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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Fizz Build Guide by tehAsian

tehAsian's Diamond Fizz

tehAsian's Diamond Fizz

Updated on September 18, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tehAsian Build Guide By tehAsian 106 7 2,058,623 Views 81 Comments
106 7 2,058,623 Views 81 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tehAsian Fizz Build Guide By tehAsian Updated on September 18, 2014
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Thanks to -NA- Veng Lmfao for the banner!

Hi everyone, I'm back with another guide :3

Fizz is my most consistent AP Mid champions, and I pick him whenever I want my next win. In my opinion, he's one of the strongest mid laners in the game right now if you play him correctly, and doesn't have a lot of negative matchups. If left unchecked, he snowballs out of control and can potentially 2 or even 1 shot your squishies late game without counterplay.

Fizz is probably the #1 assassin in Solo Queue at the moment. He brings something no other Assassin has: a 1200 range initiation.

Xaioli wrote:
Welcome to Platinum on NA, where you win hard or lose hard. Occasionally, you will have very close/intense games but really, you either make plays or get played. Damn, I should make that a quote.

Basically, in Solo Queue, whoever makes the most plays wins the most games. That 1200 range initiate is YOUR playmaker, and of every assassin Fizz is the only one with such a thing :)
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I use a balls to the wall setup.

greater mark of hybrid penetration These are OP. You will do a LOT of physical damage in lane because a lot of damage comes from your auto-attacks and Urchin Strike. These will also increase the damage of Sheen, so they aren't wasted until mid game where you should be 1 comboing squishies regardless of runes anyway.

Like your Reds, these are pretty standard runes. AD Assassins like Zed and Kha'Zix are getting more and more common in mid lane, and extra armor to help against auto-attack harass isn't bad either.

Standard defensive glyphs since you're usually against an AP Mid. These really help reduce damage when you're forced to eat harass, letting you stay in lane longer so you can hit 6 faster.

Fizz has pretty good ratios, and 15 AP early on is nothing to laugh about.

Anyway, this rune page is set up to give you the greatest amount of early damage possible. Fizz's kill potential at level 3 is extremely high, and we want to use that power spike to our advantage :)


If you don't have hybrid penetration runes, these are just as good!

I have actually been running these until I switched to a full damage page. Whether you pick these or AP Quints depends on if you want to have more mobility mid game so you can roam better, or if you want damage to kill people. Either is fine, really :)
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite are both good. There aren't really better options.

Some people run Barrier/ Heal + Ignite. I don't recommend this for newer players since Flash + E + Q covers a ton of distance, and Barrier/Heal doesn't benefit Fizz as much since you want to be running in and out of fights and not take too much sustained damage. If you're confident without Flash for mobility, you can, but I think Flash is superior.
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Skill Sequence

> > >

In most cases, max R > E > Q > W.

ALWAYS level up E first, as it's your escape, gap closer, and does AoE damage for early team fights.

Against a Melee champion, get W at level 2 to punish them if they try to kill minions near you. If they're ranged, get Q. Get whatever ability you didn't rank up at level 3.

Leveling Playful / Trickster gives you the most mobility so you can be slippery as hell, but its also your wave clear, gap closer, and gives more burst than leveling Q or W. There are just too many benefits to NOT level it :)

Level Urchin Strike next because it does more overall damage than Seastone Trident, and we want as much of that as possible (thanks Satella and Embracing for pointing that out :D)

Of course, level up Chum the Waters whenever you can, because it's your ultimate.
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Ability Usage

Doran's Blades represent an auto-attack.
The most basic combo. Because Urchin Strike applies on-hit effects, it will apply Seastone Trident as if you had auto-attacked your target. ALWAYS activate Seastone Trident before casting Urchin Strike before you go in for a kill.

Urchin Strike resets your auto-attack timer, so if you're in melee range you can auto-attack then immediately Urchin Strike for a quick burst of damage. Because of Urchin Strike always bringing you to the maximum distance, if you position yourself correctly this can even be used to disengage.

+ > >
This is your harass. Activate Seastone Trident, hit them with Urchin Strike and maybe an auto-attack or two, then back off with Playful / Trickster. If they're low on health, you can add in Ignite or Playful / Trickster for the kill.

