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Kassadin General Guide by Djinoko

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Djinoko

Terminator Kassadin(EDITED)

Djinoko Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Terminator Kassadin

Hello all and welcome to my first build i hope you like it and it gets you a lot of kills and wins!Before you vote i recommmend you to try out the build.

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Pros / Cons

1.Very Strong lategame
2.Kills squishies in seconds
3.Very much dmg in team fights if you stay alive
4.Very fun to play
1.Weak early game (gets better at lvl 6)
2.Can be killed extremely fast if he is lower than lvl 6
3.Always focused in team fights(thats why getting in team fights with ult will result instant death save it to run away from those chasing you)

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Farming is the second reason i get on lvl 2 its great for farming because when you hit you regain mana and can use your spells to farm.When you activate the spell you do more damage if you are against a ranged in middle be careful for his nukes.And its usefull for you use you get buff and you will deal EXTREME damage.If you have around 600 700 Abillity Power you use get buff and you will deal atleast 800 damage from your first hit thats why its soo important lategame.


Best time for teasing your targets are when you bluff goin straight to them and then goin back they will go back if they were running away and thats your moment turn around and use if you are close use your .Keep in mind that without and when your spells are on cooldown you are most vulnerable.If middle is melee dont use do combo with 1st use it run away preventing him to heal with lifesteal.Do that again a few times when he drops 50 60 % use full combo and finish him.

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Team Work

In team fights you have to be extremely carefull if you on a wrong spot your dead.If you use full combo ( again ) you might ks someone else's target just say your sorry and your is AOE and does tons of dmg :D.A good strategy is if you go from their backs and kill ranged squishies such as Ashe.You must have a target BEFORE the team fight start IF there is more than 1 squishy if there is only 1 kill him first then see if someone in your team is dying if he is go help.Remember to kill tanks last and avoid getting taunted.If there is no sight ward at the baron in around 13 14 lvl immidiately go and put one.Wait for them to go baron and get them from their backs when the their dps are dead only tanks alive aim for the baron and when he dies take care of the tank.

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Summoner Spells

Common Picks

If you look the top build guides they are all with Ignite and Flash but if you ask me kassadin with flash is a totall noob he has a riftwalk he doesnt need Flash about ignite i suggest it too almost every first blood is with Ignite but still not the best choice for Kassadin becuause if you know how to play him he will never escape in my guide he can only escape you in the beginning when 2 Riftwalks drain all of your mana or he can flash away or exhaust or stun you.

Best Pick

These two here are the best for Kassadin because escaping from Kassadin is hard escaping from kassadin with is almost impossible Kassadin has difficulties against AD heroes with alot of lifesteal with flash u can only try to escape nothing more with exhaust
u can prevent them from killing you and help you kill them a lot of players prefer Clarity but with my build i doubt you will run out of mana at late game it becomes totally useless
Heal is terrible on Kassadin.Most players use it 1v1 or when chased and its their last hope to survive the second one doesnt work on kassadin because he is master at slippin away from enemies the thing about 1v1 it may be good but exhaust will help you much more.

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Skills And Masteries

1- Null Sphere
2- Nether Blade
3- Force Pulse
4- Force Pulse
5- Force Pulse
6- RiftWalk
7- Null Sphere
8- Force Pulse
9- Null Sphere
10- Force Pulse
11- RiftWalk
12- Null Sphere
13- Null Sphere
14- Blade size
15- Blade size
16- RiftWalk
17- Blade size
18- Blade size
The reason i get on lvl 2 is that your main thing till lvl 6 is teasing and that spell is a great wasy to regain mana soo u can tease more it also helps to farm mobs
22/0/8 I choose my masteries for MAX damage i leveled is because Archangel Staff's passive the more mana the more abillity power spending points in defense has no point to me if u want to be not soo squishy early game u gotta have runes and masteries and all sorts of stuff why waste anything on that? u wont need it lategame its not needed to be that strong early.

Skill Combo

There are two combo's 1st one i use against AP bursts Its like this
Against AP
You jump with --> --> --> --> --> --> --> --> if he isnt dead repeat (i doubt it >:D)
Against AD
You jump with --> --> --> --> --> REPEAT
Now i will explain what is the diffrence between them ok starting with the AP.Using [icon:Null Sphere size=32] 1st soo he doesnt CC you first (example LebLand's chain) you can use exhaust in Againt Ap too if the hero is burst to completely ruin him combo.Against AD the main thing is that they dont have a lot of spells to cast soo using [icon:Force Pulse size=32] 1st and [icon:Null Sphere size=32] 2nd gives you an extra stack to [icon:Force Pulse size=32] wich you will need using to escape him and prevent him from healing with lifesteal is very good strategy.

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Main Runes:

The reason i use 9 is that my build is pure damage the seal gives me more mana for Archangel Staff's passive.These marks will help you punch through your opponent's base magic resistance, and with the help of will allow you to do almost true damage to anyone without any magic resistance.There really are no alternative marks. are the best seals because i dont think mana regeneration seals on kassadin are pointless becaus of his and it gives you a little bit more AP from Archangel Staff.About the Glyphs and quintessences i think that per level IP runes are better because kassadin is stronger late game not early game and its better to get 73 IP at lvl 18 and 30% more from rabadon than 24 at lvl 1.

