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League of Legends Build Guide Author SKDav

Teemo : First blood assassin

SKDav Last updated on February 22, 2011
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I tried many build with teemo, and for now, i liked best hybrid teemo.

If you wan't to understand me, here is a little legend of my vocabulary :

top = Top lane
mid = Middle lane
bot = Bottom lane
AA = Auto attack
strike = strongest avaible attack
gank/ganking = attack someone with greater number and by surprise (2v1,3v1,...)

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This is how i play with teemo :

I think teemo should never be in a team fight. At least not when they are 3 or more. I feel that teemo should be only played like an assassin. It doesn't mean that you can't help your ally when they are 5 coming on you. Just be at a tactical place where you can 1v1 each champion one by one.

Here a more detailed explanation for the "assassin" playstyle :

- Early game :

First thing you do is get your boot and 3 potions and dash to the mid with your ghost spell.
You want your team to get the first blood (no need to be you, at least let it be a carry if it is not you). So when you get there, place yourself for 2 possible situations.
1) The champion can kill you even if you are invisible (like karthus spell)
2) The champion can't kill you if you are invisible (at least at level < 6)
- For the first situation, you need to get between the wall that cover the brush, a little bit out of range of the minion (so that if he cast on the minions, you won't get hit).
- For the second situation, you need to get closer to the tower and in the middle of the path.
Once he get past you, shoot your Blinding Dart and attack him. Exhaust him after 2 second to be sure to kill him. Now you got your first blood. It should work on any champion. You may need help if you are against a tank.
If he got flash spell, be sure to let him do enough distance to be sure that he can't flash back to his tower.
After that, lane-farm mid or sideline depending on your team wish. Don't get cocky because you got first blood, you are very weak in health. Once you get your level 6, you can start "scouting" by placing them at tactical spots. (refer to Teemo ultimate : tactical scooting mushrooms)

- Mid game :

In mid game, you want money and kill. So lets gank! Wherever you were laning, gank them top-mid-bot one after the other in any order you want. If you are laning mid, it's really easy to call your friend and gank your ennemy. You can also leave your lane (after a good push) and gank top or bot. If you don't know how to gank, refer to the Ganking chapter.

- Late game :

In late game, finish their tower, kill them, score the ace to wreck their base...
If you played well, you should be able to kill anyone pretty easily. Don't be too ambitious, continue to gank or 1v1 them. Let them be angry at you. If you placed your Noxious Trap well, let them chase you, get hit by your mushroom, strike them, back again and continue until they are dead. The champion that will give you a hard time are the long range stunner like Annie, Ryze, Lux, etc. But they are easy to gank so gank them.
If you are having a bad game, then just continue to place your Noxious Trap at tactical spot so that you can gank them and reverse the game.

Your worse ennemy is of course Vision Ward and Oracle's Elixir. If they got these items, just don't stand in open area and place your Noxious Trap only in brush. They can't destroy your mushroom if the brush is too small except for good player that place ward in the brush before going in it (it activate your mushroom if it touch a ward).

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Teemo ultimate : tactical scooting mushrooms

This section will explain how to use your ultimate and where to place your mushrooms.

If you consider yourself begining at the Bottom-Left, here where you should try to put your Noxious Trap. I say "try" because it's not always easy to leave your lane and you never know when they will want to gank you. So go place them when you are sure they are not there.

Here is my legends :
- Red mark : laning mid
- Blue mark : laning top
- Green mark : laning bot
- Black mark : Ennemy buff and dragon/baron
- yellow mark : other tactical spot

There is many places you can/should place them. These are the most commun one that you need to have.
It's always easier to be in the middle lane to place them, but if you happen to not be laning mid, you should try to come mid some time to put at least 1 in each brush wall in the river.

The Noxious Trap give you an enormous anti-gank advantage and a gank advantage against your ennemy. They will slow you ennemy when they get away or kill them when they are low life and trying to recall in a brush.

The buff are always nice to protect and gank. But if you enter your ennemy base, it's also easier to get kill so be cautious.

In term of danger, the black mark are the most dangerous to place. Followed by the yellow and your laning mark.

