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League of Legends Build Guide Author LukeMortora

That'll do, Pig. - An In-Depth Jungle Sejuani Guide (4.11)

LukeMortora Last updated on July 9, 2014
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Hello and welcome to my comprehensive guide on Sejuani, the Jungle AP Offtank. The object of this build is to be able to dish out as much sustained punishment as possible without getting killed in the process. It also allows your toplaner to play more a more damage-orientated build without leaving a hole in your team composition for late game teamfights (think Zed, or AD/Crit stacking Garen). This is my first guide so i am completely open to criticism and suggestions for changes.

Hopefully this guide will give you an idea of how i play Sejuani, and why i made some of the item choices I have.

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Pros / Cons

Lots of CC
AoE Goddess
Great at initiating/peeling
Low skill cap "wall-hop"
Abilities scale with HP and AP
She will rule the Freljord
Very weak early game
Vulnerable to counter Jungling
Ult relies on team reactions/communication
Struggles to gank lanes with tanky allies
Poor tower damage
She always wants to rule the Freljord

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When/Why to Pick Sejuani

It is important that whenever you pick ANY champion, you MUST be aware of what your team is lacking, and what it isn't. If you've got a Cho'Gath in the top lane and a Leona in support, there's going to be very little point in you playing Sejuani. The idea behind choosing her to to fill a gap as a late game tanky champion, while maintaining a good level of damage and CC for ganks in the laning phase.

Sejuani works great in combination with lane champions who are built to do a lot of damage, but lack any real CC of their own. A good example of this would be Zed - holding your target in place while he burns everything he has on his ult combo is a great way of securing an easy kill. She excels particularly in bot lane ganks - being able to slow and/or stun both lane opponents at once whilst doing a substantial amount of damage in the process will easily enable a double kill for your ADC. You'll find yourself dominating the game as well as dragon objective if you have a kill lane setup that knows not to push their lane when you ping your movement alert.

It is worth keeping in mind that pre-6, Sejuani is VERY vulnerable to counter-jungling, it is vital that you are keeping yourself aware of your enemy jungler's position and warding appropriately. You are practically a first blood waiting to happen in the first 7 minutes, so stay on your toes.

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Frost armor

Frost armour is a great passive for an already innately tanky champion. This is what makes her so sustainable in the jungle in the early game, and allows her to thrive in prolonged combat. You will do particularly well against AD heavy teams, but this passive in combination with the build I've suggested makes you a little more vulnerable to magic damage than most might prefer in the mid game.

Arctic Assault

You will literally not get me to shut up about how useful this ability is, and how staple it is in how you get the most out of playing Sejuani. I will talk more in depth about the many applications of this ability in my sections on teamfights and ganking lanes below. It it worth noting that this ability deals damage dependant on Ability Power, as well as a percentage of your target's Maxiumum health. Keep in mind that this is a tool for initiation and chase, as well as peel and escape. You are very vulnerable while it is on cooldown pre-6, and any good opponent is going to know that. Use it wisely.

Flail of the Northern Winds

This ability is a tricky one to use properly. You will use this ability to spread your Passive slow from* Permafrost to multiple targets, as well as apply the damage from* Liandry's Torment to everyone you're hitting. It is worth noting that this ability keys off of Ability Power, as well as Bonus Health. The reason I level this secondly rather that firstly is because in the early-game, you will not be doing the damage for your ganks almost at all, so you'll need all the CC you can get your hands on to enable the kill for your laner. It is also near-impossible to maximise the damage on this ability during a gank, as holding your opponent in it's aoe radius is very tricky.


Permafrost is another ability which takes a little practice and mastery to use effectively. Again, i will talk about this more in depth in my ganking section. You will ideally want to use this after you've applied it's passive slow by using* Flail of the Northern Winds on multiple targets. This ability is a great mass CC tool, and deals a surprising amount of damage.
I tend to have the most luck with this ability when your enemy attempts to peel from you, or when you think the damage might finish them off (think Twitch's* Contaminate). Unfortunately, the cooldown of this spell does not decrease with rank - but the damage and all-important slow does.
This spell scales with Ability Power.

