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Teemo Build Guide by chrisdjudge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chrisdjudge

Teemo- The most annoying Yordle

chrisdjudge Last updated on September 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok people this is my 3rd guide in Mobafire, today we will be talking about Teemo the really really Cute(Girls) and Annoying(Boyz). Teemo actually has great potential in any role. He can go semitanky top and zone the enemies, he can go bursty mid, he can go ADC, he can blind the **** out of ADCs as supp and can go full on tankiness as jungle. A lot of items also work on teemo (Cept proper supp items) and most runes seem to work fairly well. The best part of Teemo is that he can be underfed and still do lots in teamfights, or he can 1v5 solo pentakill at baron. Even if he isn't fed he can still annoy adcs to no end and can escape from most sticky situations.

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The runes I've chosen maximize Teemo's damage throughout the game, the Hybrid runes work eve on pure ap teemo because Teemo has pretty high base damage as well. It works on AD teemo coz of his E so yeah. 1 thing you can trade for Marks is Flat AD but I wouldn't recommend it.

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As I mentioned before Teemo works well with all sors of weird and troll-like masteries. Just try to go extreme on 1 type of mastery.

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Nashor's tooth is actually the key element in an AP Teemo build, Nashor's tooth makes auto attacks scale with 0.15 ap +15 magic damage. Combined with 5% from spellsword and 40% from his E, combine this with Nashor's Tooth you get 0.6 AP with every auto attack. Apart from that you also get the 5% max health damage from BLOTRK which can help you get more slows and help you gain even more speed. Another thing to note is the boot enhancement Furor which will give you an additional 12% MS everytime you auto attack or q, making it even harder to escape/chase you.

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The most important thing about ignite is something people often neglect, the 50% reduced healing can take out the adc's sustain or mundo ult or voli's passive. But because teemo has so much burst potential, most of them will never get the full heal which means that we won't need ignite. To be very frank flash/ghost combo is one of my favourites as it can get you out of any sticy situation. Ghost combined with Furor and W is equal to enemies going wtf when you outrun master yi.

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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
Can get into great positioning Very squishy
Probably one of the fastest champs Very weak once people get Oracles
Lots of burst Shrooms got nerfed to 3 min
Presence even when not there Hard time leashing/Giving kills to allies
AA reliant not that much use for mana

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When laning you farm a lot but at the same time try to poke your opponent out of lane. Never go full on because you have no reason to (Unless he has less than 25% left and its a free kill.) Are you in trouble coz of a gank, don't worry, go into the bush and stand still, let them use their mana trying to find you and then hop on both of them if you want. After you hit 6 put shrooms in places where no minions will stand and run through them. Have no mushrooms, your still fine, imagine you have a fake mushroom and walk past it like you're luring someone and they will try to sidestep it lol.

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Before you b always put a few extra shrooms around for your team if they ever decide they need that little thing for backup. Teemo should normally lie low until he has a great position to take out the enemy, finally always make sure there is an escape path before fighting.

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Well this is the end of my Teemo guide and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it. Be sure to drop a comment below so that I can improve.