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Caitlyn Build Guide by Phyyyzix

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Phyyyzix

Tearing up Top with Caitlyn!

Phyyyzix Last updated on May 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone. My name is Phyyzix. I am a silver ranked player on the NA servers. I consider myself to be a talented top laner and adc. I have played for just over 1 now, and I feel confident in my knowledge of the top lane, adc, and overall, the game. I do not appreciate any hate as it is my first guide. Ever. I however, accept constructive criticism. In advanced, I do apologise in for any errors in spelling and grammar. I am still working very hard to fix any errors, but I was so excited to get this guide up. Please note that I will do my best to make this guide prettier as I gain more knowledge about making MOBA fire guides.

Thank you. Enjoy the guide!

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Understanding Double AD/Caitlyn top

Double AD has been seen increasingly more in the LCS. Although it isn't popular in low elo of Soloq, it is still a very effective comp to have. You must realize that you are still ADC, and you still have to position correctly and you still have to have an understanding of ADC in general. You are not a tank or a bruiser. Just because you are top that doesn't mean you can all in melee range on a Darius

The whole idea of Double AD can be summed up in one simple sentence: Dealing Tones of Damage.

Team comp is a big part of double AD as well. You can't go into a soloq game, say your doing Caitlyn top, and then expect everyone to pick accordingly. Double AD in general needs a super tank in the jungle, a support that can protect well and a very mobile mid laner. A quick example could be Caitlyn, Tristana, Volibear in the jungle, a Sona Support and an Ahri. The whole idea of this is the support can protect her ADC's like they were her children. Ahri can zip around the fight, being the mobile champion she is. (If you know what I mean;) ) and the two ADC's can stand at the back just dealing a lot of damage. Of course every game won't go like that, but the whole concept is there.

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Pros / Cons

Excellent range.
Easy to learn to kite with.
Awesome combo despite being an ADC.
Awesome zoning potential against certain bruisers.
Easy to farm with.
Scales well into late game.

Sucks if you perform badly in lane.
If you don't position well, you can get instakilled.
The concept of AD top can be hard to grasp for Soloq players.
Team comp reliant.

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Rune Choices

Runes are key to dominating your lane, and staying safe enough so you don't die. With Caitlyn in the top lane, being aggressed on is highly unlikely, unless their top laner has a gap closer.


The marks I use are a bit different to a normal ad setup. I personally like to have 5 Greater mark of critical strike and 4 Greater Mark of Attack Damage. This gives me nearly 5% crit chance and 5 extra ad. If you feel comfortable with ability to last hit then Greater mark of armor penetration will be awesome. Beware though, last hitting under tower will be extremely difficult. if you are forced to, when the tower targets a caster minion, hit it once, let the tower hit it, then last hit it. for melee minions, last hit as normal (let the tower hit I twice, then last hit it.) And for the cannon, just last hit it when you think you can. Landing a lucky crit, combined with your passive can really put the stops on your laners aggression or overall outlook on the lane. The best defense is a good offense. By playing aggressively in a smart fashion is key.

These seals are pretty standard on pretty much all champs. The Greater Seal of Armor is one of the best seals in the game. 13 armor means a lot in the early game.

These can be varied slightly. If you are laning against a Vladimir or a Rumble in the top lane, take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. How ever if you are not laning against an ap top, Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist will give you some decent stats late game

Again, a bit of variation can be made here according to your preference. If you want to hit hard early game then Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage will do fine. if you want to scale into late game then Greater quintessence of armor penetration are awesome. Combine those with your late game armor penetration items and you will forget all about tanks. The last type of quints I would consider would be Greater Quintessence of Life Steal. This is a very good quint for early to mid game as it can enable to buy a vampiric scepter and leave it there for a while.

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There are many choices that Caitlyn benefits from.

You don't always have to do what I say, but I would usually take this in a lane where there is a strong possibly that I can kill them. This summoner also tends to be useful against a Volibear, Dr. Mundo or any other annoying buggers that gain health fast. This summoner also drops off late game.

This is a guide, but I am NOT explaining this. Just take it.

Other viable stuff

I love this. It makes me feel good when I survive with this. If you're a man. A really ballsy man, you will take Ignite and Barrier. This basically says "I WANT TO WIN LANE!" But barrier is good in a lot of instances. Get it when you don't feel safe.

This, plus flash, plus frozen mallet, plus blade of the ruined king equals: Unkillable. I'm serious! Its like chasing that Skarner that has ghost, blade of the ruined king active and mercurial scimitar active. Just put this summoner with decent kiting skills and you will be god.

Take this little sucker when they have a lot of cc. The trick with cleanse is to be ready. Don't let yourself get cc'd, but if you do, expect that they will use everything they have to cc you, so be ready.