Glacial Prison

This is every initiators dream ultimate. As well as dealing a bunch of damage, if aimed correctly, this can stun the entire enemy team. The applications of this are almost limitless if you are imaginative enough. I would actually advise using this in the first five seconds of a teamfight, but avoid initiating with it if you can help it. I will discuss this below in my teamfight section. This spell scales with Ability Power.

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Summoner Spells


There is a very good reason why this is such a popular summoner spell, you will usually default to picking this, as it can get you out of a pretty tight spot if your* Arctic Assault is on cooldown. A much riskier tactic is to* Flash out of a bush and use* Arctic Assault to gap close. I would not reccommend doing this as it leaves you totally exposed to getting smacked without any form of escape. The only time where this would be acceptable is if you are certain you can kill the enemy in lane, and you know the position of every enemy on the map.


If i have to explain why you should always ALWAYS ALWAYS take this if you are jungling, then you probably should go and read some basic jungling guide material. This is your bread and butter in early-game monster damage (which Sejuani needs), as well as your greatest tool in securing the Dragon and Baron objectives. Never dont not unpick this.


An arguement can be made for taking ghost instead of Flash - it allows you to traverse the map in a hurry, and is particularly useful for both escaping a chase, or rushing up the river to surprise that extended lane that you KNOW is warded. The increased move speed combined with your* Arctic Assault will mean you can catch almost any over-extended champion. This will, however, leave you at a disadvantage whenever your* Arctic Assault is on cooldown, as you'll have no form of escape or wall-hop short of popping your ult to peel. Personally, i feel that Flash is more versatile, but i wouldn't begrudge anyone taking this instead.

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Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Armor are almost essential to any jungler. The flat armour makes your much more resilient to the jungle monsters in the early game, as well as providing a reasonable amount of safety against the bot lane ADC and top lane fighters.

Greater Seal of Armor Are a personal preference, Sejuani is quite weak in the early game and this gives you a little bit of a safety net to keep yourself on your feet. It also provides a very minor boost to your Flail of the Northern Winds

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are a no-brainer. each provides +3 MR at level 18, giving a total of 27, which should fill the MR gap in the build i have provided. Given that your usual only MR item will be the abyssal scepter, it'll leave you with about 100MR in the end-game, which is enough to withstand plenty of punishment, especially from those wise enough to build a Blade of the Ruined King to counter you.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration. Let's face it, you scrolled right down here to see why the hell i would take this over the other options available. This is down to personal preference, some prefer some flat AD marks to speed up their jungle clear times, but in my eyes, Sejuani is a mid-late game bloomer, and to be getting the most out of Liandry's Torment, i'm going to want as much magic pen as i can get my hands on. the Magic pen from Liandry's as well as your marks and Sorcerer's Shoes make all of your abilities very formidable, and it means your opponents wont be ignoring you in team fights.

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This is the setup I prefer, keep in mind that with my example build 1, the blue buff will put you over the 40% CDR cap, so at that point, you're actually better off giving the blue to your APC midlaner. Thanks to the changes to* Spirit of the Ancient Golem, you are far less blue buff reliant, so you should do this whenever possible anyway.

Expose weakness is taken for top lane ganks and team fights, as you'll practically be applying it to their whole team with your* Flail of the Northern Winds.

An arguement could be made for taking* Runic Blessing , but i feel that you sacrifice too much in the late game for a slightly easier start.

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Spirit of the Ancient Golem

ALL HAIL THE LORD AND SAVIOUR THAT IS PATCH 1.11. The changes to this item are a tremendous boost to your jungling sustain and clear time with Sejuani. Do not even consider building anything else first. This item provides health, armour, passive monster damage, passive mana regen, and a free warding totem. Such awesome, wow, Rito pls.

