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Taric Build Guide by anthstep

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author anthstep


anthstep Last updated on February 26, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Into to Taric

Taric. He is simply put, the most fabulous of champions. His mid to late game is possibly one of the strongest in League right now, and if you purchase an Iceborn Gauntlet Taric can 1v1 any champion and come out on top. Since I'm a terrible writer this written section will be brief, but hopefully informative.

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When to Choose top Taric

So when should you pick top Taric? To answer this question you have to look at the enemy team in ranked, or in YOLO queue just hope for the best. In ranked if only the enemy ADC is attack damage DO NOT PICK TARIC!!! If there are 2 - 3 attack damage champions Taric is an okay pick, not the best, but not the worst. If there are 4 attack damage champions FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PICK TARIC!!! If all 5 are attack damage, rejoice for you have reached the promised land. The heaven of all Taric players, in this set up it's almost impossible to lose with a hypercarry Taric.

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When to Choose jungle Taric

Always. It almost always works as long as your team has a set of balls.

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Intro to the Wombo Combo

Yes Taric does have a wombo combo. It slowly nukes an enemy champion and demoralizes them to the point of uninstalling. To initiate the wombo combo land a stun on an enemy champion. From there you must AA (auto attack), W (shatter armor), AA, Q (heal), AA, R (insane damage), AA, E (stun), AA, and repeat. The reason I ult later is so that i can reset the cooldown on my stun to keep them around me. If you time your abilities you can land the Iceborn passive on them after each ability, thoroughly nuking them into oblivion.

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Laning, oh god

As Taric... Farm... Its... Its freaking hard to farm early as Taric. Not because you get poked out of lane (see 90 armor start) but because you simply don't do damage with auto attacks early on. You can W (shatter armor) then AA to get farm, but always keep mana on your mind. ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH MANA FOR A STUN IN CASE OF A GANK.

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Jungling, somehow he's the best here

Basically jungle taric is a mid to late game hyper jesus kant kill me karry with a k, aka a kkk. Your main job early is to either be a perma ganking machine, or afk farm until youre 6 then be a perma ganking machine. The main thing with Taric jungle, the one thing to remember, if your team is full of ******* you cant possibly win. Why? Because you have to go ham as f*ck during the entire game, and if your team doesnt want to go ham with you, you'll fall behind and be useless. You're Taric, you can 1v3 under inhib tower and pick up a triple kill, if two teammate follow well you can 3v5 under inhib tower. But if you go balls deep in that hoping your team will follow... and they dont... Your team is going to hate you, cause theyre ******* and dont want to take a win.

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How to carry as Taric:
Step 1: Get Iceborn Gauntlet
Step 2: Abandon lane
Step 3: Gank other lanes
Step 4: Steal enemy blue and red buff
Step 5: Win
Step 6: You can totally dive that turret, totally

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In conclusion Taric is the most fabulous hypercarry in the game. He's very underrated but give him a chance and you'll love him.