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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gigaffect

Teamkill Rammus

Gigaffect Last updated on July 26, 2010
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This build is centered around using Rammus in team fights. One of his greatest assets is Randuin's Omen, which gives him an AoE slow and attack speed debuff. Combined with Frozen Heart, you can stop an enemy team in their tracks.

Summoner Spells
For summoner spells, I choose ones that let me move freely in battle. Cleanse is great for CC and Ghost for speed. Flash can also be used in place of either.

To begin, you're going to rush Randuin's omen. Start with either Cloth Armor and some Health potions or a Ruby Crystal. Complete the Heart of Gold first and then move on to Warden's Mail. At any time in between, you can work on Ninja Tabi for some speed. Once you have Randuin's and some boots, Frozen Heart comes next, starting with a Glacial Shroud and working up from there. Your next item may seem a little unconventional, Madred's Bloodrazor. This item gives Rammus some much needed DPS so he doesn't have to rely so heavily on his abilities. With his passive, his AD gets pretty high. If you don't like it, then I GUESS you can get Thornmail or something... Sunfire Capes or whatever...

I have't gotten any further than this, but next I would get a Guardian Angel for some extra security, then a Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature if there are casters on the other team. You could also get Sunfire Capes or Thornmail if you must. I wouldn't go with Thornmail at all, though. With all of the attack speed debuffing you will be doing, it won't help you much. Sunfire Capes are more viable. I just don't like to conform.

General Playstyle

Early Game
Early on, your main goal is to protect your squishier teammates and help them get kills. Most of the squishy champs are only effective if they don't die, and without them you won't be able to do much. So if you see them getting owned, help them out! You have a lot of survivability.
Mid Game
By now you should have Randuin's Omen and Ninja Tabi so you can move around the map a little more. Help ganks and use the active on Randuin's as much as possible. To get the most out of it, try to have your Defensive Ball Curl active while you do it to increase the duration of the slows. If team fights break out, you are an initiator so go in and draw their attention away from your teammates while you debuff them. Then focus on any casters or tanks and let the rest of your team take care of the DPSers. A great strategy for focusing on a caster is to disable them with Puncturing Taunt. Also, have Tremors active as much as possible when fighting.
Late Game
Now that you have most of your items, you become essential in pushes. Tremors can hit turrets, so always use it on them. Keep using the active, it's cooldown is pretty low. Otherwise, play similarly to Mid Game.

Try it, rate, comment. I love feedback.