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Urgot Build Guide by ozmankaan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ozmankaan

The Almighty Urgot

ozmankaan Last updated on December 17, 2017
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Respect the dreadnought

Urgot Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Unflinching
LoL Rune: Conditioning
LoL Rune: Revitalize

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

+130 Health

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to Urgot with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius there are three types of darius 1- the killable ones, you can kill them whenever you want 2- tough-ones, difficult to kill gives you tough time but still you can kill them 3- The unkillables, these phucking bastards are incarnation of death god himself, stay away from them, poke them, dont let them fool you coz when they are low on health they are most dangerous, use you jung help to kill them get the lead then solo them.
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Just started building this guide it would take me sometime to complete this but as there are not much guides of urgot out there i m still uploading it plus a good point about this guide is, it is different from most conventional guides here (as far as runes is concerned) :P

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Starting Items

Core Build(s)


Offensive Items

Defensive Items

Synergies & Counters

Champion is good against:

Champion is weak against:

Champion works well with:

Summoner Spells

flash is a must coz urgot is aggressive and mostly attacking so prone to jungler ganks in that case flash+disdain take you to ur turret in a sec. heal is not important will not heal you much, teleport in top lane is important in both cases whether you care split pushing or you have recalled, exhaust can be used if u are not big fan of tp or flash.


Aftershock coz proc with your disdain, gives you enough armor and magic resist buff and aftershock damage, unflinching coz urgot's low mobility, conditioning coz any armor is good on urgot, revitalize coz we have shield plus we are going in with lifesteal
sudden impact coz disdain and gives you good lethality, ravenous hunter coz any type of sustaining ability is good on urgot

Urgot the dreadnought

Hello summoner and welcome to my Urgot Guide! My name is Ozman and I'll be your guide for today. I started playing lol as ADC and i love that role but my god this new Urgot which is reworked by rito is so awesome that i have changed my role from bot to a top laner! i am playing with Urgot since the day he is re-released, tried a lot of combination and sequences that i want to share with you guys. seriously if played correctly he is OP as hell and hope I'll make you love him as much as I do (no homo).
Urgot is a ranged Attack Damage Bruiser, primarily played in the top lane. His DPS is great plus he give %health damage with good CC so if he stays alive in team fight means they are dead.


Echoing flame


  • Percentage health damage
  • Low CDR
  • Arc shape damage so affect multiple targets


  • dont proc life steal or critical strike
  • have to move around enemy champ to apply
  • Require practice

High damage and low CDR help you in the late game. proc with your 'W' so you dont have to worry abt clicking on the champ instead you just have to control your movement around it. arc shape dam help you to hit multiple target in single blow. hitting the same champ within 5 sec decrease the damage. excellent stacking up with black cleaver.

Corrosive charge


  • Give slow downs
  • take some time before detonating.


  • Require practice to land it properly.
  • dodge-able.
  • Take some time before detonating

Early game should be used for poking or in combos, damage is low at early stages. if land properly help you in running away by giving slow down to enemy champ. detonation time is a pro as well as con, it require practice but if you master this, you can do wonder with this one, plus it can be used as last hit on champion which are running away from you.



  • 3 hits/sec, even exceeding the max speed.
  • Shield
  • Proc echoing flames.


  • Slows you down.
  • Reduce damage.
  • low range

Urgot's main ability, this ability literary define Urgot, this ability is used correctly can destroy your opponent in one go.


  • Try to combo purge with your disdain: Disdain --> purge --> corrosive charge --> atleast +80% enemy health reduced
  • Used as a defensive tool click on purge if you get trapped by enemy jung n top laner after a delay again click purge to cancel slow effect but shield will remain on u n try to run toward your turret you can also use disdain to make this retreat faster.
  • Try to initiate with purge when your 'echoing flames' are ready.
  • When purge is active instead of clicking on enemy champ control the movement of urgot, stay close to enemy champ for your aftershock, try to circle around ur enemy so to have full effect of 'echoing flames'.
  • When you click 'purge' after 'disdain' mostly champs try to run toward there turret, move with them toward their turret.



  • Can stun
  • Gap coverer
  • Can ignore minions
  • can use to cancel other champ abilities
  • can help sometime in running away


  • take time to initiate
  • dodge-able.
  • Require practice


Another very important ability of Urgot, this ability can destroy the other team if ur team has a good adc, this ability simply pick enemy champ stun him and then place him in front of ur team to kill him, seriously it is brutal, plus it also proc with your purge so it is gold gold. it can also be use to cancel abilities of other champs. Most importantly in this rune system it procs with "Sudden Impact" greatly increasing your defense and damage abilities. you can also use this ability with flash so to greatly close the gap or some for running also.

Fear beyond death


  • Give slow downs
  • give enemy a fear of uncertainty
  • great range
  • looks satisfying


  • Require practice to land it properly.
  • dodge-able.
  • can effect only one champ


Apply Fear beyond death during the fight when enemy champion hit half or below half health, dont wait for him to run away, applying this during fight has its benefit it give enemy slow down n create a fear in the mind of pulling in. you can gank mid n apply ur ult from shadows require practice though. some champs can withstand your ult i.e. trynda, kayn, kayle n others so wait for them to apply their ult first. keep in mind to click 'R' for the second time to pull the champ in.

General combo

--> --> -->

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ok in season 8 they have changed a lot of stuff, they have given us the opportunity to fully customize our runes plan, which is kind of a fun thing now u have to consider a lot of things before deciding what your plan is i.e. your playing style, champion playing style, what items are useful on this champion n whether they are synergizing with your runes plan.

Primary pathway: Resolve

Every pathway has its good and bad points so choose wisely. i found resolve better than other pathways on Urgot reasons:


Aftershock is good on urgot as it proc with you 'E' n 'w' after stunning a champion ur armor n magic resist also increased so it is gold. last but not the least after a minor delay it releases a shock wave which also damages your opponent.
To maximize aftershock effect follow this sequence : 'E' (disdain) -> 'W' (purge) -> 'Q' (Corrosive charge) -> ult if needed.


Unflinching is important on urgot, reasons:
  • he has low mobility
  • prone to CC
  • Freeness from slow resist give him a glimmer of hope


Conditioning gives you 30 plus armor and atleast 20 plus magic resist, it is like a mini locket of iron solari who wanna miss on this, plus he dont need armor or magic resist at start he has shields and other stuff to withstand early game so always conditioning.


Revitalize is good on urgot as it make your shields more stronger plus give your life steal an obvious boost. this rune gave you so much sustain that you become kind of an immortal god ('-')

Secondary pathway: Domination

Sudden Impact:

Sudden impact is good,gives your disdain good lethality for 5 seconds plus with your black cleaver, you become a monster, combo used should be 'E' --> 'W' --> Win Win.

Ravenous hunter

Ravenous hunter gives you good sustain during team fights plus there are no other better option than this one on the pathway. any type of sustain is good on you coz you are tanky DPS you stay alive in team fights means they die.