Liandry's Torment

This is a core item in this build and represents a massive boost to your ganking potential, as well as jungle clear time. While it is a little riskier than building the Frozen Heart second, it does at least provide you with a little more of a health cushion, which also synergises nicely with Flail of the Northern Winds.

Frozen Heart vs Sunfire Cape

9 times out of 10, you will be building the Frozen Heart. an argument can be made for building Sunfire Cape instead of this, but you will be doing enough damage as it is with Liandry's Torment and the amount of spell pen you'll have. The point of this build is to be threatening enough not to be ignored, but to stay alive long enough to enable the kills for your team. It is also very very important to note that armour does not suffer from diminishing returns. That does not mean, however, that stacking tons of armour on it's own is a good idea. Think of it like a pair of weighing scales, you need both enough armour for your health to be effective, and enough health for your armour to be effective. Given that you'll be stacking health with Sejuani, the 100 armour from Frozen Heart will be more than welcome, and the extra health on Sunfire Cape will only be useful against an AP heavy team.

Don't even bother looking at Randuin's Omen. You have enough built in CC as it is, and the passive pales in comparison to the frozen heart after the nerf too 10%.

Sorcerer's Shoes vs Boots of Mobility

If ever there was something interchangeable in this build, it would be these two items. There are some huge benefits to be had from both of these items. Ideally, the Sorcerer's shoes increase your damage output, increasing your chances of a successful gank or teamfight. You also already have a gap closer in the form of Arctic Assault, but sometimes that isn't enough to close in on a chase. This is where the Boots of Mobility shine. With these on, you will be pretty much inescapable. Apply your passive slow and use permafrost to stop the foe in their tracks and hopefully your team will be able to catch up themselves. One down, four to go. Boots of Mobility will also have more application during the laning phase, allowing you more option to roam, giving you more lane presence, and making your ganks slightly easier. My advice is to get the boots of mobility for early-mid game, then swap them out if you run out of things to buy.

Abyssal Scepter vs Banshee's Veil

The great thing about these items is that they are both equally viable for you. Banshee's is great for negating a crucial stun, and of course the extra health never goes amiss either - but my personal favourite has to be the Scepter, simply because it's going to be more useful in your hands than that of your APC. The reason for this is that you will usually be in the thick of the fight, so you can keep the aura debuff up on more targets for longer than your 'poke APC' can. Obviously there are some exceptions to the rule, some champions like Akali or Fizz may choose this for 1v1 duels and assassinations. In most cases though, i would advise that you built it and tell your APC to get a void staff instead. Chances are they will be better off with it anyway. Remember that having two Abyssal Masks in the team is a waste of gold, as the aura is unique and wont stack.
Arguements could be made for substituting Banshee's Veil for a Spirit Visage instead. Both have their merits and SV will give you an even better return on your regen from Warmog's Armor if you decide to build that later. The only reason I would say to take BV is because it's useful if you're attempting to chase someone down and you can negate the next CC effect they might stop to throw at you. It will also assist with negating any CC effect on enemy initiations as well as interrupting full combos. You would be better of with Spirit Visage if you feel confident enough that the enemy APC has not been fed, and the enemy is mostly comprised of physical damage.

Warmog's Armor vs Locket of the Iron Solari

Warmog's will be your go-to item. Sejuani absolutely loves health. Not only does it make you more resiliant and able to tower dive for your team, this item also synergises nicely with Flail of the Northern Winds. The passive isn't to be overlooked either. While it's not going to do much for you in a bursty teamfight situation, outside of combat it represents a decent amount of poke negation. Given that most of your items have some form of health on them, the passive is quite good for you. As for the Locket, as i've said before, this should only really be taken against an AP heavy team. Pay attention to what your support is building, because sometimes they'll be building one too, and just like the Abyssal Mask, the aura is unique, and will not stack. If this is the case, you can either default to warmogs, or grab the less desirable Spirit Visage instead if you didnt build it as your 5th item.

