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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kai TBF

TF- Towers of Cardboard (Physical build)

Kai TBF Last updated on March 7, 2011
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Welcome to the wonderful world of being everywhere at once. As Twisted Fate you should be having a ball with the most awesome rage inducing abilities in the game while supporting your entire team in a way that isn't rushing mid and banging your head against Alistar for half an hour. (Please note that this guide is for breaking towers, if you end a game where the enemy didn't surrender, and you don't have 5+ tower kills, you're doing it wrong.)

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Pros / Cons

Great farmer
Towers are little more than cardboard boxes before his might
map awareness
stun, slow, and mana regen
awesome ganker
Has an epic hat of awesome


Often targeted first
Makes people rage
Has trouble in team fights
Can ace his own team (more detail in gameplay)

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I go 9/0/21 because of the cuts to cool-downs, extra exp, and less time spent dead, however 21/0/9 is also perfectly viable. In the offensive tree I choose Alacrity over Sorcery because with my rune setup the extra attack speed helps my early game a lot. Swapping it for sorcery/Archaic knowledge is fine.


I hate these things with a passion, due to the fact that I can never settle on a champion type to buy them for. As such I'm hardly in a position to give advice but I've found that attack speed and crit chance really help early game, and I suppose damage would be good where you can fit it.

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This is a wonderful starter item that will keep you in lane forever and a half against most enemies, just make sure you keep hitting stuff when you're hurt. Eventually we'll build it into a bilgewater cutlass.

Move speed, attack speed, and crit chance. It's handy and will help you a lot early on.

Extra ability power for Pick A Card more mana, but it's passive is what's really awesome. 80% extra base damage is not to be taken lightly, your PAC+stacked deck+Sheen should eat a good chunk of health.

Because being the slow guy isn't any fun.

I'll probably get some **** for building this so early but it keeps you well rounded and versatile, besides, you've already got half the parts.(Also a TF with a TF is pretty amusing.)

Because being slow and hitting slow sucks.

60% attack speed and 100 extra damage every 4 attacks? hell yeah. And did I mention the passive works on towers? It's too awesome to pass up, and it's not too expensive. (Also as a side note make sure to use and abuse its active, it can be the difference between a kill and you being lol'd at. It's cooldown is like 10 seconds anyways, so dont hesitate.)

A whole bunch of damage, ability power, and lifesteal. If that wasn't enough it's active slows and does damage. Make sure to build the cutlass first.

You're gonna need that damage and crit chance if you intend to kill anything late-game.

more lifesteal and damage, plus some extra stats for any kills you happen to get.

Situational items include Madreds Bloodrazor for hp heavy tanks, last whisper for tank heavy teams, and the Black cleaver for teams with beefy melee but few serious tanks like malphite or rammus.

Items not to get

I know some people love this thing, but I don't feel that it's for TF. Phantom's are for Yi's, ashes, and tryndameres (who don't have abilities to spam every 2 seconds). I would really suggest sticking with SotD and the TF, they help damage against towers and enemies a lot more.

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I'll assume you know what the skills do and how to use them, just a quick note on destiny and pick a card; you need to hit the ability twice: once to start it, and once to use it. Besides that make sure to spam blue card, it's not as useless as people like to make it out to be.

As for sequence alternate between pick a card and stacked deck, destiny whenever possible and wild cards last.

(The exception to this is if you're really having trouble against a long ranged opponent, if that's the case drop 3 points into wild cards early, but try to avoid doing so if you can.)

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Summoner Spells

Yes, I know it sounds redundant, but it's really not. Not taking this is like saying "I have a hundred dollar bill so I don't need to pick up those 20's lying on the ground." Just do it, I'll talk more about tips and tricks with this in the gameplay section.

I love this spell, it's wonderful to check for ganks, to judge how much time you have to hit a tower, to check bushes for you or your teammates (because face-checking is bad), and to check baron and golem and stuff. That being said this spell is my personal preference, it can eaisly be swapped for another.

Exauhst Good for keeping yourself or a teammate from being owned by an Akali or for getting early kills. Late game PAC should be enough.

Sure, it's handy for running away from Jarvans or chasing, just don't replace teleport for it.

Others- I would advise against ghost or ignite, just not worth it IMO, revive and heal are terrible for you, and so it Clarity (blue cards should keep you from ever running out of mana). Cleanse is iffy but I suppose it could work. Fortify, rally and smite are totally out of the question.

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EARLY GAME: Grab your vampiric scepter and pick a lane, mid is nice to have but if someone asks for it give it to them, you're about mid priority in the solo lane list. Grab pick a card fist and use blue to harass and recover mp and yellow/red for a serious fight. Last hit minions and don't let your enemy get close enough to do anything ruinous. If you happen to die (wtf happened?) teleport back to lane. If not, just farm till zeal/sheen and take it easy, the real game begins soon. (note: if you arent spamming blue card you're doing it wrong, you should never run outta mp, don't save pick a card unless you think you'll really need it in the next 4 seconds.)

MID GAME: You now have destiny, zeal, sheen, and some boots (I hope) use destiny to gank or finish runners and use teleport to get back to lane. Before long you should have your Trinity force and sword of the divine. Grab your gunblade and start on IE; you shouldn't be chillin too much, but don't do anything crazy yet. Just get ready for the rage because here comes end-game

END GAME: People are going to be angry, you will likely get a hundred thousand comments on how you're a backdooring noob. Ignore them, because you aren't backdooring. You're gonna be knocking on all their doors at once. Grab you're IE and avoid teamfights, you should be in an empty lane pushing minions. Once all lanes are advancing you can either a) chill in a lane and push more minions, or b) go mid and help you're teamates stare down the enemy for 10 minutes. Either way as soon as minions get near a turret destiny to it, break the thing like the weak little piece of scrap it is and destiny to the opposite lane right before the enemies reach you. Push the opposite tower for about 20 seconds and recall. Right about now they should be pissed at your cross map juke. If they have an inhibitor bare destiny into it, kill it, and teleport to a friendly turret or minion, same with turrets that have 50% hp or less. You should be able to kill them before enemies come and tele out. The one thing to watch for when doing this is stuns, avoid getting caught unaware by stunners or you'll waste a teleport. Focus on towers and rely on your team to hold mid like the pros I hope they are, but help out when needed, the tower isn't worth an enemy quadra kill and 2 turrets of your own. Besides that heres some tips against enemies.

One word: Yellow card. You're practically a master yi throwing God-Cards at people, stun him and he'll be dead so fast he didn't get to do anything. If not then rely on you're dmg and life-steal to stalemate till you get another stun.

Stay away from him, if he's in your lane request a lane switch. He's hard to harass, though, he hurts, and if he kills you while his ult is on you late game your team is dead. People tend to hesitate to attack ghosts, especially a TF ghost, but if they don't your ghost will drop them like rocks. If you do die tell your team to focus your ghost before it crushes your carries.

Just be careful early-mid game, but late game avoid her like a plague. She's an Anti-carry, and she does her job flawlessly. If you get attacked by an Akali stun card and hope your teammates get there before she gets out of stun and shadow dances you a delicious dirt sandwich.

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Closing statement

Any suggestions are welcome, make sure to comment before you downvote and try the build before you do anything.