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Teemo Build Guide by H3arts

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author H3arts

Teemo On Hit (Dominion Guide)

H3arts Last updated on April 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, welcome to my guide. This being my first build, criticism is both welcome, and appreciated. Please comment below and be sure to rate this guide. Thank you. This build should only be used for Dominion as there are much better builds for SR and TT!

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Pros / Cons

  • - Low damage early game
  • - Squishy early game
  • - Often targeted

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Skill Order

No matter what build you choose to follow, the skill order should always be:
Noxious Trap > Toxic Shot

After, people will either choose:
Move Quick or Blinding Dart

Maxing Move Quick is used if you want to poke and run away quickly or for chasing down ganks more efficiently.

Maxing Blinding Dart is used for a longer blind if you're worried about getting hit, or you want to help out in team fights more quickly.

I go for Noxious Trap > Toxic Shot > Blinding Dart > Move Quick Making sure to get one point in Move quick early to help with ganks and running away.

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This will give you early game damage along with a little life steal that will help late game. Along with 200hp, this is a must first item.

Starting out in Dominion, you'll have a bit more money to spend after, buying a Prospector's Blade. Boots of speed will give you extra speed that you need.

You have two viable boot options. Berskerker's Greaves will give you that extra attack speed that's so important to Teemo. The only other viable boots would be -- Only get Mercs if they have team with three or more ap / high cc.

Malady will give you that early game damage along with the much needed attack speed to help with your Toxic Shot

Next comes a defense item. Now usually, defense items don't heed any damage rewards (at least not big rewards) however, in this case, you get attack speed, magic resist, magic resist per auto attack and 42 extra magic damage per hit!! This is a must in any Teemo build!

Next you'll want a little life steal to help you sustain just a little better. Some people like to get this earlier in their build, however, since this is a 'on hit' build instead of an attack damage build, you don't need it any earlier.

Next you'll want health you've got quite a bit of damage now, but you starting to realize that you're being targeted more often, because you're squishy. Build Phage before Giant's Belt because, phage give you a slow chance, plus AD.

After you build your Phage and Giant's Belt build that into your Frozen Mallet This will give you all the health you need, plus your auto attacks slow for 40% while your Noxious Trap slows for an extra 30%

At this point your attack speed should be practically maxed, meaning don't buy another attack speed item! Instead, focus on finishing your Vampiric Scepter into a Sanguine Blade or sell that for something different.

  • + Void Staff Lets basically all of your attacks do more damage, plus an increase in AP will give your even more damage.
  • + Some people might go Rabadon's Deathcap Giving them a lot of ap which would help all of their attacks significantly, however consider wisely as this isn't an AP build.
  • + You're not exactly a 'tank' lmao, but a Thornmail can help if you're getting railed by their heavy AD team.

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Item No-no's

I know this seems like a good item for Teemo, AS, AP, and CDR... However, for this build, Malady and Wit's End are more important for defense and extra damage, and by the time you have your Frozen Mallet your attack speeds already at 1.9 and with camouflage your attack goes up to roughly 2.2/2.3 'NOT VIABLE FOR THIS BUILD'

Most people like this item for defense as a last item, however with games averaging 20minutes long, with a 5min cooldown... It's not really going to help you more than twice.. Even if the game runs long enough for you to get to a last item, I can practically guarantee, that its only going to activate once. 'NOT VIABLE FOR THIS BUILD'

Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads are in all situations, better. Unless you're playing AP Teemo, you don't need Sorcerer's shoes, even with the 150ish ap you get from this build, it won't help you more than the other boots. 'NOT VIABLE FOR THIS BUILD'

True, you need attack speed, but you get enough from Malady and Wit's End Plus, you're not crit based, meaning it would just go to waste. 'NOT VIABLE FOR THIS BUILD'

Even though this seems like a perfect item for Teemo, it isn't. Spell vamp doesn't apply to Toxic Shot or Noxious Trap Spell vamp would only affect your Blinding Dart and as for the life steal, well you just don't have enough damage for it to pay off.. This is not a AD build. Granted I do suggest Vampiric Scepter and potentially a Sanguine Blade as a final item, but its only effective late game as apposed to a second or third item. 'NOT VIABLE FOR THIS BUILD'

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Summoner Spells


You already have your blinding shot (which blinds) But plus exhaust, you can literally shut someone down.

With your Move Quick you can catch up to runner's, get away quickly, and get around the map with ease. With Ghost you'll be able to insure almost all ganks, flee's, and get to team mates to help them in a matter of seconds.


Not only did they increase the cool down time, but they also decreased the range to 400 from 450. So, not only is Flash a joke compared to Ghost now, but you don't have any real burst, so chasing close behind getting in multiple attacks instead of getting in one or two extra attacks with Flash.

Teemo doesn't really have mana issues.

You don't need the extra attack speed, explained under item tab.

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I decided to make a small chapter on Camouflage.
Most people don't utilize this skill enough.. however, this is one of my favorite skills in the game.


On dominion hiding right outside their tower in the 'darkness' is a good spot to camp. If they wander over to you, you can surprise them with an auto attack or two, then your Blinding Dart to stop their damage, then just finish them off. Remember-- your Camouflage give your bonus attack speed after your de-stealth, don't waste it.

Stand on a Noxious Trap while stealthed to give them more damage before attacking.

Have a team-mate wait in the bushes while you stand next to him, if the enemy engages, either start attacking right away and say 'SURPRISE ATTACK' or wait and see if their going to stick around and fight your team-mate, in the hopes that he/she will win the fight. Then pop out and kill them before your team-mate dies.

Finally, standing on a turret under 'your' control, will hide your stealth from enemies. Use this to your advantage.

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Team Fights

In team fights stand AWAY from the middle of the fight.. Throw in a Blinding Dart and an auto attack then move back a bit.. Even thought late game you're no longer squishy, people still like to target you because you're small.

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Dominion Noxious Trap Placement

+ Black Circles = Most Important Places
+ Purple Circles = If You Have Extra Noxious Trap
+ Blue Circles = If You Really Want To Put One There...
+ Red Stars = The Capture Points
+ (Red circle supposed to be Purple)

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Thanks for taking a look at my guide, I appreciate it!

Feel free to comment what you think I did right/wrong or could do better!

Item suggestions? Post below!

Please rate!

P.S. First build, so be nice:)