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Urgot Build Guide by ozmankaan

Top The Almighty Urgot

Top The Almighty Urgot

Updated on March 15, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ozmankaan Build Guide By ozmankaan 95 3 386,053 Views 24 Comments
95 3 386,053 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ozmankaan Urgot Build Guide By ozmankaan Updated on March 15, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Urgot
    Damage and mobility specific
  • LoL Champion: Urgot
    Counter build
  • LoL Champion: Urgot
    Counter built


Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Hi, my name is Ozman kaan the day urgot was reworked i m playing with this champ, in last season n in preseason also, i have almost 430K MS with him, if played rightly you can delete the enemy team within seconds.

There are three builds in this guide. Dam. specific build is the main build. you can use that one more commonly. other two are counter builds against some champs, which is explained in Vs champ section of the build.
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Starting Items

Core Build(s)


Offensive Items

Defensive Items

Synergies & Counters

Champion is good against:

Champion is weak against:

Champion works well with:

Summoner Spells

flash is a must coz urgot is aggressive and mostly attacking so prone to jungler ganks in that case flash+disdain take you to ur turret in a sec. heal is not important will not heal you much, teleport in top lane is important in both cases whether you care split pushing or you have recalled, exhaust can be used if u are not big fan of tp or flash.


arcane comet procs good with urgot, good AD ratio plus 'Q' slows them enough to make sure it hits, Ultimate hat is gold, give your sniper riffle huge spikes of CDR giving u chance of executing more n more enemy champs at regular intervals, Transcendence; seriously this is an OP rune, most of urgot's items have CDR which leads to transcendence converting extra CDR into AD damage which is huge huge damage, with my built i get almst 70 AD, it is phucking insane, Gathering storm; i like gathering storm coz gathering storm with ur transcendence gives u huge spikes in ur AD, it means longer the game dangerous u are, plus urgot starting game is already OP so u can wait till this rune come into effect, Magical footwear; Reduction in gold plus added speed, urgot need any type of added speed, Cosmic insight; Urgot relies on his abilities too much so any cool down on them is help in making him urgod.

Urgot the dreadnought

Hello summoner and welcome to my Urgot Guide! My name is Ozman and I'll be your guide for today. I started playing lol as ADC and i love that role but my god this new Urgot which is reworked by rito is so awesome that i have changed my role from bot to a top laner! i am playing with Urgot since the day he is re-released, tried a lot of combination and sequences that i want to share with you guys. seriously if played correctly he is OP as hell and hope I'll make you love him as much as I do (no homo).
Urgot is a ranged Attack Damage Bruiser, primarily played in the top lane. His DPS is great plus he give %health damage with good CC so if he stays alive in team fight means they are dead.


Echoing flame


  • Percentage health damage
  • Low CDR
  • Arc shape damage so affect multiple targets


  • dont proc life steal or critical strike
  • have to move around enemy champ to apply
  • Require practice

High damage and low CDR help you in the late game. proc with your 'W' so you dont have to worry abt clicking on the champ instead you just have to control your movement around it. arc shape dam help you to hit multiple target in single blow. hitting the same champ within 5 sec decrease the damage. excellent stacking up with black cleaver.

Corrosive charge


  • Give slow downs
  • take some time before detonating.


  • Require practice to land it properly.
  • dodge-able.
  • Take some time before detonating

Early game should be used for poking or in combos, damage is low at early stages. if land properly help you in running away by giving slow down to enemy champ. detonation time is a pro as well as con, it require practice but if you master this, you can do wonder with this one, plus it can be used as last hit on champion which are running away from you.



  • 3 hits/sec, even exceeding the max speed.
  • Shield
  • Proc echoing flames.


  • Slows you down.
  • Reduce damage.
  • low range

Urgot's main ability, this ability literary define Urgot, this ability is used correctly can destroy your opponent in one go.