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Why Nether Blade on lvl 2???

Most of you will take that as stupid but acutually getting it last is stupid cuzz ur main thing till lvl 6 is teasing and how will u tease when 5 and your on 0 mana without and it helps u farm and get stack of and in 1v1 when kassa's spells are on cd your only damage is this soo yes its important to get it on lvl 2 and max it last

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Bad counters on middle

As i said before you are easy prey for Talon its not good to go mid vs him you will probably feed him and get your teammates mad at you.Champions that you MUST defeat are twich graves miss fortune(will be lil hard) lux will be easy cuzz you can escape her spells with ult about kennen well he might be a trouble try moving a lot to dodge his shuriken ability try to out of his ult very important a fiddlesticks should be easy for you cuzz you have silence to prevent him from ulting
and draining soo when you engage him use your first, then iterupt his drain with .If he comes out of the bush with his ult just fire so he wont fear you and escape with
you might have problems with skilled katarina on mid you better not engage her doesnt matter that you have silence for her ult if there is a talon in your team and katarina is mid let him go mid he will rape her if he knows how to play
Difficulty 1-10
Talon:10-10(when i was with talon 4v1 and i killed their kassadin he is deadly against u)
Leblanc:6-10(she is OP)
Ashe:2-10(after lvl 6)6-10(before lvl 6)
Brand:4-10(he aint that hard u just gotta dodge his spells and dont let him stun y 1v1 with him will be better to be somewhere where there are no mobs cuzz his ult will bounce and deal extreme damage
Karthus:7-10(this guy is hard cuzz his E is deadly if u stay in it just nuke him till he low)
Veigar:4-10(easy cuzz u can escape his stun only his ult can srsly dmg u)
Twitch:2-10 he wont be soo hard just buy oracle and he is nothing....
Graves:7-10(graves can be very hard but not impossible to kill him
Caitlyn:5-10(if she has alot of dmg runes she might be harder
Anivia:4-10(not that hard just avoid her Q)
Lux:2-10(shouldnt be a problem remember use ur ult if u have to to escape her prison!)

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Other good items on kassadin

If you win very good with 1 in mid you can skip the second or if you dont have mana problems you can get before (i doubt that)(getting hp pots early game aint a bad idea if you have more money from farms).
You can also get pretty nice item but i dont like that item too much cuzz in 1v1 you wont really need spell vamp vs ad because from all your spells you will heal 200 250 not really sure and thats 1 hit from someone who is on AD. vs AP not really too cuzz they wont have time to damage you that much.If they have tanks with alot of magic resistance you gotta grab You can get earlier than and if the game goes about an hour or more sell your shoes and get if you dont die fast if you die fast get or a or if there are a lot of AP carries get .If you dont like you can replace it with a with it and with
, you will dead true damage to your targets.

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Tower Diving

Kassadin is very good at tower diving all you have to do is let a few mobs distract target attack with and then to destroy your target.IMPORTANT:If the target has ultiamtes like Kayle or Tryndamere,or can stun you on turret FIRST always or you will find yourself dead.If there is someone low at top or bottom and your teammates cant take him tell them to wait and dont let him recall and go teach him never stay on turret on low hp vs Kassadin :D,sometimes this will prevent enemies get kills.If there is more than 1 low HP enemy at turret it will be best a teammate to stay infront of them and tease if possible untill you go from their backs and get double kill,or if its on middle on first turret just attack and if you drop down lower than 40% jump over the wall,or take a risk and use .

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When you get ambushed or pulled by Blitzcrank or you enter a crowded with enemies bush i suggest you use your Rift Walk to jump over a wall because if there is someone like Warwick that gets movement speed bonus when you are low will get you if u dont jump over a wall.Pressing R before and pointing it to a safe place to land before entering a bush wich you suspect there are enemies in it will save your life.If enemies chase you and you used and its on cooldown use to slow and to escape or even a [icon=Null Sphere can do the thing if you have size=32].

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Custom Skins and etc.

Ok soo here ill give links for cool kassadin custom skins and videos(dubstep songs) my personal skin is best kassadin skin for me (blue variant) about official skins they are not worth it giving real money on skins when u can get free skins that look better only thing is only u can see them to install them i use latest SIU(skin installer ultimate) version u can watch some vids in youtube or ask fr's im gonna make a vid soon
Cool kassadin dubstep: (i made a pentakill on the second song :D)
i thank those who made the songs they really rock remember give thumbs up on the vid in youtube!

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Draft pick and ranked

Im very tired playing ranked and draft cuzz they ban kassa often and then im like WTF omfg i was in the mood playing kassa and he aint op damn it why dont they ban some like shaco tryndamere fiora(fiora extrenely OP if u ask me)karthus with his annoying ultimate akali irelia rammus (doesnt matter that they got nerf still OP to me) xin zhao (that guy is gonna make me hate asian ppl really hate him soo OP)shen, sion (with his ultraimba ult)soo when u play draft ranked expect to get kassa banned .......note that this is my first build it may not be the best around but i hope it will get u kills in the game with kassadin.(I will add videos and screenshots very soon in the next edit)


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