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Blitzcrank Build Guide by poinears

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author poinears

Tanky Blitz, Fed Carry

poinears Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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To Feed a Carry...

My friend and I will do this all the time, and it works incredibly well. The entire point of this combo is a lane combo that feeds the carry. However, I never played the carry, but Blitzcrank. This works better with some form of communication, particularly if you and your lane partner have played the lane before, as you will know how your lane partner plays their character. This build works incredibly well with Morgana, Ashe, Twisted Fate, or someone with some form of stun and/or slow because the entire basis of the carry feeding revolves completely around the turret doing large amounts of damage in the early game. As Blitzcrank, you will have massive amounts of assists, but your KDR might be negative. During my games, I usually end up around 5-6-25 or so.

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The Build

I usually build a Mana Manipulator first, for the mana regeneration, but if necessary the Soul Shroud can be completely omitted. After that, I usually go for a Heart of Gold, for the extra GPM, and an early Warmog's Armor. After that, it really doesn't matter what order you build the items. Usually I finish my Soul Shroud after my Ninja Tabi, then I proceed to a Force of Nature and finish my Randuin's Omen before getting my Guardian Angel.

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Everyone has their own style of play, and this build can be adapted very easily. Just about any item on this list can be replaced with another item. Removable items include:

Soul Shroud
Force of Nature
Guardian Angel

Also the Ninja Tabi can be exchanged for Mercury's Treads, depending on whether their team has more AP or AD.
The changed items can be replaced with:
Warmog's Armor
Sunfire Cape

There are other items that could be used as well; these are just to give some ideas. Also, a Manamune or some other item that gives a large amount of mana, as your passive shield is based on how much mana you have at the time. Do not be afraid to change your build, as the entire point of this build is more about the playing style than the build.

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The Play

This is what this build is all about. YOUR ENTIRE POINT IS TO FEED THE CARRY. The Rocket Grab at level 1 can do some damage, but wait until level 2 before you try anything. At level 2, get your Power Fist and let your opponents push you back to the turret. Defend the turret, and as your opponents are leaving turret range, Rocket Grab one of them and use your Power Fist to punch them into the air. IMMIDIATELY AFTER YOU PUNCH THEM, BACK OFF. Let your team's carry get the kill. The turret should do most of the damage, and your carry can just finish them off. This works especially well with an Ashe or a Twisted Fate or a Morgana, since they have stuns and slows. This can work for just about anyone, but it seems to work much better with them. Eventually, the carry will become incredibly fed, and you will be able to roam around ganking. This strategy can be applied the entire game, but you should add activating your Static Field after the Power Fist once you reach level 6.

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Levelling and Farming

Since you are tanking and feeding the carry, accept the role of a support hero for some time. Don't take minion kills, don't take champion kills, and just sit back from the minion front in general. The best way to do this, as I have found, is to sit in the grass on the outside of your lane, hidden from the enemies. This allows for several things:

  • You are in a somewhat defensive position, allowing you to react to any circumstances that threaten the carry.
  • You are within range of all the experience given by the minions.
  • You are at such an angle that you have the possibility of grabbing one of the champions if they get too close, creating another kill for your carry.
Don't expect any sort of farm, since you are giving all the farm to your carry. However, if the carry goes back to base for any reason, take all the farm you can get: you need it all.

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To Protect and Feed

Like I said earlier, your entire point is to feed the carry. Pull enemies into the turret and let the carry get the kills. Sacrifice yourself to save the carry. Take the damage from the skillshots for your carry. In ganking situations, be the first in and the last out (if you survive, that is),or, if it is the other way around,protect the carry while they run off. You are (literally) the carry's personal guard. Save them at all costs.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Very tanky
+ Very fed carry
+ Easy kills
+ You can still do decent damage
+ Crowd control with your Static Field
+ Great initiation with Rocket Grab

- Too slow during middle game
- No taunt to keep enemies attacking you
- No money
- Slow build
- Few kills
- Long CD for more than one ult in a gank

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Since you are playing a semi-supportive role, certain summoner spells are much better than others. My thoughts are below. However, no matter what you pick, make sure to take the masteries to go along with it. If you have an extra mastery point, I would recommend taking the point out of Siege Commander (it's only there to burn the extra mastery point) as well and putting them both in Tough Skin .

Recommended Spells
Other Options (Not as useful)
Don't Take

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Reasons Behind the Recommendations

  • Clarity and Heal are both good SS's to support the carry
  • Exhaust lets your team finish a weak foe
  • Teleport gets you back on lane faster
  • Clairvoyance gives some visibility for a short time - this is worthless with Ashe
  • Ghost is good for tight spots, but you also have Overdrive
  • Flash is good for tight spots, but, again, you already have Overdrive
  • Revive is good for getting back to the fight, but has a really long cooldown
  • Promote could be useful, but I personally don't like it
  • Fortify is a standard tank SS, but, again, I personally don't like it
  • Smite - you aren't jungling, now, are you
  • Ignite - you don't need this since you aren't trying to get the kills
  • Rally - I never put much stock in this, and, it's a support SS not a tank SS
  • Surge increases your damage output - What damage output?
  • Cleanse - you're a friggin tank - you don't need this

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This build is really more about how to play your lane than the items themselves. Please leave comments and suggestions for other items that could be added to the options for the build. I would love to hear feedback and your variations on the build.