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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author P3stelince

The Beauty of Music

P3stelince Last updated on April 14, 2011
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First of let me say this, this guide is for a high support Sona, in most cases you wont be able to get many kills, You will however be able to put dents in your enemies health while keeping your teams health up. I enjoy constructive feedback, and will try my best to answer any and all questions you guys come up with.

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Pros / Cons


-Great support
-Quick team movement
-Amazing aoe stun
-Abilities scale well
-Power cord can be used to attack towers.
-music that kills
-and of course sympathy because she's a mute.


-Stealth will be your enemy
-sometimes difficult to maximize power cord use
-Power cord takes some getting used to

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Skill Use

: This is a nice little passive that you really will want to learn in full. First things first, learn that you can use this to do extra damage to a turret. The hard part is remembering what aura does what for this, and sometimes using the right power chord. the aura you have active, when used with power chord will cause an additional effect. LEARN THEM! it is important you do. here is a list of bonus effects;

Hymn of Valor: This will cause Power Chord to do double damage. (look at the other 2, if you dont need the other effects, use this one. Also a great harassment tool)
Aria of Perseverance: Cause you to nerf the attacked enemies damage. (use it somewhat like exhaust try and get this off on the enemy team main damage)
Song of Celerity: This causes you to slow the attacked enemy. (used for chasing/running)

: Obviously you use this to deal damage. It would be wise to learn its range and use it to harrass as much as you can. This will also cause your power cord to deal double damage.

: This spell is what makes you such a great support. Obviously you should use it when your teammates are low on health, or yourself. The great thing about this is that it heals both you and another low health champion (lowest health) The bad thing about this is there are occasional situations were the heal heals a person that is completely fleeing and wont get hit anymore, while your tank or someone is getting beaten to smithereens.

: This is what makes you hard to catch up too. Of course this also applies to your teammates, which brings me back to the learn the range talk. Learn it so you can more safely save a teammate without getting ganked yourself. Not much to say about this, its a team boost in speed.

: Your Ult, and what a nice one it is. Ever want to make people burst out in dance? well heres your chance. Think of it as a stun instead of damage. If you can get the whole enemy team in this thing, they are doomed. This really is a game changer depending on how many and who you get in it. You can of course use this to escape or help a teammate escape, it has a low cd so have at it.

Using Them Together:

At the start of the game, you will want to use Hymn of Valor until you hit 3 power chord stacks. This way you can smack an enemy for a nice amount asap.

Early game you are going to get off your harassing abilities (Valor, and valor power chord) and essentially try to stay alive and farm. The real fun will start once you get your ionian boots and morellos tome. These will decrease not only the downtime of individual abilities, but also lower your global cool down. Once you have your CDR items you can use your abilities a lot more often, and become a bit more spamy. If you want to be able to hit each spell as it comes up, you will need Blue. I recommend doing this around lvl 9 or 10 if you plan to do so.

Mid Game: If you weren't before you should stay with your teammates. Use your Ult at any time your needing it, it has a low CD now. The real things your going to want to focus on here is keeping your team at high health, getting blue and if a team fight breaks out, try to get as many locked in your Ult as possible, but don't sit there trying to aim it either. Meanwhile in a team fight you should be hitting your abilities as they come off CD but also attacking with the right Power Chord which is your choice between nerfing they're damage output or throwing in some damage of your own.

Late Game: Same as Mid.....your just more powerful.

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Now here is the explanation for items used, and they're purposes. This list is not a buying order, that is at the top of the page. Also the order is only a suggestion, do not feel that you HAVE to build it in that order.

These will give you bang for every gold spent in them. These are also the core of this build giving you 35% CDR of the 40%, the last 5% comes from your Masteries. Morello's works amazing with Sona, not a single stat is wasted.

These will give you enough mana and mana regen to last even the longest of teamfights. Not to mention the AP boost you get once Archangel's is complete. Don't forget when you can to use an ability, all of her abilities are equalized in mana cost, and cost relatively low, so time it and get the max mana asap.

I chose this item because it gives a nice aura that your whole team will benefit from, it gives a fair amount of health, and its pretty cheap compared to a lot of other Items. If you are having problems with staying alive, make sure your not the first in the fight first off, but otherwise i recommend a banshee's veil or a Zhonya's Hourglass, Guardian Angel is also a possibly, its mostly better if they focus you and kill you fast, or a stealth kills you easy. With Guardian Angel, sometimes people will kill you and then the delay of your revive allows you to revive the instant your team starts really needing you, and more then likely they will be away from your revive location. if your against that for whatever reason then rylai's crystal scepter. (lol?)

These will help you do some damage while helping you move about the battlefield, And improving your heals through its AP. If this is not your cup of tea then perhaps you can trade this for a Mejai's Soulstealer, but typically i'm against its use due to Sona's squishy trait. If you truly believe theres a better item let me know, lets talk it out.

This well amazing for any AP hero, it gives ALOT of AP, granted its costly, but well worth it. Typically i try not to get this too early, due to 2 reason, first its costly. Then second you wont be getting a whole lot from its passive, but thats not to say its worthless. You'll be healing and damaging like crazy with this thing (*cough* more healing though).

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner Spells;

: This spell is good for when the enemy team has a lot of cc, which most teams will.

: Great for chasing, and great for escaping, remember to do it over walls when you can.

Other Summoner Spells that can be used:
I would first think of swapping cleanse, if your wanting more then that, obviously swap out Flash.

: You can use this to scout, mainly when your team doesnt check out a area, or to check baron/dragon. Your support so it really isn't bad.

: Sometimes you can even get a kill with this thing, but typically it keeps your tower alive untill another creep wave (usually). Again your support, not a bad idea at all.

: This spell can be used much like flash, its just less instant perhaps, still very viable.

: Great for trying to get back to your teammates or recovering from a death.

Not to be Used!

: From following this guide you should not have much of a mana problem unless your smashing every ability possible early game, Late game yes you can run out of mana by smashing but getting Blue is an easy fix to this.

And everything else is just a no. Leave ignite to the people who are fully in the fight. Revive has too long of a CD. You already heal so heal would be pretty redundant. you cant jungle so no smite. And well rally isn't that great either, first off people move to much, and the bonuses aren't really comparable to life savers.

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Well that is the end of my guide. I hope you like it, again constructive criticism is always welcome, as well as questions. I might include a section for why i chose those masteries later, but really its about getting more healing ability, and of course better mana regen.

Don't forget to maximize Power Chord's use by using it on towers and correctly on enemy champs.