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Making a Start

(Keep in mind that this is ready for the SR map update)

  1. Start off at the Sentinel (blue buff), make sure you open with your Smite. Advise your team that you are going to do this, and not to leave as soon as it's on half, you'll need them to stick around for a bit.
  2. Head straight to the Wolves, Smite the big one as soon as you can, it should be ready by then.
  3. Once you're done there, Go over to the Razorbeak camp and clear it the old fashioned way. Smack them in the face with your flail. This will be the slowest part of your start, you might consider throwing your ward either in or around the red buff to make sure it isn't stolen.
  4. Your smite should be ready for the Brambleback (red buff), use it as soon as it's up, the point here is to make most effective use of your time. If you and your team are warding correctly, you shouldn't have to worry about it being stolen.
  5. By now you should have all three of your spells and both buffs. Use Arctic Assault over the wall to start on the Krugs (double golems). Remember to kill the small one first, then the large one.
  6. Rush back over to the Razorbeak camp and Smite the hell out of the big one. Clear the camp and assess the mid lane situation. If your laner is doing okay, just go back and grab your first items. Remember, you are not strong in the early game, you're better off optimising your farm time and rushing your first item than failing a gank or dying foolishly.

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Laning Phase/Ganking Tactics

After you've taken your two buffs for the first time, you should try offering out your blue buff to your midlaner, and your red buff to your ADC/Toplaner, depending on which side of the map you are on. They will probably make far better use of the buffs than you, because Spirit of the Ancient Golem provides you with plenty of mana so long as you arent spamming Arctic Assault. This gives you lane presence without needing to be in the lane at all. It is not advised you give these buffs to people who have died a lot, as they'll end up giving the buff away, and making your job harder.

As with most Junglers, your primary job will be to rotate around your jungle camps, assessing each lane as you pass them. As you pass each lane, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1) Is the enemy over extended/is my ally being denied farm?
2) Is my ally absent/will their minions reach our tower?
3) Does my ally need to go back?

If the answer to any of these is "yes", then it's time to make an appearance. You will have particular ganking potency if you've hit level 6 already, and your lane partner is looking healthy enough for a fight. Keep in mind that it's worth saving a Health Potion in your inventory for times where you're low but your laner needs assistance.

You should decide whether you're actually going to go for a gank, or whether you just want to show your face and intimidate your enemy - the deciding factors for this will be how healthy you and your ally are, and how confident you are that you can kill your opponent.

If you're going for a bit of lane pressure and assistance, take the shortest and safest route into the lane and push back the enemy a bit. Do your best not to take any of the creeps from your ally, as if he's under tower, he's probably had enough CS denied without you taking some of his too.

How to gank the top lane

If you're going for the gank, take the longest route behind the enemy you can and approach from behind - make sure you ping and communicate to your ally that you are doing this! - And then engage the enemy.

Chances are, your enemy will try to run around you back to his tower, or he will go all in against one of you. If he starts running, cut him off in the bushes, and gap close with Arctic Assault, if he still refuses to stop running past you, or he flashes away then hit Permafrost.

If he manages to flash and avoid your Arctic Assault, chalk the gank up as a failure, and go back to jungling. Let your laner enjoy his new-found creep score, and come back later.

The trick to a successful gank will be to use your CC at the last possible moments, you'll already be applying a passive slow, but if your partner has already reached the enemy, DO NOT use Permafrost. If you find that one of your is dying, use your Glacial Prison and allow that person to peel away. At this point your enemy will either try to catch you or your ally, or run away. THIS is the time to use Permafrost. The damage will take him well off his guard, slow his movement speed to a crawl. By this point, your Arctic Assault may well be off cooldown, and will come in useful if they decide to Flash away. If the enemy is STILL not dead from that amount of punishment, then they must be made of adamantium or something, because you will have dished out a whole buttload of damage.

This is obviously an ideal situation, and it is perfectly feasible to use Permafrost to allow your ally to catch up to the enemy.

Did i not mention Flail of the Northern Winds? That's because you should be spamming the hell out of this every time it comes off cooldown!