As long as they don't have Vision Ward or Oracle's Elixir, place them everywhere that seems logical for a champion to appear. place them one after the other (they don't stack) so that he will be slowed continuously. And if they got Vision Ward or Oracle's Elixir, just place them in the brush.

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If you want to master teemo, you must become the perfect assassin. Ganking is the best method to do so. Either you move to them or your allies move to you. As long as you poison him, slow him or stun him then he is dead.

Teemo is a strong assassin and a squishy champion. So here is the best method to gank :
- Never go in first except on 1v1 and you know you have the power to kill very fast)
- Always push them/let them come to your Noxious Trap to strike them.
- Be sure he can't see you if you get into Camouflage in an open area.
- Always try to get the Camouflage bonus before.
- Strike in this order : dart/AA/Exhaust/dart/AA/dart/AA/...
- If he can stun you (like udyr), strike/back/strike/back/...

Ganking is a very important part of this game. And what comes in hand with ganking is "Team work". You need to have a good team o be able to gank stronger opponent. (Refer to the team work chapter)

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The runes i chose are for me an "all-situation" good runes.

- Magic resist ( Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist)
- Mana regen ( Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration)
- Cooldown reduction ( Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction)
- Life / level ( Greater Quintessence of Vitality)

The reason i choose these runes :

- Magic resist : Almost all champion deal magic damage. So it can save your *** when karthus ult you or lux.
- Mana regen : it's very good at the start of the game to get your mana replenished to be able to Blinding Dart (harass) your ennemy.
- Cooldown reduction : If you can cast your Blinding Dart right after the effect of your first dart fade off, your almost invincible against dps champion.
- Life / level : Teemo is very squishy so you want to get all the health boost you can.

In these runes, i feel the one that is less important for my build that you can change are the mana regen and the health boost. Maybe i will change the mana regen runes in my own core if i feel like it changes nothing.

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The masteries depend on how you want to play.
(Refer to the Playstyle chapter)

I prefer playing the assassin style. So here a list of the masteries :
- Cripple : boost exhaust
- archmage's sawy : boost your ability power to gain extra damage with your ability's
- Sorcery : reduce cooldown
- Archaic Knowledge : extra magic penetration
- Sunder : extra armor penetration
- Brute Force : extra damage
- perseverance : health/mana regen
- Haste : boost ghost
- Awareness : exp. boost
- Greed : extra gold
- Meditation : extra mana regen
- Utility Mastery : longer buff
- Quickness : extra movement speed

So basically, you want extra damage (magic and physical), cooldown reduction, mana regen, extra movement speed and boost your 2 spells. If you change your spell, change the mastery. But the most impartant part of the mastery will be the damage given by Archaic Knowledge and the movement speed given by Quickness . These 2 mastery are for me the most important part of this build.

Because when you want to kill fast, you need the little extra magic penetration for your spells and the movement speed to chase/run depending on the situation (success/fail to gank)

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One of the important part of the game : what items to choose. With an hybrid teemo, there is many way possible to play. So let your imagination choose and try what you like best. Here is one of my builds.

Starting items :
- Boots of Speed
- Health Potion x2
- Mana Potion

You will need to get extra movement speed for the start so that you can rush to the middle before anyone and prepare yourself for the first blood.

Core Items :
- Malady
- Guinsoo's Rageblade
- Frozen Mallet

These items will give you : atk speed, magic penetration, health, slow ennemy movement speed and additionnal damage.
Teemo need to attack fast enough to stack his poisonous damage and have enough damage output to lower the health of the ennemy champion. These items do a great job for this situation.

Situationnal items :

The boots :
If there is no threat in the opposing team, go take the Boots of Swiftness. If you or your team have difficulties, i suggest mercury's tread. It can save your *** from magic death or too long stun.

Other items :

Depending on the situation you are, there is many items you will want to get.

