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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shaco Build Guide by Why Shaco Whyyy

Assassin The Best Bruiser Shaco Build

Assassin The Best Bruiser Shaco Build

Updated on March 27, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Why Shaco Whyyy Build Guide By Why Shaco Whyyy 2,107 Views 0 Comments
2,107 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Why Shaco Whyyy Shaco Build Guide By Why Shaco Whyyy Updated on March 27, 2016
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Hey I'm Why Shaco Whyyy I play on EUW, I'm a one trick Shaco player since s3 and this is my Shaco guide for season 6.
I have had lot's of succes with Shaco (reaching matster 250lp in s5,being best shaco world mutliple time on lolskill) and many people recomended me to do a guide for him so here it is
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Pro's and Con's of Shaco

- He have a completely different playstyle and gameplay than all the other junglers
- He have the highest outplay potential in the game
- He have crazy good burst
- Best jungle invader in the game
- Can solo carry in lower elo's
- Good split-push potential
- Really good ability set for either fighting or escaping
- People will remember a good Shaco player

- Lack of CC
- Not the best gank potential
- Like all assasin type champions he fall of late game
- Easy to play but hard to master
- Takes a lot of game knowledge and champion understanding
- Get's flammed by teammates and enemys every game D:
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How to play Shaco ( Early Game )

You should always start top side jungle at lvl 1 since the enemy's are less likely to invade you and always start putting boxes on 2 camps and smite the first one.
Always try to gank the lanes that have good CC lock or the lane that is very overexntended.
You should never focus on strictly ganking but instead farming is more important ( Don't even bother with all the random players that tell you to gank cause you re Shaco they oviously have no clue about how he works ).
After getting warrior you can also start ganking lanes with no CC unless they re already too far behind.
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How to play Shaco ( Mid Game )

This is when u get your 2 item power spike, this is when you re the strongest. Force a dragon fight and Burst down the enemy ADC with tianic combo. Take down sidelane turrets so that you can seperate the enemy team and get pickes on them.
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How to play Shaco ( Late Game )

You have to be that annoying split pusher that runs around lanes and push them all out. When somebody come to clear the wave try to kill them (depending on the enemy) or run directly to your team to take down a objective or get a good teamfight going.The reason why Shaco don't fall of too hard late game is because he can create chaos in the enemy team by pushing out everything and get picks while in stealth
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Tips and Tricks

- Depending on the elo you re in the Q into R combo can work, best usage against high burst enemy's . In case you dont know this trick it makes it so that only your clone is visible for a short period of time but thats enough for the enemys to use there abilitys on your clone )
- Fake Deceives : when you go next to a wall for example and dont Q over it instead go the completely different direction. Doesn't always work in higher elo but does always work from Bronze to Gold.
-The Fake Fake Deceive : This is the technique i use the most. It consist of turning in a different directionbefore Deceiving in again a other directin. This make the enemys think that you failed your juke and will runtowards where you were turning before stealthing away. It's a very good technique
- Q auto Titanic Active + E burst prokes Thunderlords, if you even skirmisher smite them before they take even more damage. This is the highest burst combo of Shaco at the moment
- Use your boxes to tank hits while clearing jungle camps
- Your ultimate pretty much takes you out of the map for a short period of time while casting so you can use this to dodge any spell or ever turret damage
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The End

This is pretty much all I wanted to include in the guide. I didnt want to put out all the basics about shaco since they have been written in every single other guide, I just wanted to write down what I havent really seen and my personal advices about him. If you have any other question feel free to ask me and I will most likely write back
Thanks for reading and have a good day

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