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Bard Build Guide by Master Fledgling

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Master Fledgling

Thank you for calling Bard Support. Please hold.

Master Fledgling Last updated on April 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay, what's with this build?


This is my first build.

I'm not a challenger, a diamond, a platinum or anything-like-that player.

I'm just a casual that really likes Bard and have found a much better way to play him than what goes on right now. If you are dismayed by this, you may go!

For those of you who stayed, this is what you've to look forward to: You can duel any enemy squishy and likely win by mid and late game, your CC and burst damage underestimated consistently. And for that, they pay with their life.

Let me break it down for you in a real simple 'Ten Commandments of Bard' Until you know how to play Bard and are a really good support, follow these:

1 - Roam ONLY when your lane is in good shape
2 - Roam ONLY when your ADC has cleared out so you don't get under leveled
3 - Keep a steady stockpile of shrines near your tower
4 - Poke ONLY when your Meeps are up -- otherwise you just tickle the enemy
5 - Respect the enemy ADC's damage -- you are VERY squishy
6 - Your Q is powerful CC -- save it for saving your ADC, yourself, or netting a potential kill. Don't just fire them off.
7 - Your Portals are powerful -- get into position, get your team out, trap an enemy that follows you with Q or R, etc.
8 - At the beginning of the match, tell your team how to tell when you are about to Ult an area, such as pinging a target or area three times, etc.
9 - Use your ult wisely -- it is a 2.5 second stun effectively, letting the 'real' CC roll in and catch up the whole enemy team.
10 - When you ult, get into position to get a double stun with your Q.

And of course, it goes without saying -- WARD. You ARE a support, no matter if you can duel the enemy adc or not!!

I suppose that is about it, in a nut shell. The last thing I will talk about is Chime Runs. While it is imperative that you get your meeps to become a powerhouse, DO NOT abandon your ADC constantly. More likely than not, you will not get 100 meeps in a game. And that's fine. You do PLENTY with 50-70. Just go and get them in lane when they are super easy/you are out of mana/it is sensible to do so, then wander your way back, using your portals to get back to lane faster.

And on the note of roaming -- again, communicate -- you've got teleport, you've got the longest range, longest duration CC in the game -- go help some other lanes if they need it! Top lane getting crushed? Have them ward the river, teleport over, Ult them, stun them, throw your meeps, your ball of lightning, your gunblade, your lich bane, what have you -- and they'll be dead. Simple as that.

Anyways. I hope you guys really enjoy my play style of Bard and I hope this helps increase his popularity -- I still get flamed for playing him occasionally, despite having more wins than losses.

Here are a few games, just to prove I'm not blowing hot air!!

Have fun all and thanks for reading!