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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeardYouLikeGuides

Taric - Shovin' gems up that ***

HeardYouLikeGuides Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Taric - Roles; Pros, Cons & Diamonds

Taric's default skin looks gay; as such, please refrain from using it and purchase the Bloodstone Taric skin immediately.

Taric is a champion that is, fortunately, extremely viable and as such is capable of fulfilling all these roles:
- Tank
- AP Carry
- AD Carry
- Support
- (and most importantly) Jungler
While Taric is not the most effective jungler, I simply love to see him smash away at wolves with his hammer and as such I am writing a guide on how to play Taric as a jungler.

While I would like to say that Taric has no weaknesses at all, I cannot do that and, as such, I must state pros and, unfortunately, cons.

-- Pros
- Strong burst on Shatter
- Very strong and versatile stun on Dazzle
- Two auras (one passive, one active) on both Shatter and Radiance
- Doesn't die in two nukes such as the very popular Sona (****in' *****, taking glory for being a ****ty little support that requires no skill to play whatsoever)

-- Cons
- No ridiciolously strong nuke heal on Imbue (however, it is relatively solid, despite not being able to match Soraka's)
- Rather weak babysitting ability as main strengths are simply absorbing damage (and attempting to zone, so rather un-effective at it compared to somebody like, say, Janna)
- A rather weak jungler compared to some gods of the jungle like, for example, Udyr or Shaco

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Runes & Masteries

-- Runes
- Runes scale on primary Seals, secondary Marks, primary Glyphs concerning three major areas of weakness: mana regen, magic resistance and armor. Seriously, it's self-explanatory. If you don't understand that **** then you really shouldn't be attempting to play jungle Taric.

-- Masteries
- Your standard 0/9/21, taking points in mana regen, armor, health, cooldown reduction and neutral buff duration extension. Simply covers all the things that Taric is starved of (due to the fact that I only take 3x Greater Seal of Replenishment.

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Skilling & Summoner Spells (concerning the Taric jungle route)

-- Shatter
- I take it at level 1 to take blue golem buff (however, remember that it cannot be taken solo unless you invest your first skill point into Imbue), and then max it first as it provides the burst you need and passive armor buff that helps you jungle with ease throughout levels 1-9.

-- Imbue
- Maxed second of course, due to the fact that the need for a heal is much superior to that of the damage that Dazzle awards upon leveling it up; and the only reason it's really there anyway is to provide a stun, nothing more.

-- Dazzle
- Maxed last due to the fact that putting points into other abilities is simply more beneficial. The damage that it scales upon leveling it is weaker than Shatter's and the stun duration does not increase as it levels up, and therefor it is useless to level this at a priority greater than Shatter or Imbue's.

-- Radiance
- A strong active aura and decent burst damage. AoE damage, similar to Shatter, yet with a greater range and, unlike Shatter, instead of losing a buff upon casting, this provides an active upon casting it. Also scales well (despite the fact I build no ability power).

-- Smite/Flash
- Alternatively, Ghost can be taken instead of Flash, but I highly recommend Flash, simply due to the fact that it has that surprise factor that Ghost can never make up for. A Flash/ Dazzle drop-in doesn't give them time to react, puts them off-foot and allows for an easier score on a kill. Smite is necessary and pretty much self-explanatory.

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Items & 'a rather large hammer'

-- Starting items
- Cloth Armor + x5 Health Potion, pretty standard jungling starter. Builds into a Madred's Razors and as such is a necessity. Also, scales brilliantly with Shatter's passive.

-- Recipe (and secondary) items
- Heart of Gold + Madred's Razors + Boots of Speed, mobility, gold/sec for when jungle creeps are a piece of **** compared to lanes when it comes to CS, and health/damage plus a very nice unique off of Madred's Razors that helps with jungling.

-- Primary items
- Mercury's Treads + Aegis of the Legion + Force of Nature + Frozen Heart + Banshee's Veil + Randuin's Omen, a nice share between armor, magic resistance, health and aura. This is what lets you act as a tank for your team. **** all the little aura ***** or the ****ing stacking ****ty little ability power which just turns you into a weaker version of the piece of **** that Sona is already. You wanna stack ability power, be squishy or ***** auras? Go Sona, not Taric.

-- Let's not forget . . .
- Sight Ward + Vision Wawrd + Oracle's Elixir, because warding is ridiciolously important and nothing is more fun than destroying an enemy Twitch or Evelynn trying to come at you of the brush or something, and along with that smashing the living **** out of enemy wards, dropped by enemies who are so scared of Dazzle they go and buy ****loads of them for 75g each; and it's all waste, due to the fact that you now have an Oracle.

But always remember, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter build. Situations change, biach. And, wether or not they have a Vayne/Cait/Ashe you may have to build a Thornmail instead, and suchlike. Just figure it out for yourself.

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Jungle Route

Blue > Wolves > Wraiths > Red > Double golems > Gank

-- Blue
- Head down to blue and call for pull. You'll need quite a bit of pull, from both your mid and bot (or solo top) lanes. Pop Shatter immediately, let them do their magic, wait till they've wandered far enough not to steal exp and you should be able to smite with little or no damage done to yourself. Take a point in Imbue upon killing both smaller lizards.

-- Wolves
- Pop Shatter and one pot upon entering the camp and, focusing the larger, brown wolf first, heal accordingly.

-- Wraiths
- Pop Shatter and heal once the wraiths take one hit at you each (they do this simultaneously and it eats up about 150 health) heal yourself with Imbue and then pop one pot, again, and focus the larger wraith.

-- Red
- Pop Shatter and one pot upon entering the camp. Continue to attack the large lizard, using Shatter and healing using Imbue accordingly. Smite once the lizard's health reaches around 500. Finish the two smaller lizards and move onto the double golem camp.

-- Double golems
- Pop Shatter (which now should be at level 2) and heal accordingly. Once they are destroyed put a point into Dazzle, pop one or two pots and, healing between movement to different lanes with Imbue gank any lane available. Flash/ Dazzle combo is very effective.

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Enemies & 'walking gold'

--- Enemies
-- Simple break-down of extremely annoying champions that tend to always be able to escape from ganks, either through abilities or stats.
- Sion, strong stun, shield, tanky.
- Janna, most ****ing annoying CC in the world, shield.
- Corki, can fly all the way back to his turret with one spell fact.
- Tristana, her jump is almost as annoying as Corki's.
- Lux, double CC and shield.
- Kassadin, after reaching level 6 is literally impossible to kill.
- Anivia, wall, double CC, 2 health bars.
- Sivir, complete spell negation, Usain Bolt ulti.
- Morgana, stun, spell-shield.
- Vladimir, OP pool.

--- 'Walking gold'
-- Simply break-down of champions that are extremely easy to target as jungling Taric.
- Ashe, she has CC but it's weak around the early levels and she's squishy as hell.
- Annie, she'll usually blow that stun to harass, and it isn't a stun that she can use at any time she wants. Also squishy as hell.
- Sona, hah, no CC apart from in her ulti and wtf her speed buff aura is too small.
- Ryze. he's slow and his stun is single-target, very short duration.
- Caitilyn, her traps are easy to get around her escape spell is not the most reliable.