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This will be a brief section as it is not really needed to be explained, but I shall do it anyway. I take 3 points in Fury and one point in Summoner's Wrath . I used to underestimate this mastery a lot. More then I should have actually. I take this on pretty much any top laner now. When my ignite is used, it gives me 5 extra ad and ap. Really solid mastery. If your going for summoner spell Barrier, then there is no need to take it, just invest all your points into Fury . I go down the attack damaged oriented side of the offensive tree and take all points in each until I get to Executioner . It is one of the best mastery's in the game, as it deals more damage when they are below %40 hp. OP combined with your ultimate, and other damage really. I take 9 points in defense. I just want to be slightly tankier and have a lot more hp for late game if it arises. I take all 4 points in Durability and I put 3 points into Hardiness if I'm laning against an ad and 3 points into Resistance if im laning against an ap. I use my last point in Veteran Scars to give me a slight hp boost. If you read all this then good job to you, if you were too lazy, you probably looked at the table below.


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I wanted to include this section so I didn't confuse people with my builds at top the top of the page. Its completely up to you which items you get, I am just trying to help you decide which is best for your scenario and/or situation.

These are almost a must have for every single game. They give you attack speed and movement speed. What else could you want?

This should be in every one of your builds. Here is a quick rule to help you decide. Lots of farm and fed: Get it. Enemy is stacking armor: Get it when you have armor pen. Having a bad game: Save up for something cheaper.

This is for more single target damage and is viable at any stage in the game. It does beat Statikk Shiv in damage, but Statikk Shiv makes up for it in utility and early/mid damage. What ever you do, never rush this item.

This is your bread and butter for adc. it gives you a huge amount of ad and life steal. Rushing this item is extremely cost effective. After this, a Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer us usually bought.

Ahhhhh... This item will forever be in my heart. It provides beyond easy wave clear, especially with Caitlyn. Instead of farming the whole wave with autos, 1 Piltover Peacemaker and a few autos, and you can quickly run back down to mid. Great item to get after Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster.

This item is also nice to rush. Getting The Bloodthirster and one of these is actually really viable. If you misclick and fail to kite effectively, the sheer life steal from both of these combined is just ridiculous. This is nice when that Cho'Gath or Dr. Mundo just runs at you with 5k hp. This active is also mouth watering. %15 increased movement speed for a short duration? Riot please.

This item should be attained during the phase of mid/late where people start to realize that double ad is like a face roll. Get this item and that annoying Rammus will be reduced to a pile of worthless armadillo meat. But seriously, get this item when they get armor.

Defensive items

This section is for wimps. Cowards who need to hide behind their precious little GA or that Warmogs. If you are a real man, you will skip this section. If you are scared and afraid, read on.

This is the most commonly bought defensive ADC/APC item in the game. It's god standing with you. It's Jesus looking down on you. It's your chance to give it one last shot to win the team fight. Solid item for any champ really.

The league of health has become very popular since the new Warmogs. This item fits on many champions, including carrys. This item should be bought when they have sustained damage, but you can kite them. It's a safe item that reassures you, and surprises those bruisers that dive you.

Another very cost effective item. You will be able to kite all day now. This sort of counters Randuin's Omen. What I mean, instead of you being slowed, you will slow them as well.

I have only recently taken this on my adc's in the top lane. It's honestly an OP item on a lot of champs. That Jax wont be able to stay on you. That Tryndamere will put himself out of the fight. Its a very nice item, and don't forget to use the active.

Well. This item is an upgraded version of the Quicksilver Sash. This item gives you a lot of ad and a lot of magic resist. It also gives you a beastly active that removes all debuffs from you. It's great. Unfortuneately, we don't get to utilize the speed boost, as we are considered a ranged champion. :(

This item is very underrated. It completely negates the effect of one spell. It can block that annoying Lux binding. It can block that awesome Nocturne fear. It is awesome. Not to mention, a small boost to mana, hp and magic resist. Beware though, the spell shield can be popped and wasted by a pitiful, little, worthless Graves smokescreen. Make sure you engage and avoid letting it be popped.

That's it for items. I won't touch on enchantments because that is completely up to you.

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Skill Sequence

These are the order I level up Caitlyn's abilities.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I max e over w because the stun time doesn't increase, however the slow duration does on her 90 Calibre Net. I max q first for damage and wave clear. Grab your ultimate whenever it's up.


Ok. So. Caitlyn is an ADC. Not an AD Caster. Big difference. Do not, and I mean it, do no fire off a piltover peace maker in the middle of a team fight. Not only does it put you way out of position, In the sense that you are standing still. Standing still means you can be skillshotted'd easier and the chance for a bruiser killing you arises. Only if, you are chasing someone and you need to finish them off, then you can fire it. Thank you for co-operating.

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I will go through early/mid/late game farming now.

