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Teemo Build Guide by Skriggles

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skriggles

Teemo Like A Boss ~ A Guide for Domination

Skriggles Last updated on November 21, 2012
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Hybrid (Vs Carry)


Hybrid (Vs Tank)

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Playing Teemo Like A Boss

Welcome to my Teemo champion guide, featuring two builds, fixated around the enemy team's composition. The first will be with AP carry Teemo, built around the my three main items Malady, Lich Bane and Madred's Bloodrazor or Blade of the Ruined King. This build is used when versing carries like Vayne or Ashe. The build itemizes damage over utility, plus tenacity for survivability. The next build involves REWQing tanks. This build itemizes reduced healing and Armor and Magic Pen/Shred through items like Malady, Wicked Hatchet and Madred's Bloodrazor. Please continue reading and I'll reveal my secrets to playing a High Elo Teemo like a Boss.

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Teemo's Runes Like A Boss

My runes for both my Teemos surround building early game AP for nuking people with a 'Basic Attack, Blinding Dart, Basic Attack' combo. This gives you the most sustained DPS. I get: 9 Greater Marks of Insight this gives me a little Magic Pen early, this also makes my nuke that much more painful, flat AP marks like Greater Marks of Potency are viable as well, but the Penetration will give you more damage over those who build AR/MR runes and masteries. 2 Greater Seals of Alacrity this is just for the fact that Teemo has a quite slow base Attack Speed, and the attack speed is what makes Teemo so very annoying. 7 Greater Seal of Ability Power this contributes into the early game nuke power, Greater Seals of Force are also viable but I believe they give you less nuke potential early, but it scales better into late game. 9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power this again contributes to my early game nukes, and again substituting these for Greater Glyphs of Force will result in the same effect as changing your Seals. And lastly, 3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, I think you get the idea.

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Teemo's Masteries Like A Boss

Although my item build and runes are built around early game AP, my masteries are built for AD increase, making my survivability and follow up damage a little more significant than with just pure AP increases. Even though Teemo deals bonus magic damage with his Toxic Shot I still believe that you need follow up damage. The DOT is painful and all, but without follow up damage it's difficult to finish of the target after your "Basic Attack, Blinding Dart combo. My Masteries consist of 23/0/7 surrounding AD increase, Armour Pen, and Cooldown Reduction through Weapons Expertise and Sorcery. I take the CDR for the ability to cast the "Basic Attack, Blinding Dart, Basic Attack" combo faster than people think. Trust me, the CDR has saved me countless of times where it was a clutch Blinding Dart. In addition to those is get 7 points in Utility taking Death Reduction through Good Hands , Improved Recall , and extra Movement Speed through Swiftness just because Teemo also has a really slow*** base Movement Speed. The Improved Recall is a must, due to a glitch in the game, Teemo can stealth during recall only if there is a point in Improved Recall ensuring a safe escape. This setup will give you the best all round damage plus follow up. Note that this build also involves playing very safe at times. Think of it as "Keep the Teemo alive", but again, the utility tree should help you out run just about anyone with your Move Quick.

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Building Teemo Like A Boss

I itemize Teemo around 3 core items, Malady, Lich Bane and Madred's Bloodrazor or Blade of the Ruined King for Twisted Treeline . These three items make up my core build for the little boss, and I consider them to make Teemo the most painful thing on the Fields of Justice. Firstly Malady. In all instances I rush Malady as my first major buy. This increased overall DPS and makes tanks a lot more easier to deal with. Secondly I build Lich Bane, this item not only makes your nuke that much more painful, but it also increases Tower Pushing Power, and makes spell activations (this means that Move Quick can be activated during a fight to increase burst potential) and nuke output higher. I consider Madred's Bloodrazor( Blade of the Ruined King) as an eventuality item. Meaning that I can get it anytime depending on how fast the tanks grab HP items before Magic Resist. Either way I will end the game with all 3 items in my inventory. Otherwise, all other items are situational. Items like Wicket Hatchet, Frozen Mallet and the really awesome Van Damm's Pillager are items I get based on the enemy. Wicket Hatchet is extremely mean to a Volibear which means that your nukes won't be interrupted by that really OP Chosen of the Storm passive of his, and generally because tanks have high HP regen anyways. If you find that people are escaping a little too quick, or if that enemy Shaco buys his recommended items, then Frozen Mallet is a mad buy on Teemo, this just means that that annoying Shaco bought worthless boots and you look like a tanky boss too. And lastly Lord Van Damm's Pillager just because it is really awesome and for some weird reason gives you spell vamp. Other items such as Will of the Ancients or Wooglet's Witchcap are also viable, but I mainly buy these if I am emotionally compelled too, otherwise the above builds will take you to the enemies surrender before you get as far as Madred's Bloodrazer( Blade of the Ruined King).