If you are having a great game and have the cash for it, go get yourself the Frozen Mallet and the Hextech Gunblade to be able to kill them all one after the other without having to get back to the base. The hammer give you the extra health to survive, and his passive help you easily chase your target. The gunblade give you enough steal life to be able to survive for a little kill streak.
Of course, you can't take them one after the other if you are not feed enough compare to them. And you can't kill a tank like Sion if he can kill you in 2 hit.
So basically, just continue to kill the squishy carry and let your team do the rest.

If you are not strong enough or you are playing against strong tank, you should change these items for things like :
- Madred's Bloodrazor
- The Black Cleaver
- The Bloodthirster

It really depends on the situation :
- You can kill easilly
- you cannot kill
- you are being targeted/ganked
- your team is having a really bad game...

i reccommend the gunblade because it's good most of the time, but if you are being killed too often, go get yourself guardien angel and let your team help you gank them.

Teemo is defined as a carry, but the only things he can do is kill on 1v1 or 2v2. If there is too much oppenent, he can't do AoE damage and die easily. So just take it easy and let them come to you.

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Skill Sequence

For the skills, i recommend begining with the Blinding Dart because it deal a lot of damage for the start of the game. It also help you get your first blood against squishy champion going mid. get your 3 different skills at level 3. after boost your dart until level 6.

Once you get there, there is 2 way possible :
- if you have enough money to get Stinger or Malady, go get them.
- if you don't, then try to get your Boots of Swiftness

if you have the first way, get your Toxic Shot to level 5. With your atk speed it will be very deadly.
If you did not get the atk speed boost, continue to boost your dart. with your movement speed, you will be able to harass them really good.

After this, just boost all your skill. The Move Quick skill in last because you want more damage over movement speed.

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Summoner Spells

4 spells :

- Exhaust : i choose exhaust because it help me get the first blood and its a great spell to put the ennemy in blind state for longer time (combined with the [blinding dart).

- Ghost : i choose this spell because it help me get to the mid before anyone (to gank) and its a great escape/chase spell.

- Flash : i don't really like it but i'm pretty sure it can help you gank if you just stand in camouflage, flash at the guy and kill him.

- Ignite : I don't use this spell either but it can help you finish your ennemies if you stack it with your poison.

I don't put the other spells because i never really played them even with other champion, so if you ever found a great spell combo, tell me.

So depending on your style of play, choose the spells you like best.

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Team Work

Team work is the main thing to master in League of Legends. This game is all about team play. You need to do team gank, team push and "team" bait to be able to take advantage.

Most of the time i lose is because there is no cohesion in my team or because the other team is just too good in their team work. So here i'm gonna tell you some important things maybe you already know :

1) When you choose your 5 champion, make sure you will be able to : tank-push-kill. Some good team don't need a tank but you need to be really timed at your actions.

2) when you start the game, make sure you don't go in the brush alone when all of the ennemy team may be waiting for you. suprise them by ganking mid or in their jungle when you know there is a jungler.

3) If you have difficulty in your lane, don't hesitate to ask for gank. maybe your allies will say they can't because they will lose their tower, but i say : "one kill is better than a lost tower". there is many debate on this subject so i will just stop it here. If you want more explanation, i will open an other chapter later.

4) always call a mia. even if you think "he is just hiding in the brush" or "he is just backing to town". any hero that can hit you can kill you. so even if he is low life, when they are 3 at you, you can't do a thing.

5) Never surrender or think negatively. I know sometime it's just done fore, but try to not show it an play until you really die. One good ace can reverse the game around. So dont let down your allies because you think you are done. At least try for another kill.

6) I strongly reccommend the use of software like "skype" to be able to talk to your friend in-game. I hope there will be a in-game voice chat one day. (and sometime i hope not...i don't want to hear cry baby...)

7) Use ping to do timed attack but before overusing the ping, tell your friend what you want to do. If you ping but you wanted to back and your allies think you will attack, then a big misunderstanding will be created and there will be colateral damage. So just be sure your allies understand before you ping.

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This is the end of my first complete guide. Thanks to all the reader. Please leave comments. Good or bad i don't mind. I am trying many champion and i want to do a build for all of the champion a love. For now teemo is the first one i really put hard work for.

And if you ever want to know more about me and my clan, go to my website :