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Galio General Guide by littleboxes qs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author littleboxes qs

Test for Galio Solo Bot

littleboxes qs Last updated on February 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Reason for Soloing Bot

A problem I've found with the meta is that I'm not in control of whether my team mates feed or if the other team's carries get out of control. My potential solution: break the meta. My hypothesis being that if I can give my top lane a fighting chance and shut down the enemy top lane bruiser in the process, then I stand a far better chance of winning.

Galio is one of the few champions that can handle a solo bot lane, and at worst come out with some creeps.

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Smite: My theory is that if Galio can get enough control on the lane, he should find time to sneak in Wolves (if on purple side) or Little Golems (if on the blue side). The jungler will have no way to clear them once a minute, and it'll help supplement Galio's farm if he's being bullied out of lane after pushing.

Other: Really, the other summoner spell should fit your playstyle. Maybe you find that flashing in for the ult is absolutely necessary. I am toying with the idea of picking teleport for sidelane ganks and returning to lane quicker. Tinkering with masteries would allow for the full 10% CDR on teleport, a faster cast time, and of course the tier 3 boots for a roughly 200 second CD down from 300.

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Pros / Cons

Pros of solo bot Galio:
-Ability to farm against 2 people
-Offers an aoe taunt for team fights
-Tanky without building for it
-Good range of damage and utility
-Lets your top lane stand a much better chance

-Of course, his ult is channeled, and if silenced from a ranged ability, his utility drops off significantly
-Melee against 2 champions will be tough
-You're hugely mana dependent
-You stand to get tower dived 3 on 1
-Without wards, you're sitting at your tower waiting for the enemy team to push

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Team Work

Ideally, you will have a solid grip on your lane, allowing for your jungler to easily gank, or focus helping your ADC and Mid lane get farmed/fed.
Of course, not everyone will have the easiest time against every lane they're up against. If bottom lane becomes a hastle for Galio, swapping with top lane is always an option. Or even leaving the ADC against their top lane should also work out.
In team fights, you're essentially the one who allows for your team to run up to their ADC and Caster Carry. Throw out those Gusts and then ult, letting your team run quickly to their Glass Cannons.

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This is highly conceptual, and I will be spending a great deal perfecting this build. The current meta is SO rigid and dogmatic that you already know how your opponents will play just seeing their picks. The build I provide here will give you the resources to handle most blind-pick duo-lanes bottom and give them a surprise that can help turn the tide from the getgo.

Just be sure to pick your other lanes accordingly. Putting a soraka top with your ADC is a waste of your Galio solo bottom.
Lookout for other guides where I will try posting other meta-breaking strategies I'm thinking of. Thank you, and rate it if you've tried it!


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