> > >
Playful / Trickster into them, activate Seastone Trident, auto-attack and Urchin Strike. You usually want to do this if the enemy mid laner just missed an ability on you and you need to use the opportunity to jump them.

> /
Because your ultimate, Chum the Waters, has a gigantic range and is coupled with a very strong slow + knockup, it's great for starting a fight or catching a squishy. 90% of the time you want to open with Chum the Waters because the slow and knockup will give you time to close the gap. This will also increase the damage of the %-missing health component of Seastone Trident.

After you use your ultimate, you can either use Playful / Trickster for additional damage, or save it for a disengage. I normally save it because Lich Bane + W + Q with your ultimate is usually enough to obliterate squishies.

> + >
If the enemy front line is being annoying and won't let you fish their squishies, consider blowing all your cap closers THEN ult at point blank range.

> + > > > +
For when you have your Zhonya's built AND when you have Blue Buff. Because of Fizz's relatively short cooldowns you can jump in, blow your combo, then Zhonyas to wait out the rest of the cooldown. By the time you come out of invulnerability, your cooldowns will be almost or completely gone!
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Possible Starts

This is my recommended start. Gives quite a bit of AP, mana regen, and health which helps for all-ins, and 2 potions for sustain. This is the best start for most AP Mids.

If you're expecting a lot of harass and/or need a lot of sustain, start with a Flask instead of a Doran's Ring so you can stay in lane. This is useful against champions like Lissandra, who'll probably shove you to your tower early.

Against RANGED AD Mids, i.e. Ezreal. If you're very high elo, you won't read this guide but it's also good for 1v2 mids.

Early Core


My early core is 2 Doran's Items, a Sheen, and Boots. 2 Dorans gives you the early boost you need to become strong enough to snowball off kills. A Sheen synergizes well with Urchin Strike, adding more burst to your combo but also giving you a mini mana engine. Buy Boots last because you need a bit of extra mobility for roaming and sticking to squishies.

Consider a Seeker's Armguard here if you're having trouble against an AD Mid. If you aren't having trouble, skip it.


This is your Core.

Lich Bane adds a HUGE amount to your burst, and because of the base damage you don't need a whole bunch of AP for it to be worth buying. Plus the added move speed isn't bad.

The reason we buy Lich Bane instead of Rabadon's Deathcap is because a few things:
Next, buy a Zhonya's Hourglass for the troll invulnerability. This makes it so when you dive the enemy carries, you won't die immediately afterwards! I cannot stress how important surviving is after you burst someone down.

By now, the other team should have a billion MR to counter your damage, so you should buy a Void Staff to ignore 35% of it.

The reason Rabadon's Deathcap isn't core is because Fizz already has really high base damages and his combined ratios are really really high, meaning even without a Deathcap you're able to do a LOT of damage. You can buy it if they aren't stacking MR or if you're really ahead though. Also, "Core" items are items that a champion cannot function without. Fizz works perfectly fine without a Deathcap for the most part :)

Last Items (PICK 2)

These should be the only situational last items you should consider.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap is a gigantic damage boost, especially when you have a bunch of AP from other items.
  • Deathfire Grasp is good when there's ONE threat on the other team (i.e 20/0/20 Caitlyn and everyone else is feeding)
  • Frozen Heart is amazing against 4-AD team compositions, just make sure you absolutely need the Armor.
  • Abyssal Mask is good against double AP Teams, or if they have a lot of magic damage.
  • Guardian Angel if you aren't sure what to get. You can never go wrong with having a second life!
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GENERAL Gameplay

Level 1-2
  • Play passively.
  • Avoid taking ANY damage if possible. You want to be as healthy as possible before your power spikes. If you take too much damage pop a Health Potion.
  • DO NOT get greedy for minion kills if it means you will take a hundred or so damage in return.
  • It's OKAY to miss a couple minions from the first 2-3 waves!

Level 3, first power spike
  • If your opponent gets in range, activate Seastone Trident and hit them with Urchin Strike. Auto-attack a few more times and Playful / Trickster out BEFORE you take too much damage.
  • This takes a bit of practice to know when your opponent will try to trade back with abilities.
  • If they get low, use Playful / Trickster for the kill instead of backing off.