Remember that you thrive on sustained combat, the longer you can hold an enemy in place without dying yourself, the better. Just remember not to pull the ace out of your sleeve until the time is right! If everything is on cooldown, you are completely ineffective and totally vulnerable.

Ganking the Bot Lane

This is where you MUST have your Glacial Prison ready, espcially against a lane that can deal a good amount of damage to you. You're tanky, but you're not invincible. If you've yet to build a Frozen Heart or at the very least a Chain Vest, this is will be a very dangerous venture.

Both enemies MUST be on roughly half health for a safe gank, anything more and you're putting yourself at risk. If they aren't running away from you, then chances are you're going to feed their ADC another kill, you want to intimidate them enough to not retaliate, and apply your slows as soon as possible to enable a double kill for your ADC. This is a situation where it is acceptable to use Permafrost early, because the bot lane opponents will either go all in on your ADC, or they will run away. Either way, it'll be unfavorable for them to be anywhere but where they were when you initiated the gank.

You should do your best to save your Glacial Prison unless any one of these conditions are met:
    The enemy has popped their ult
    Your ADC is going to die
    You are going to die
    You are confident the stun will enable the kill for the ADC

There is no harm in picking up the kills yourself if your ADC is out of range, as you can come back and assist them again later.

Ganking the Mid Lane

This is what will define how good you are at situational awareness while playing Sejuani. It is important to communicate with your lane ally to find out where the enemy has warded. If they have warded the side you are on drop your own ward there and run around to the other side. Once the enemy has over extended, it's time to put those skills to work. Once you emerge, do your best to NOT use Arctic Assault unless you know for certain their Flash is on cooldown.

If the opponent retreats to their side bush, let your ally chase them, using your ward you placed either to be safe from any additional enemies. If your enemy flashes over the wall towards their tower, now is the time to use Arctic Assault over the wall and use Glacial Prison. This should give your midlaner a chance to catch up and burst the hell out of them. If that isn't enough, use Permafrost to stop your enemy in their tracks and either secure or enable the kill.

be vary wary, if the midlaner has not been poked at all, then this will not work, and the gank will be unsuccessful. 9 times out of 10, the midlaner will also run towards their jungler, so if they dont flash over the wall, chances are they're going to meet up in the middle. It is up to you to assess whether you can stun the both of them and kill them quickly, or simply use Glacial Prison to peel and leave in the comforting knowledge that nobody died.

The mid lane is probably the hardest lane for Sejuani to gank, as your early/mid game will focus mostly on armour

Alternative Mid Land gank strategy

If you know for sure that the bush you are hiding in is not warded, and you have an exceptionally bursty midlaner (i'm thinking Viktor), then it's perfectly acceptable to use Glacial Prison from the bush. It has a good range on it, and at the very least you should slow them if you miss. Once you have done this, position yourself ready for them to flash away, and then use Arctic Assault and Permafrost immediately to finish the job.

This kind of gank will take communication and co-ordination with your midlaner - because if he wastes the duration on the stun, then all was for naught.

Counter Jungling

Sejuani sucks hard at counter jungling, but if you insist on doing so, make sure that the enemy jungler is busy elsewhere. You can punish him for babysitting a lane by stealing one of his buffs. Dont hang around for longer than you need to, you job as Sej is to support the lanes and enable the kills. Unless you are snowballing hard and you already have Liandry's Torment, then you will not kill an enemy jungler on your own (the the possible exception of Fiddlesticks)

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Team Fights

Even if you are not the main tank on your team, you are an initiating god. The actual trick to doing well in initiating a fight is by either using your main tank as a distraction, or using your team as bait. You are at a distinct advantage when fighting in or near the jungle, as your* Arctic Assault gives your the element of surprise when it comes to wall-hopping. If your team has any sense, they will lul your opponents into a false sense of security, and bait them towards you. You can then spring your trap and create an inescapable death-zone in which they cannot escape.

