pressure of CC against the enemy. If your enemy is gone or full health use your ult a total of 6 times on minions to up your health up drastically, but make sure to save it when you have a wave pushing or flash into a low enemy or if you can easily take a "Dragon" without losing much top.
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Team Work

Your job as Cho'Gath in team fights is to soak up damage and output CC and Be a menace to the enemy ADC with your high health and "Gargoyle Stoneplate", your initiation should be "Righteous Glory" into the enemy team use "Randuin's Omen" to slow the enemy CC them with Q knock up and E slow, Silence them so they have no escape or return poke and damage and then body block damage so your team can delete them. Use "Locket Of The Iron Solari" to keep your ADC and Mid healthy.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DatDoggo
DatDoggo Cho'Gath Guide

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Tank Top Cho'Gath (Un-killable)
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