Level 6, second power spike

If you're healthy, 80% Health or more and 300+ mana, all-in them. If you can properly dodge CC with Playful / Trickster you WILL win the fight, guaranteed. Keep in mind though, certain matchups like Zed or Lissandra have ways of outplaying you and surviving, then killing you in return. More on matchups later.

Mid Game

Use Playful / Trickster to clear minion waves, then run to bot lane, throw fishes at squishies, and kill people! Seriously, that's all you have to do. Consider buying a Vision Ward to deny vision so that they don't see you coming. You'll also make your support very happy :D

As Fizz, you should NOT be afraid to tower dive because Playful / Trickster is so stupid. Just remember not to Playful / Trickster in and save it to go out.

Late Game!

Run around with your team, throw fishes at out of position squishies or junglers, and kill them if they're alone. This is one of the best things about Fizz, he's able to catch isolated enemies and kill them VERY easily. Even if he can't kill them alone, the slow from Chum the Waters is strong enough that even his TEAM can catch up to guarantee a kill.

There are 2 things you can do in team fights. The first is initiate, and the second is to kill squishies.

I don't recommend for you to initiate fights with Chum the Waters unless the enemy ADC is REALLY out of position, like standing at the FRONT. If you see the chance to ult them, go for it!

Killing squishies is easier though. Wait for the initial CC and burst to be brought out, THEN go in from the side with Playful / Trickster, and when you're close to the enemy ADC throw Chum the Waters at them and instantly pop them with Seastone Trident + Urchin Strike. Then, Zhonya's Hourglass to survive and Playful / Trickster out.

HOWEVER, remember that even if you're an assassin with invulnerability, you can still be peeled off. CC, knockups/backs especially can ruin your day if you get caught since it can interrupt Urchin Strike, so be careful!
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Common Matchups

You can't do anything to her. She shoves to your turret, snares you when you try to engage, ults when you try to burst her and basically ignores your damage. If you leave lane she 2 shots your entire minion wave and heavily damages your tower. Like Ryze, your opportunity comes at hitting level 3 before she does, where she'll only have Q and W or E.

For this matchup, start with a Doran's Shield and bring MR Glyphs. Her early auto-attack harass HURTS, she has a shield and really good disengage with Q + W making her really difficult to kill. Also she has 3 AoEs, so if you leave lane she'll take your tower. Survive until 6, all-in her, but save Playful / Trickster to dodge her ultimate.

Every time she uses an ability to farm, go in on her and try your best to Playful / Trickster her Charm. If you can do that, you win lane, if not there's a good chance you'll lose.

Playful / Trickster her stun and go in. Be careful of her level 6 burst, the best time to go in is when she has 1-2 stacks of her passive so she can't immediately mash her keyboard and pull out a stun.
Save Playful / Trickster for his Sear and you're good to go :)

Wait until 6 and collect a free kill every time your ultimate is up. If he wants to fight, fight. He doesn't do enough damage early game to kill you, and you're too mobile to consistently be hit with Lay Waste.

Level up W, Q, and E at levels 1-3 and hit him every time he tries to CS in melee range. His early game is sooooo weak that you're able to kill or deny him farm very easily.

If you're inexperienced, start with a Doran's Shield to block auto-attack harass, but if you can kill her easily if she tries to fight you. Avoid her spears and you win. After 6 you can repeatedly ult her in lane and kill her.

If he locks in a Gold Card, bait it and dodge it with Playful / Trickster, then kill him. At 6, pop your ultimate and kill him again. There's nothing he can do to you.

Playful / Trickster his mage chains, but this will NOT stop him from bursting you from 100-0 at 6 if you aren't careful. Juke his skillshots and you win. If you can't, you lose.

You pretty much out damage him unless he's able to proc his passive on you, so stay healthy and trade often! Also, remember that you can dodge his Death Mark, but NOT the detonation. Time it properly!

Hard lane, don't get poked down from her plants. If you want to engage Playful / Trickster her Snare.
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Thanks for reading my guide :D

Change Log:

hi guys I changed the runes and some descriptions.
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