Early game

This is where assert your dominance in your lane, and where you acquire your gold. Since you have no support making plays, the only time you will get kills if someone ganks, you set up a combo (which I will go through later) or if your enemy is just plain dumb. You should be trying to last hit every single creep. You have to find your "happy medium" between farming and harassing. If you harass to much, you will fall behind, and if they are a bruiser, they will have most likely built tank, there for, you lose. If you farm all the time, they will realize that they can make opportunities and get easy farm, and you will lose your power in lane. Try and find a balance. A good waypoint to see how your doing in farm is try to and get 75 farm by ten minutes. If you achieve that, you are doing very well.

Mid game

This can be frustrating times for other people. Here is an example. Let's say you performed poorly in lane, but your mid and bot did awesome. If they cant 4v5 in team fights, then you should go help. If they can push and win 4v5, you should be split pushing and catching up in farm so you become more of a threat. A good waypoint is roughly about 150 creeps by 20 minutes. This doesn't mean you have to get that farm every single game. If you spend to much time farming in mid game, your fed ap Master Yi or your very fat Vayne might go to waste. Don't hold your team back.

Late game

This is where everything evens out. This is when team fights are won by better players, better team comps and focusing the right people. Save every single person in solo q from yelling at you for farming bot lane at 60 minutes in the game. Please. For the love of god. DONT! Games are won and lost when someone does that. Don't be that person. You should only be clearing lanes late game, not farming 4 to 5 waves at a time.

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Team fighting

This is going to be as in-depth as I possible can make it. Team fights, put simply, is what wins games. Unless a wild Master Yi appears and backdoors the **** out of your base. So, here I will attempt to educate you on what I think you should be doing in team fights.

Stay alive
Deal as much damage as you can
kite people who try to kill you
Try to focus key targets
don't run from your support

Staying Alive

Ok. So I'm going to explain these points in detail. Staying alive is your number 1 priority. Why? What good are to the team dead? You are worth nothing. Unless your Karthus, but your not, so you have to stay alive.

Dealing As Much Damage As Possible

This is important, and it should be a no brainer. But I feel like I have to drill it into peoples heads when they play adc in solo q. You, as an adc, whether you be top, mid, jungle, adc, or support, you have to be always attacking. When I watch team fight replays, I see where my team could have slipped in an auto here or there, and it really does make a difference. This also includes using active items, drinks, and SOMETIMES your abilities. You should always be attacking and repositioning. If you cant attack, and these moments will be few and far, try to find a spot behind a team mate or something so you can safely auto from. I will repeat it once more in small steps. You. Must. Be. Always. Auto. Attacking. Got it? Good!

Kite People Who Try To Kill You

This is very simple, but for some people, it is hard to pull off. Let me first define "kiting" in my opinion. Kiting can be done by a lot of champions, but is commonly referred to as done by adc. Let me give you an example. A wild late game Xin Zhao is running at you. Q ready. Attack speed through the roof. What do you do? Start by opening with an auto attack. Then turn and run until you can safely auto attack him again. Rinse and repeat. Its sounds simple, but hard to do. It require a lot of clicking, and very fast clicking. A video is down below in the "Spoiler" section. Just click that plus sign. The video is of a very famous adc, playing his best adc Vayne. Kiting at it's best.

Try To Focus Key Targets

A common misconception of adc is when those people in solo q think they know best. It goes something like this. "OMG NOOB (Insert adc of your choice) NO FOCUS ON (insert an enemy adc). This is frustrating. You as an adc cannot ignore that Malphite even though he has 300 armor. You cannot walk past him, walk into the middle of the fight, and start hitting their adc. It just doesn't work. UNLESS! You are in bronze and no one knows who to kill. That Malphite will not kill you, but he will try to distract you as long as possible. But, if the opportunity arises where can hit someone OTHER then that Malphite, do it. It's as simple as that. Focus people who you can. Not who you should.

Don't Run From Your Support

Don't. Just don't. Your support wants to help you in a tough time. he/she wants to heal you. Peel for you. Don't abandon her or him. LET THEM HELP YOU! PLEASE!

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I think I might have covered this in Farming. I don't know. What the hell. #YOLOSWAG. In lane as Caitlyn top, you have an obvious advantage. Your range. Abuse it. Use it to twist your enemy laner into building pure armor. Make that Darius feel bad for picking Darius. Make that Olaf feel useless. Just abuse the **** out of your range and get free harass. Let me make an example. If you have adc'd before, and you sneak an auto onto their support, or even their adc, and they cant do anything about it? Imagine doing this over and over and over. This is Caitlyn top. Beware though. Getting to close to a Jax, Irelia or a Riven, you will be punished. All these champions have Gapclosers. These are scary things for adcs without escapes. Lucky for you, you have an escape, which is 90 Caliber Net. Just be very cautious.