If you are fighting in a lane, it can prove to be a little trickier, however. The element of surprise is your friend, and hiding around the mid lane corners, or just off to one side can make all the difference. Keep in mind that your health bar will be very intimidating your your squishier opponents, and if they see you, they wont provide you with the opening you need. If your opponents make a surprise play of their own and they start chasing the rest of your team down - don't sit idle in the bush, it's time to jump out with* Arctic Assault, ult the enemy team and peel immediately. It is better you expend your ultimate than watch helplessly from the sidelines as their ADC picks up a quadra-kill.

HOWEVER, as with any champion, positioning is key. Make sure you're never too far away to save your allies, and don't let your lack of presence put you at a disadvantage. You can use that intimidating presence to discourage a tower-dive or full on enemy initiate if you're down a teammate. You'll find yourself doing this more often than not if your team lacks a proper tank.

In my spells section, i mentioned that you should not initiate using your* Glacial Prison. The reasons for this are the same as the reasons for Kayle using her ult on herself 9 times out of 10. Trust, teamplay, and maximising the effect on your ultimate. Unless you have a really good team with lightning reflexes, your team will waste half of the duration of the stun on reacting to it, positioning, and then engaging themselves. Instead, it is far more effective to use* Arctic Assault to jump on an exposed ADC or APC, wait a second for their entire team to jump on you, and then use your ultimate. Not only will your team have a clear idea that you've initiated and that they should jump in - but the enemy's immediate reaction to all bunch up on you will mean that you will usually stun at least 3, if not, 4 of them at once. If things get too FUBAR, or if you miss your ult for some reason, then there's no shame in popping Flash to avoid a stupid death from a miscalculated initiation.

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Tips and Tricks

Stealing Objectives

If there's one thing you'll be good at, it's this. Stealing baron nashor or dragon is always tricky, but you can do it with relative safety with your tankiness and ability to survive the oncoming ****-storm of the enemy team descending on you.

The following technique assumes you have Flash, Smite and Glacial Prison off cooldown.

Position yourself on the jungle side of the objective over the wall, it is a good idea to use a Sweeping Lens to check if they are aware of you or not. Hopefully, your team will have warded the objective you are going for, if not, use your Spirit of the Ancient Golem to get yourself vision. - once you see the other team burning down the dragon or baron, you should first mouse over your smite and read the tooltip for how much damage it's going to deal (let's say you're level 9, and it does 600 damage). Once the objective starts approaching about 1000 health, it's time to make your play. You should immediately use Glacial Prison on their jungler to prevent him from using his smite, hop the wall with Flash and Smite the objective yourself, then Arctic Assault back out. If you've done this correctly, you will have stolen the objective without a scratch on you.

This technique will be made harder if there are more people hitting the objective you are trying to steal, and it is up to practice and intuition to gauge when the right time will be to hop the wall. You can make this a little easier on yourself if you have teammates to bait one or two of them away from hitting it.

Obviously you can adapt this technique depending on your circumstances - for instance, if Flash is on cooldown, you can either try approaching from the front, Glacial Prison their jungler, Smite the objective, then hop over the back wall with Arctic Assault, or even start by make a daring Arctic Assault over the wall, use Smite to try and steal it, and then Glacial Prison to peel immediately.

Making a play

Another thing you'll be incredibly good at is making plays for your team, and enabling kills out of dire situations. If you see an ally being chased, you should ping like crazy that you are on your way. If they have any sense, they'll adjust their course in your direction, and you can cover in a nearby bush. Once the enemy gets close, proceed to use the standard ganking technique I discussed in the laning phase section, making sure to save your Permafrost for when the opponent inevitably tries to escape and Glacial Prison for if either of you are about to die.

Even if you are low on health, there is no harm in meeting your ally half way and simply stunning your opponent with Glacial Prison right off the bat to peel and deny them the kill.

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Well, that's everything! I hope this guide is useful to you in some way. If you have any constructive criticism for me, i'd be happy to hear from you - or if you think my guide is lacking in something or i have been unclear about anything, do let me know.

Special thanks to go to the following people for their input! I'm very grateful for your time :)
- Wicked Eye
- Vynertje

Thanks for reading!