  • Try to combo purge with your disdain: Disdain --> purge --> corrosive charge --> atleast +80% enemy health reduced
  • Used as a defensive tool click on purge if you get trapped by enemy jung n top laner after a delay again click purge to cancel slow effect but shield will remain on u n try to run toward your turret you can also use disdain to make this retreat faster.
  • Try to initiate with purge when your 'echoing flames' are ready.
  • When purge is active instead of clicking on enemy champ control the movement of urgot, stay close to enemy champ for your aftershock, try to circle around ur enemy so to have full effect of 'echoing flames'.
  • When you click 'purge' after 'disdain' mostly champs try to run toward there turret, move with them toward their turret.



  • Can stun
  • Gap coverer
  • Can ignore minions
  • can use to cancel other champ abilities
  • can help sometime in running away


  • take time to initiate
  • dodge-able.
  • Require practice


Another very important ability of Urgot, this ability can destroy the other team if ur team has a good adc, this ability simply pick enemy champ stun him and then place him in front of ur team to kill him, seriously it is brutal, plus it also proc with your purge so it is gold gold. it can also be use to cancel abilities of other champs. Most importantly in this rune system it procs with "Sudden Impact" greatly increasing your defense and damage abilities. you can also use this ability with flash so to greatly close the gap or some for running also.

Fear beyond death


  • Give slow downs
  • give enemy a fear of uncertainty
  • great range
  • looks satisfying


  • Require practice to land it properly.
  • dodge-able.
  • can effect only one champ


Apply Fear beyond death during the fight when enemy champion hit half or below half health, dont wait for him to run away, applying this during fight has its benefit it give enemy slow down n create a fear in the mind of pulling in. you can gank mid n apply ur ult from shadows require practice though. some champs can withstand your ult i.e. trynda, kayn, kayle n others so wait for them to apply their ult first. keep in mind to click 'R' for the second time to pull the champ in.

General combo

--> --> -->

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Pimary pathway: Sorcery, 2ndary pathway: inspiration


arcane comet procs good with urgot, good AD ratio plus 'Q' slows them enough to make sure it hits,, Nimbus cloak is good help u in running away n sometimes help you in getting second kill, Transcendence; seriously this is an OP rune, most of urgot's items have CDR which leads to transcendence converting extra CDR into AD damage which is huge huge damage, with my built i get almst 70 AD, it is phucking insane, Gathering storm; i like gathering storm coz gathering storm with ur transcendence gives u huge spikes in ur AD, it means longer the game dangerous u are, plus urgot starting game is already OP so u can wait till this rune come into effect, magical footwear; coz extra epeed is always helpful for a champ who has mobility issues, cosmic insight; Urgot depends on his abilities extra 5% CDR is always good
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Runes, Primary pathway; Sorcery, 2ndary pathway: Inspiration

WIll change this at present i dont have time, this explanation is for old built
ok in season 8 they have changed a lot of stuff, they have given us the opportunity to fully customize our runes plan, which is kind of a fun thing now u have to consider a lot of things before deciding what your plan is i.e. your playing style, champion playing style, what items are useful on this champion n whether they are synergizing with your runes plan.

Primary pathway: Sorcery

After like playing 100 of matches with Urgot i m sure that sorcery as primary pathway give you the most AD and make u a terror that you deserve to become n it also gives you opportunity to go full tank so you can withstand team fights, with sorcery as your primary pathway you can achieve an effective health point of more than 12000 with a damage of 1K on your AA.

arcane comet

Arcane comet is better option as it gives you good AD ratio plus it is good in team fights n ur 'Q' makes it sure that it hits the enemy champ. so go with arcane comet

nimbus cloak:

Nimbus cloak is good, u can use it for multiple purpose like for running away as it gives u a 100 plus movement speed when u ult ur enemy plus it help u to follow other champs n create terror n eventually kill them.


This is a very important rune n the reason behind so OP-ness of sorcery, reasons gives you 10 CDR plus extra CDR will change into dam (adaptive) as u are an AD champ it gives you extra 70 dam in the end game with a effective health of more than 12000 n good amount of MR too,so you are kind of unkillable with so much damage like in the end game u single handed can destroy their team.