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Skill Sequence

Ranking Teemo Like A Boss

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I rank Teemo's spell in a Toxic Shot -> Blinding Dart sequence. Ranking them simultaneously gives you and even distribution of damage, and makes sure that your nuke is even. I used to rank Move Quick over Blinding Dart and just fully rank Toxic Shot][] level 9, but if your nuke can kill someone almost instantly, 1 rank of [[Move Quick is sufficient in my opinion, and your nuke is more painful if the damage is evenly placed throughout the combo. I find that the scaling of Blinding Dart increases significantly through levels, meaning that ranking it simultaneously with Toxic Shot just means that your nuke is actually quite painful. Also, the Blind duration of Blinding Dart also increases through ranking, meaning that you incapacitate the enemy for that much longer to "peew peew" them to Hell. And as always I rank up Noxious Trap whenever it is available. ^^

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Summoner Spells

Picking Summoner Spell for Teemo Boss-ness

Flash: For escapes and ninja kills.
Ignite: For some more DOT.
Exhaust: For some bait potential and damage reduction.
Basically these are the only 3 summoner spells I feel that are viable for Teemo. Firstly is Flash[], this spell is the most OP summoner spell around and just overall increases mobility and escapability. Plus it is really great when you pull a "[[Flash, Basic Attack, Blinding Dart, Basic Attack" combo when the other guy is not looking or trying to farm. The other two are optional. Ignite is the option I mainly chose, just for the fact it deals more damage and reduces the effect of Summoner Heal on the enemy if they they it. It also deal True damage, which means it is a deals guaranteed damage. Exhaust is also viable if versing a high damage opponent or if your team lacks an Exhaust. It is extremely useful once the blind from Blinding Dart wears off. It will also contribute greatly to your escape potential when combined in a " Exhaust, Flash" combo which will put considerable distance between you and your assailant. Exhaust also has great bait potential against high damage target that think they can survive your "Basic Attack, Blinding Dart, Basic Attack" combo, but once Exhausted their attacks feel like your being hit with sand, and (with the addition of Malady) your combo 1-hits them. Summoner Spells are important and should be picked wisely, to ensure safety and/or increased damage output.

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Unique Skills

Teemo Domination

In my opinion Teemo has the greatest instant damage output. The damage dealt form a ''Basic Attack, Blinding Dart, Basic Attack" combo, is insanely and deceptively strong. Many people underestimate the power of Teemo's combo. Blinding Dart will suppress most of your target's ability to counter attack you, and Lich Bane procs from it too, making your last Basic Attack hurt like a brick. This build lasts all game, your damage is sustained and your 1v1 potential is so high. Basically this build with dominate any other Teemo on the fields. Your items are very important, as they are the core to your domination. The items detailed in this build are set to dominate most people if played right...

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Teemo to the Fields of Justice

I hope my guide was helpful, and I much appreciate all up votes that I may get. In making this build I wish to share my thoughts and ideas to my favourite champ of the League. This build was my brain child, engineered and thought of from yours truly. Again, I hope you enjoyed the read, and I hope to see you guys on the Fields of Justice...
- Skriggles