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Match ups

This is where I will go over the mechanics behind these lanes and how to play them. I will not include EVERY SINGLE top laner in the game, but the ones who you will be probable to lane against.

This isn't a hard matchup until she hits level six. Just poke her down and deny her a lot of farm. Hopefully if you play this correctly, she will be too low to all in you. If she goes back to base, use this time to set up traps to cover yo' ***. Try to kite her into the path of traps.

This guy will be very hard to push out of lane. His sustain is monstrous. (see what I did there? Ok no more jokes.) Juke out his knock up and you win. If he hits level six and lands a knock up, your almost Garentee'd ( sorry, that one was staring me in the face) dead. He will most likely do the Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart build. After that, you cant do anything apart from farm. :( You don't lose, but you don't win.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to all Caitlyn's out there! You win. Hard. All you have to do, is poke him. Do not get pulled or you will die. His pull range is 540. Your range is 650. Do the math.

Never laned against spider woman. I'm not much of a help on this one but I can try. You out range her poisonous thingy by 25. That isn't much at all. She has gap closers, sustain, a stun and %hp damage. I think you might lose this one. You might have to play safe.

Who said Christmas didn't come twice in a year? Pokie, pokie and more pokie. Just get him low and execute. Just remember. There is now way for him to get close, only if you let him.

*shivers* This lane gives me nightmares. Gap closer. Slow/stun. Range and beastly sustain. You can try to poke her, but do this at your own risk. This is a very tricky lane indeed.

Another scary one. No sustain but gap closers and stuns rain down like, well, rain. When he hits 6, his double tap E+Q+W combo will hurt. Use your E when he gets close.

This lane can go either way. Play this smart. You out range him on auto's, but he has speed increase and an awesome range on his E+Q combo. Don't let him get close to you. Juke is blue lightning ball thingy and poke away.

This is easy until he evolves his leap. Dodge his spike and don't get close to him. Just poke away and do not let him jump on you.

Rarely seen in the lower elo's. he is banned a lot so it is unlikely you will face him. But, if you do, just have fun. He will oom (out of mana) very fast if he uses his abilities a lot. Just poke this rock down and don't let him get his shield up.

This lane is... weird. I think. I look at this and think: "Zone. Poke. Deny farm." But he has "stuff" that counters you. His slow is basically a gap closer. I can't help you on this. Experiment in this lane and use your knowledge.

This lane is easy peasy lemon squeasy. he can do nothing while you poke. If he lands his axe, you shoudnt be in to much trouble. If he gets close, E away and continue to chase and poke.

This isn't fun. He has sustain, a stun, and a gap closer that he can use twice. His ult gives him hp. Everything about this big croc says "I beat you." Try to farm, e if he gets close. You must realize that while his dash is on cool down, you have control.

Ew. I hate being in this position. She cant be kited really, in lane anyway. She has a shield to block harass. A stun with an awesome scaling on ad and she is the definition of "dash." Play this lane very cautiously. Remember, she has moments after combos when her cool downs are up. Abuse these times to harass or farm.

As a player who mains Singed, this isn't fun if your laner can think. In this lane, the Singed will push the lane and try to proxy farm behind your turret, as you have no cc that can be used in a chasing or killing scenario. If he doesn't do this, he most likely just push and tank up. In this lane, I like to counter push with q. Singed has a lot of mana problems early on. One fling sets him behind 100 mana. His poison is a pain to farm with early on. Push to his tower, and poke him down. Beware though, when he hits 8, most Singed's will have their slow ready. He can follow up on ganks very well with his ghost and ultimate. If I feel cool and I am a 1337 Swag player, I might consider to rush Frozen Mallet and Blade of the Ruined King and just kite the absolute **** out of him.

The swift scout is no problem for you. You out range him by a whopping 150. Just keep track of his shrooms and its auto win for lane.

Tryndaqueer is a little scary. His stun, ad reduction and gap closer make him a threat in your lane. His ultimate is just one factor that makes him annoying as well. Try asking your support or whoever has exhaust to just lay that down on him in a team fight.

Monkey king is funny. he has a gap closer and an awesome ability that reduces your armor. His stealth is easy to predict so wasting ultimate's on it will be no problem. Be careful, try and fid your footing in this lane. As always, E if he gets close.

Not commonly seen form my point of view, then again, I am in silver. This guy is quite easy. You outrange him, so if he gets close to use his ghouls on you, all you have to do is run. And he if does land them on you. Hitting them with your enormous amount of ad early on will completely shut him down.

That's all the top laners that I think you might encounter. If you see one and you have no clue what to do, then just, experiment and find what works for you!

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Overall, Caitlyn top could be considered troll. It can be considered many things. But this is a guide. Not some random telling you what to do. Double ad is becoming more popular in the meta. You will have a hard time convincing people to let you do this in soloq. But hey, #YOLO