Gathering storm

Now in a 30 min of game, gathering storm with transcendence can give you more than 120 AD it is like having a damage of 3 Black cleaver, Scorch is good too bt in the end game its effectivity is quite low on the other hand gathering storm makes you more powerful with every passing minute n it combination with transcendence is too OP.

Secondary pathway: Inspiration

Magical footwear:

Urgot is a slow champ with mobility issues, any increase in speed is helpful in running away as well following other.

Cosmic insight

Urgot depends on his abilities too much so any type of CDR is helpful, cosmic insight is good ('-')

Plus inspiration also gives you '4' extra damage at start
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Lets discuss items which are ur core, which gives you offensive n which items gives you defensive stats.

Core item

Black cleaver

No discussion at all, this is the most important item on Urgot, This item is designed for urgot, i mean u can feel the power spike after just completing this item:
    - Gives you tons of health
    - CDR reduction imp, as urgot depends on his abilities.
    - armor shred plus with his passive percentage life damage

In case of Urgot after black cleaver you should go for items that gives you offensive stats as well as defensive stats, so to kill 2 birds with one stone i go for following combination or atleast it always work for me;

Frozen mallet

Frozen mallet, gives tankyness with huge crowd control, FM also gives you 30 AD so this is a very good item option. a must go item for urgot, as he is tanky already need Hp to make him more difficult to kill. plus decrease in movement speed ensure ur kill.

Death's dance

After boots you should get this item, A lot of summoners are against this item bt this item is seriously OP, it gives you bleed effect which decreases your in coming damage n the fun part is this item has a mechanism to nullify that bleed effect too by having huge amount of heal so it is very imp item n on Urgot gives u Huge damage, Sustain and yeah CDR too.

Iceborn gauntlet

Very important item, you cant have trinity force as Black cleaver is a must for you, TF will result in stacking of phage, so instead we can go gauntlet for sheen effect, in addition this item gives u armor, gives you CC n most importantly gives you tons of CDR, our CDR is already exceeding the threshold mark bt dont worry we will utilize this extra CDR with transcendence. so get this after DD.

Magic resist

This is the best item on urgot if u are looking for MR, reasons: gives you tons of MR, proc with your 'w' shield make it stronger. - proc your healing make them stronger, Gives your CDR, u need all these stats to work effectively.

Your choice

After MR go for Frozen heart, this item is seriously OP on urgot with these runes, it gives you so much tankyness, damage, CC and mana that u become an unkillable dreadnought, now how FH work it gives u 20 CDR which is converted in dam as u are already pass the maximum CDR n transcendence convert extra CDR to AD , so nw this item gives u 24 AD with 100 Armor, 400 mana n an aura which can decrease speed of the champs around u , it increases your effective health to 12000 n beyond u are like a moving chogath disguised as urgot. so this item is ur go after having ur MR.

Last item option

Conventional armor option:
    -Ok there are multiple things u can do with last item option, u can go for plain tankyness get yourself Sunfire cape or thornmail which are good source of def as well as offence, dead man's plate is another option that gives u damage plus speed so choose whatever suits your style.
in last few matches i have tried gargoyle plate as last option, seriously this item synergize with Urgot, do give it a try, it is great option for last item

More OP option n go for Frozen mallet:
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Tips ans tricks

Importance interactions of Urgot's R:

You can pull Kindred from his ult zone with ur R.
U can stop Tryndamere from running by ulting him n pulling him toward u.
Try to pull Aatrox when he ults in ur turret away from wall, he will not die bt by pulling him in turret will give you significant chance to kill him.
Done ever ult Garen when your health is low, he can ult btw his ult.
Yasuo shield can cancel ur ult, even when you cast your second cast.

Urgot's R tricks:

If ur health is low, apply ur ult on enemy champ to slow it down n ur nimbus cloak will give you a burst of speed to runaway.
When you apply your second cast on an enemy champ and enemy jungler is near by try to move toward it, the execution will create terror n slow it down n giving you a chance to kill jung too.

i will add more with time.........
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i m not good with editing anything especially videos, i dont have more videos as never saved ones, here are my last few matches to clear out why resolve is good on urgot, all are rank matches.

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