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Xin Zhao Build Guide by LManio

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LManio

The AS Carry (Lane)

LManio Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Please read!


Well this is my first guide ever so if I get things wrong or if you have any suggestions to improve my guide please leave a comment down below and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Please note that this build was heavily based upon HIACliffs Xin build, if you need any extra explanation visit the link below to his guide

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Xin zhao is an amazing all round champion and is great at bursting down enemy champions, tanks squishies and carries. This build will focus mainly on attack speed. (yes i know about his W skill but this will make you almost unbeatable. I find Xin's main damage output comes from the his ability to attack as quick as possible so thats the idea behind the build. Please not that last hitting minions will be the best and most efficient way of getting money for items.
When u look at my chosen item you might think that i have lost the plot but please read the item explanation to understand why i have gone like this.

-With audacious charge Xin has great early game and mid game harrass
-Audacious charge has the slow to let your team catch up
-He has a knock up
-does need to use all his skills at once to do lots of damage

-Focused first throughout the game
-Without ghost moves very slowly
-Items are quite costy so he can be squishy early game

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Summoner Spells

Best Choices:

These are pretty self explanatory Exhaust is great to catch up to your opponent and destroy their faces. Ghost, (as I have mentioned before) Xin is fairly slow without his items so Ghost is great for catching squishies. They also work really well when used together to decimate enemy carries.
One thing I find people forgetting about Exhaust is that its not just a slow. If your getting attacked/ganked by an enemy teemo or any AD carry ,for that matter, exhaust lowers the damage output by the exhausted target by 70% which can be the difference between life and death.


Flash- is a great ability to replace ghost, its saved my life more than i care to mention. You over-extend. Flash out. Ganked at lane or baron. Flash out. being chased by the entire enemy team because you r single-handedly destroying their team. Flash out. Need to initiate a gank. Flash in. So why is it not in my best choices. Xin is a slow mover. but by all means use it if you wish.

Teleport?- Port in, Annihilate the team, and walk out LIKE A BOSS!

Ignite- Tryndamere's worst nightmare, pop this on him at 5 seconds into his ult and execute that op champ. Its also a great escape denier. pop it onto the first enemy leaving the team fight and watch your kill score rack up.

No I'm not crazy (okay, maybe a bit). but heal is great to tower dive early game or sustainability early game but better let the support get this as you wont need its after level 13

Ignore the other summoner spells

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Skill Sequence

Now Skills!!!!!

passive- Tireless Warrior
This is an amazing passive. You get small amount of health back every three hits. this is great for early sustainability as Xin has to three hit anything (i.e enemy minions, champions and even turrets), especially great as he doesn't even have to hit the same enemy twice. Using this AS build the passive will be going off constantly

Q- Three Talon Strike
This is great as the damage increases with your AD which is what the Black cleaver and Bloodthrister are for And so you want to max this spell First. Also as you might have of guest, the ability makes Xin attack three times which works really well with his passive. At the end of the 3rd hit Xin knocks his opponent into the air allowing teammates to catch up or to stop the person from attacking altogether you decide. Not many people know this but once you active the ability his attack speed increases slightly for the three attacks, the difference can be seen but does not register on the stat board. This is a Skill you want to spam every time its off cooldown.

W- Battle Cry
The skill you want to max second the passive ability of this skill isn't what makes this your second to max its the active. At Max level the passive gives you 40% extra attack speed to you but when active this amount doubles to 80%. that like 2 Xin Zhaos on the same team attack the same target. Extra attack speed means more out of your passive (w00t). And if riot weren't generous enough with his W skill they also added the second part of the active. Cooldown lowered per hit by 1 second. By mid game your skills should come of cooldown every time you use this ability. two uses of battle cry and you have another ult waiting for you to use.

E- Audacious Charge
This is your Catch-up ability. where Xin leaps across the battle field to strike the target and the enemies around the target. this is great for initiation a fight or if you've come late to the fight a want to lay down a lot of damage. This ability is great in a team fight as it allows Xin's Teammates to catch-up the slower target and nuke them down. i find that this ability allows the team to focus fire on one particular target as your team attacks your target. So having closed the distance the best thing to do next is to follow up with your ult. This skill is why Xin is so good at Ganks.

R/Ultimate- Crescent Sweep
Speaking of Ults, this is a outstanding one, why? because the ult does do just a base damage it also takes account of the enemies current health meaning the more health the higher the damage output so that is why you want to use this ability as soon as get to the fight. Try to get in to a position where as many people are affected by the ult to maximize the damage from it. One thing people tend to overlook is the second half of the ult meaning the extra magic resist and armor, 6 SECONDS grace, if timed correctly you can negate some of the damage tryndamere does during his ult so killing him shouldn't be too hard.

Skill Sequence
To maximize damage output use the following skills order: (works perfectly 9 out of 10 attempts)
Initiate with -> -> -> -> Auto Attack -> -> ->

or E -> R -> Q -> W -> Auto attack -> Q -> E -> W

Keep auto attacking though out sequence. Rinse and repeat after second battle cry. runes and everything after second battle cry ult should come back of cooldown.

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Like I said before this build is based on attack speed so a mix of marks.
Greater Mark of Desolation for Tank Chomping &
for everything else stomping

I go for mainly mana regen. Seals for the the extra lane-ability and early game farm and the alacrity seals for attack speed (trust me it works wonders).
Greater Seal of Replenishment or I'll leave that choice up to you but it really doesn't matter

Glyphs: Straight up cooldown reduction so you can really spam your abilities. Alacrity Glyphs are useless as the attack speed gain is so minute it is point less in having.

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I can explain
The start of the game is very important it dictates the laneing phase of the game start with a and x1 with that try to lane until ~6 and buy , x2 and a Sight Ward*, and go back to farming, farm the neutral buffs as often as possible .
Wards should always be bought for extra map awareness that saves lives.

Farm and go for kills until you get enough for your and turn it into a buy more wards and farm to get another and turn that into a this should take you to about level 16.

Now this is were you change the build according to the enemy team Composition. I didn't include these in the start because it would be confusing to newer players. Now if the enemy team has blinds and snares then buy a for the active benefit. If the enemy team is building lots of health in there items then buy a , if they build armor or finally if they build AP/ Magic damage get a

Now this bit is confusing to most but as i have said before Xin is a slow mover and now that you have picked an Attack Speed item, Sell those and buy instead 3 speed boots -> . Since this is an AS Build buy a and make it into a -> .

And the final piece to the puzzle a . This is an amazing item as it gives you alot of extra health , armor, and a **** tonne of health regen. In combination to Xin's W skill and the Active ability, even Rammus' level 5 at full can't get away.

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I have had plenty of good games with this build and i just want to impart my knowledge with you the loving community that play Xin Zhao ( and LoL). Please leave a comment telling me how good my guide is and if you liked it please thumb it up so others may learn this build.

And finally I'd like to thank HIACliff for the inspiration for this build.