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Team Guide by ONS Pr0Archer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ONS Pr0Archer

Team ONS All About Us +5 guides.

ONS Pr0Archer Last updated on March 19, 2015
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Oblivions Never Surrender

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Jelle Toplane

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Hi my name is Daniel Owner/Founder of Team Oblivions Never Surrender.

In this guide i'm going to explain:
A probably pretty good team comp.
Our way of controlling the map.
Our train points.
And of course more information about the team itself.
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About the team

I Created this team to entertain the subscribers of my youtubechannel.
The members in this team are:
Jelle: Toplane
Maarten: Jungler
Steffan: Midlane
Preacher: AD-Carry
Daniel: Support
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+ Alot of control
+ Strong MidGame
+ Buffed Midlaner
+ OP LateGame

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Starting items

With this champ combination we have two tank 's, an AD-Carry, an AP-Carry and an Assassin .
Invisible text!
The toplane tank is AP and he starts with a Crystalline Flask, Health Potion's and a Warding Totem.
Invisible text!
The jungler starts with basic jungle items like: Hunter's Machete, a Health Potion and a Warding Totem.
Invisible text!
The midlaner is mage and AP-Carry so he starts with a Doran's Ring and for our vision plan (which you can see in the vision chapter) he takes a Sweeping Lens
Invisible text!
The marksman is AD-Carry, he starts with Doran's Blade, a Health Potion and a Warding Totem
Invisible text!
Me as tank support , i start with Targon's Brace 4 Health Potion's and a Warding Totem.
Invisible text!

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Creeping / Jungling

Since Lee Sin Lee Sin builds Sightstone we have 3 extra Warding Totem's witch he must use and will use following the ward plan you can see in the Vision chapter.
Invisible text!

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Vision is really important to make win secure.
Thats why we made the ward placement like on this picture
Invisible text!
Invisible text!Invisible text!

Invisible text!
We have with that vision also:
Anti gank.
Dragon control.
Baron control.
Buff control.

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Team Work

The reason i took these champs is becouse Lee Sin can kick for example with his Dragon's Rage the enemy in Azir's his Emperor's Divide.

I took Sivir for Preacher becouse of all the AD-Carry's he owns he can play her realy well.
Together with me as tanky Leona it can become a good botlane.

I took Maokai becouse he will be REALY tanky and is in my opinion a God-Tier chamion.
But Sion could also be a good replacement if Maokai gets banned
Invisible text!

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My strategy and main focus in training is teamwork.
I think teamwork and synergy are really important to be a team.
Without good communication the game is lost.
Important synergy:
Maarten(Jungle) with all of the team.
Me(as team leader) with all of the team.
Preacher(ADC) with me as his support.
Invisible text!Invisible text!
Farming is REALY important, especially for Preacher as ADC.
I want him to get at least around 75 farm at 10 minutes.
Same is for Steffan, the Midlaner should also have great farm.
And to be honest everyone else except me as Support should have a lot of farm, because to win gold control is also important.
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Personal Team Info


Twitch Channel('s):

Twitter Pages:


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